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June 2024

Star Trek Model Kits: U.S.S. Grissom & Klingon Bird-of-Prey 1:1000 scale

posted by JamieH 2:47 PM
Friday, December 22, 2017

With a great license like STAR TREK, there is no end to the subjects we can introduce as new kits, but sometimes the question does arrive of “What should we do next?”. That question is usually tied to the investment needed for tooling the kit. It isn’t easy to do large, grand scale kits very often, but there are plenty of ships to consider at smaller scales like our popular 1:1000 scale kits. Except for maybe the Klingon K’t’inga, we have represented most of the recognizable ships in one scale or another. However, it seems like nearly every time we’ve asked modelers what ideas they had in mind, we often found one ship asked for over and over… The U.S.S. Grissom. The Oberth-class ship is a bit of a departure from the usual Starfleet fare. Though a fan-favorite, the Grissom was infamously taken out by a Klingon Bird-of-Prey in STAR TREK: The Search For Spock before other Oberths went on to appear in three more films and several episodes of ST:TNG. The ship is a relatively small design with an accepted length of 120 meters. That gave us bit of pause to do as a 1:1000 scale kit. A kit of this size wouldn’t be substantial enough to stand on its own. Though a 1:350 scale kit of the ship seems very appealing, we felt the need to check the reaction to a smaller investment first and come back to a large scale later if that seems feasible. So, what could we do? We could have reboxed our Enterprise Refit and included it in that like we did with the Botany bay in our TOS Enterprise kit, but I wanted to hold out on that and see if teaming the Refit with a dry dock kit might be viable later on. With the Refit still available and our recent U.S.S. Excelsior release, it became apparent that the last of the ships from STIII: The Search For Spock was the Klingon Bird-of-Prey. A smaller ship with a debatable length of about 90 meters, we could afford to team the two ships together in a 2-piece set and allow modelers to build a collection of every ship from that film. The KBoP is a beloved design and is in my personal list of top 5 space ship designs.

The Grissom is based on CAD work by Angelo Bastianelli and the KBoP will be based on our larger AMT kit. The Bird-of-Prey will come with two sets of wing baffles to build in either cruising or attack modes. Both kits will feature snap assembly to fit right in line with our other 1:1000 snap kits.

A few things to note on the mockups. On the Oberth, the factory made a couple mistakes. they grew an earlier copy of the deck. So the mockup shown here has the incorrect detail on the back the rear edge of the deck also shows more detail than we will end up with in production. They put a base rod hole in the bottom large enough to accept the rods for our 5″ dome bases, but these kits will come with our small bases, so that will be less obtrusive. On the KBoP, they forgot the base hole altogether. More significantly, they were supposed to grow two sizes of the ship. the one shown in thepics measures about 3 1/2″ long and would be comparable to the kit included in the AMT Adversary Set. At this length the ship would have been 90 meters long “in real life”. However, this deviates from the debated, but generally agreed to length of 110m. The second mockup was to be about 4 1/2″ long to bring it in scale with that measurement. The detail looks great at the smaller size, but we will most likely kick it up to the larger size. Let us know what you think in the comments.

Here, for the first time, is a look at the upcoming kits. The set is scheduled to be released by May 1st. So look for it at Wondefest 2018.



Now, I’ve been mulling “something” over… We are working on another brand-new kit. It will be big, and probably unexpected. I wish I could talk about it. It is really driving me nuts. It has been in the works for a long time already, and we are nearly finished with the CAD work. We will probably get a mockup within the month of January. I was hoping to hold out on this announcement until Wonderfest, but if we manage to stick to our development timeline, the kit should be out in August. In which case, we will probably announce it before that. I’ve been considering announcing it now as a Christmas gift to all of the sci-fi modelers out there. BUT, we all know how these things go. Any number of circumstances could crash down on the project. So I won’t say any more except…

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year! I hope one (or more) of your gifts is a model kit, but even more than that I hope you receive the peace and joy behind the season.

53 Responses to “Star Trek Model Kits: U.S.S. Grissom & Klingon Bird-of-Prey 1:1000 scale”

  1. Mark Belsom says:

    Both these new kits look stunning.

  2. Ian Kisluk says:

    Truly the best Christmas Presents ever. I love you Round 2/Polar Lights.

  3. Dale Thelander says:

    Thank you for all the great SF subjects you’ve provided for us, Jamie. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and yours.

  4. Alan Kelly says:

    Great news . What a wonderful Christmas present !

    So, does the new ,unnamed , model start with a “K” ?

  5. Sean Kneeland says:

    Finally, all of the ships from Star Trek III in 1/1000th plastic injection! Loving it!

    I’ll cast my vote for the Klingon Bird of Prey in the slightly larger size. Scale matters to me, plus we already have the current KBoP in the 3-1/2″ size. Of course, you could always do both… 😀

    Merry Christmas, Jamie!

