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1:32 Kitbash: 1930 Ford Model A Roadster Pickup – Part 1

posted by ChrisP 5:19 PM
Thursday, October 27, 2016


As mentioned in a previous post the Lindberg 1:32 Customizable Show Rod 2-pack will be out soon and one of the cool features is the many parts that can be used to customize the kits – 125 parts to be exact!  The kit includes instructions to build the 2 cars in three different ways but with the parts being interchangeable you could customize many more.



Often not seen in 1:32 car kits are detailed engines and the Show Rod kit includes 2.  I realized the Lindberg line has many older 1:32 releases that could be kitbashed with the Show Rods.  My goal is to use the parts in the new release to customize the Lindberg 1:32 1930 Ford Model A Pickup, item number 72134.  For the paint inspiration I will use the 1975 boxart of Lindberg 1:24 Freaky Ford.  Check out my next post to see my progress.




Coming off the Shelf – Honda Road Racer Makes A Comeback!

posted by ChuckZ 9:35 AM
Tuesday, October 25, 2016


The folks here at MPC are happy to announce the re-release of a classic race bike. The Dick Mann Honda Road Racer! This BIG 1/8 scale kit, is packed with a whole lot of chrome, a 4 cylinder 750 CC engine, velocity stacks, four exhaust pipes, racing fairing with windscreen, racing gauge and short racing handle bars. Not to mention, improved decals and an awesome vintage package featuring a classic painting of Dick Mann in action!

So, for all the bike fans out there, keep a lookout for this sweet build. Coming soon to a hobby store near you!

SCM031 Streetle Beetle Lid

AMT has again come up with another great Autoworld Store Exclusive and has taken the opportunity to offer a truly unique and wild street rod!

The Streetle Beetle – is it a VW? Is it a classic?

It’s a little of each, with some trick custom touches like a sectioned chassis and beetle body, classic car hood, grille and headlights. At the rear of this modified Bug is a “Continental“ trunk lid, to complete that street rod look. You can build your version with a choice of mag or deep-dish “baby moon” wheels.

We’ve expanded and completely updated the decals with improved “woody” panels, custom accents, license plates and more to finish of your kit in style. Combined with our signature Retro Deluxe packaging, you’ll want to get this Beetle before it’s gone. Be sure to visit for details and availability in November.

SCM031 Streetle Beetle Decals

MPC Models: And now for something completely different…

posted by JamieH 5:37 PM
Friday, October 14, 2016

This blog entry is based on true events. Every last word of it. I can assure you. Really…


[harp strings]



[race car sounds. Yes, we know it is in the silent vacuum of space, but race car sounds are cool.]




Smallnier: Hey, watch where you aim that thing.


Hoodstrom: I think the batteries are worn out.


Smallnier: Just shake it a little.



Smallnier: See. Told ya.


Smallnier: Smile, you’re on Candid Camera.


Hoodstrom: Professor Mortonman, it’s Jamie Hoodstrom. We just passed through the laser barrier and we should be able to take a few manual measurements off the Nuclear Waste covers in a couple of minutes.


Professor Morton: Alright, Hoodstrom. We are watching you closely.


Hoodstrom: Something seems off about these things. Let’s see how big this one is…


Hoodstrom: They seem a lot smaller than they did in that footage of the Eagle crashing into waste area 2 last week. They looked like they should have been 8 feet tall or more.

Smallnier: It might be your imagination.


Hoodstrom: I dunno… They don’t look like the ones closer to the center of the field where the waste gets unloaded off the Eagles…

Smallnier: Probably just a different model.


Hoodstrom: But they were almost the same diameter as the waste cannisters. When we moved the storage caps off those last week, they were bigger…

Smallnier: That’s because they used the 22” miniature for one shot instead of the 44”.


Jamie: What?

Smallnier: Oh, nothing…


Hoodstrom: something also seems different about them compared to the ones I see outside my apartment near the Eagle landing pad.

Smallnier: Now, see. That really was an interesting camera effect. You see, the shot used the 22” Eagle miniature. (You can tell it by the fact that it doesn’t have the elbow linkage behind the landing gear) But yet they made the cones at yet another scale to force the perspective in the background…


Hoodstrom:… Anyway, these control handles look a lot different too.

Smallnier: You are right. They don’t look anything like Plastruct relief valves. Hey, what is wrong with your eye?



Professor Morton: It’s an increase in brain activity. Smallnier, get Hoodstrom out of there. I think he is in trouble.


Hoodstrom: What the heck is Plastruct? What do you mean different models? These cones must have been built in four different sizes. That is just crazy! I’m losing my mind!


Smallnier: Well, it isn’t anything to get too upset about. Hey, watch out for those boxes! In the moon’s lessened gravity they are bound to bounce far up into the air!


Smallnier: Okay, maybe not. Let me help you up.


Hoodstrom: I’m suddenly in the mood to dance!

Smallnier: Okay, why not? Not one else is around…


Hoodstrom: I feel so funky I bet I can jump over the moon buggy!

Smallnier: Showoff! Hey, watch out for the laser fence.


Hoodstrom: Wha!?!


Hoodstrom: AAAHHH!


Stay tuned to this space for some upcoming announcements about MPC’s Space:1999 kits. And this blog was only based on fact so much as the Texas Chainsaw Massacre was based on true events. Your mileage may very…








Coming off the Shelf – Papa in the Works!

posted by ChuckZ 10:15 AM
Tuesday, October 4, 2016

dick-mann-honda-racerAMT-650 Ford C-600 StrikeTruck_box lid_2010932-tires AMT801 1958 Plymouth Christine - decal-front

It’s time for a sneak peek at the companion kit to one of our most recent releases… Tyrone Malone’s Papa Truck! We gave a hint last month, and to those who caught on, congratulations! So, here it is.

This 1/25 Scale, skill level 3 kit excited builders back in the day, and is now “in the works” to make an encore appearance in just a few short months! With a “few” meaning around December, if all goes well. Regardless, the Papa Truck is on the way, and as usual, the KATS here at AMT have added a few extra tasty upgrades to make it well worth your while.

For starters, the Papa Truck features all of its original, super-detailed Kenworth truck tooling. In addition, builders will find 10 pad printed tires (to spice up their builds), PLUS a large decal sheet with improved graphics — including: extended exterior stripes that now wrap around the back of the cab, more accurate colors/details, and ALL NEW interior cab stripes.  To top it off, this delicious kit comes wrapped up in retro-styled packaging featuring authentic photos!

So, to all the builders out there that already have the Super Boss, get ready, cause the Papa Truck is right around the bend!

Hope you enjoy it, and we’ll see ya soon!