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July 2024

Coming Off the Shelf – Kicking off the new year with something snappy!

posted by ChuckZ 5:27 PM
Friday, January 20, 2017

2017 Camaro 1LE headerXXXXXX-100 Box LidXXXXXX-100 Box LidAMT982 2016 Camaro SS Snap Coupe Decals

Welcome to 2017! The kats here at AMT are kicking off the new year with a snappy NEW item. The 2017 Camaro SS 1LE snap kit. This simple, yet eye-pleasing model kit is chalked full of curb appeal details including: new 1LE parts, a pad printed clear window unit, highly detailed decals and stickers, a super-detailed chassis, and is molded in 3 colors PLUS clear to give it a nice “finished look” with little effort. And with the option to use water release decals or the easy-to-apply stickers, this engine-free kit offers just the right amount of challenges for moderately skilled builders all the way down to those who are just getting started in the hobby. With solidly built results and easy-rolling wheels, you could say that it would make a great starter kit for younger modelers to build with their parents, uncles, aunts or whoever. And to us, that sounds like a great way to build the hobby!

So keep a look out for the snappy Camaro SS 1LE snap kit, coming soon for your building enjoyment!


6 Responses to “Coming Off the Shelf – Kicking off the new year with something snappy!”

  1. Pat Summers says:

    What scale and how much?

    • Matthew Newman says:

      Box art shows 1/25…price? Who knows but probably in the $25.00 area if history is any indicator.

  2. Matthew Newman says:

    Nice piece, but how about a 2015-2017 Mustang??? The ‘other guys’ only have a snap-fit kiddie model.

  3. Is this model kit to small to install some LED lights just to give some life into it ?

    • JohnG says:

      You probably could install LEDs, Philip but you’d need to modify the cavities in the body to let the light through for the head and taillights. The headlight bezels would also need modifications.

  4. Lou R says:

    Wow another Camaro kit! How boring! How about a new Dodge Challenger model? Preferrably a “Shaker” version.

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