    ~Sean Kneeland

  6. Peter Hicks says:

    These both look great. But as for the Grissom being the last ship from STIII to be made into a 1/1000 model by R2, may I remind you of the Merchantman?

  7. Dave K says:

    Let the speculation begin…

    1/1000 1701-D?
    1/1000 1701-E
    1/350 Reliant?
    1/350 K’Tinga?

    Unlikely but worth a shot:

    1/1000 1701-C
    1/1000 Probert Ambassador Prototype
    1/1000 Nebula Class
    1/1000 Akira Class

    Whatever it is, it will be a grand kit!

  8. Mike says:

    I take back every criticism I’ve ever made about R2!

  9. George Belknap says:

    While I’m enjoying the Space: 1999 kits it’s nice to see the return of new Trek kits. Looking forward to the Grissom and BOP. Both are great subjects for the 1/1000 scale line up.

    Now, how much is it going to cost me to find out what the new big project is going to be?

    This is really a golden age for Sci-fi modelers.
    Thank you Jamie and Round 2.

  10. J.o says:

    Nice to see the Aztec pattern done as engraved lines on the KBOP and not done as decals.

    Anyway it probably isn’t but I hope the big kit’s a 1/350th K’Tinga. Long overdue and usually comes top in polls ( except for one unofficial poll recently where people could vote more than once ).

  11. Paul Eaton says:

    These look fantastic really looking forward to making both

  12. Jun Auric Cu says:

    Please also release the 1/1000 K’Tinga.

  13. David J Christy says:

    For the Klingon Bird of Prey, I would go with the 4.5″ size. Got to remember this thing was carrying whales! A male humpback whale is 52 feet long, about 16 meters. But, also, I am thinking of handle-able size. I would think that a 3.5″ would be correspondingly more fragile for the “swoop and fly” by hand crowd….including me.

  14. Smoose says:

    This is a terrific idea, Oberth and BoP to go with the others from the film. Definitely will get a copy… cooould fix the BoPs innacurate engine. Think the Oberths engine fins are straight across as well. Otherwise *sounds-of-giddiness*

  15. Nick says:

    …or really unexpected:

    1/1400 Romulan D’Deridex
    1/1400 Romulan Valdore
    1/1400 Klingon Neg’Var

    But then there’s plenty of other subjects out there… as highly unlikely as it is a big model of Blake’s 7 Liberator would be great! 🙂

    • J.o says:

      I think a Liberator’s a great idea especially as the old Comet miniatures kit was a dog to build and was too small and roughly finished. Blakes’s 7 is nowhere near as well known as Star trek but it still has quite a big fanbase.

      in fact I think the Liberator has a following not as big as the eagles but enough to make a plastic kit viable.

  16. Rachel says:

    Thanks for the well-wishes, Jamie! I’m looking forward to this set, I might just buy two so I can do both versions of the BOP. How big is the 1/1000 Grissom?

    Oh, and I’d love a 1/350 scale Grissom. I hope there’s enough interest.

  17. Jeffrey Griffin says:

    I hope that you’ll reconsider the Grissom length to go with a minimum length of 150m, which allows for two decks in the saucer. I base that on this article:

    As for the KBoP, I’d prefer the 4.5” length for that one. It’s not quite as critical as long as the length you use is 90m or longer. At least, to me.

    Keep up the great work!

  18. Ethan says:

    These look fantastic! Will the Oberth decal sheet include alternate markings for the USS Pegasus from the great TNG episode? Pretty pretty please?

  19. Tchail says:

    These look great!

    The Klingon Bird of Prey is a vast improvement over the one that came in the old adversary kit!

    I will definitely pick up a couple, along with two of your new Defiant models!

    Looking forward to the reveal of the “big” kit!

    Merry Christmas, Everyone!

  20. Frank says:

    Hi Jaime, well I hope it’s a new 1966 Batmobile with metal beacon and rims.

    Any plans for kits from The Orville?

  21. Neil Lambess says:

    Great choice . You have probably already spotted that the Grissom bridge /primary hull looks too rounded .it should be two flat angles similar to the Jupiter II from lost in space . The UK eaglemoss die cast captures this shape very well
    .as I Said you’ve probably already changed it. But if not it’s a subtle yet distinctive feature of the original

  22. Carlos says:

    Nice additions to the star trek ships catalog. Please keep them coming. As for the 1/350 scale, I would like to see the USS Reliant and a super detailed K’Tinga.

  23. Kenneth says:

    Hi Jamie!
    Great news! Happy to hear more love for the 1000 scale!

    looking at the Oberth, notice that the “Fins” for the oberth warp nacelles do Not have a V shape at the back, its more of a U shape.

    Otherwise! looking great! and thanks for the preview!

  24. Jedi Dade says:

    I vote for the 110m Bird of prey. Also in the parts breakdown of the little beasty, can we make the seam lines easy to hide pretty please 🙂

    The Grissom was never one of my Favs… but I’ll definitely be picking up this kit – as a 2fer its a can’t pass 🙂

  25. Yxalitis says:

    Fantastic, I’ve been waiting for a good, affordable KBOP kit.
    Now who wants my grissom? (lol)

  26. Joe Stains says:

    As always, all the guys at Round 2 bring ‘The Power’ to every model kit that they produce.

    I can’t wait to get my hands on this! Thanks for all the great kits Round 2….

  27. Paul Pratt says:

    These look great. I will definitely be picking this kit and the 1:1000 defiant up. Will there be an Excelsior, Grissom, Bird of Prey three pack in 1:2500 in the future?
    I hope everything you make for 1:1000 comes to 1:2500. There are a lot of scale table top gamers and “army builders” that rely on the 1:2500 scale, so don’t overlook us!
    Thanks for all the work and updates!

  28. Edge says:

    Are you willing to say if the “something’ is a Trek kit, or something else? Inquiring minds want to know.

  29. James Grant says:

    Cool! Always look forward to new Str Trek kits. Add me to the list for a Klingon D7 1/350. PLEASE.
    Would love an Orville as well 🙂

  30. CLBrown says:

    Please have your guys look up some images of the aft end of the KBoP filming mini. The illuminated engine detail specifically. What this model shows as a single “block” should, in fact, be a lighted top and a lighted bottom both separated by a deep hollow.

    The Haynes manual shows it correctly…


  31. J.o says:

    I might be biased but I think it’s fair to say many people are sort of expecting a large KTinga at some point.

    so it’s probably not that.

    • Brian Drumm says:

      I think you’re right. 1:350 Motion Picture Klingon would be AWESOME, but not “unexpected” enough.

      On reconsideration, I hit on this:

      1:535 USS Excelsior. A large scale non-Enterprise would be fairly unexpected. AND big. Starship dimension geeks can check me on this, but I’d guess 33 to 36″?

      It would also have potential for multiple releases or add on kits/decals for the two Excelsior versions and Enterprise-B. It was clear a lot of research went into the update of the 1:1000 Excelsior update last year. Maybe they are leveraging that into a large scale release?

      Can I get an Amen?

      • ModelManTom says:

        Some years ago there was an even older photo floating around showing the work on one particular model but in the background or off to the side were nacelles, the suggestion at the time was that of a big Excelsior. It might have been 3ft, but no way to really tell. It was the earliest days of Round 2 or the last work done by Tom Lowe before Round 2. Praying Mantis? What a kit a 535 Excelsior would be! Amen!

  32. Dave K says:

    I really hope they finish off the Enterprises in 1/1000. For the C they could have a poll as to which version they would produce…the rushed Sternbach version that was seen on screen, or Probert’s concept C (which I think is the nicest E to come post movie era ships).

    Probert’s concept would be really cool in 1/2500 too…just sayin.

  33. Brando says:

    Futurama Planet Express Ship.

  34. Starfish1 says:

    Very excited for the 1:1000 Oberth and Bird of Prey kit. I would prefer the more realistic 150m for the Oberth and 110m for the BOP.

  35. Tony F says:

    I want the 1/350th please! (As well as the 1/350 K’Tinga and Reliant!)

  36. Capsolo99 says:

    Still trying to wait patiently for the large scale kit news release. Trying very hard. Any idea when the news will be out?

  37. Tchail says:

    Is there any chance Round 2 would consider making optional “upgrade” parts for some of their Star Trek kits?

    For example, Tetryon Parts used to make an accurate neck piece for the 1/1400 Enterprise-D.

    Just a thought!

    I just picked up the Vor’Cha rerelease. Looking forward to attempting to light it!

    Can’t wait to hear about the upcoming “big” kit!


  38. Tchail says:

    Another suggestion – How about white window decals for the Galor Class Starship model?

  39. Daniel Lee Swink says:

    Looking forward to the Grissom and Bird of Prey. As for the BIG kit…. I would really like to see a large Spacedock or a 1/350 Drydock with clear parts for lighting. If not now maybe a suggestion then.

    • JamieH says:

      That WOULD be cool, but my calculations show a 1/350 scale drydock would measure about 40″ long… You would need a shrinking ray to find a place to display it. 🙂

      • Daniel Lee Swink says:

        I suppose space would make the difference. However a 3 foot spacedock with micro scale ships and interior bay. Would be fantastic. You should take a pole on this idea.

  40. Fleetyard says:

    I’m looking forward to build the kit. I also hope for a 1/1000 K’tinga and Qo’nos One.

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