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August 2017
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Don Prudhomme’s Radical Wedge Dragster Hits The Track From AMT

posted by Ken Holewczynski 10:25 AM
Tuesday, January 10, 2017


When Don Garlits proved that the rear engine AA Top Fuel setup was the way of the future, it didn’t take long for everyone else to follow suit. However, when Don “The Snake” Prudhomme decided to build a rear engine car, he went one step further and created one of the more unusual Top Fuel cars of the 1970’s. His way-out wedge design attempted to add additional downforce with a lightweight, magnesium “wedge” body section coupled with a long 220 inch wheelbase. While the setup was great in theory, setting decent initial E.T’s, it proved to be slower than Prudhomme had hoped and the car eventually shed the wedge for a more traditional rear engine dragster body.

When we retooled AMT’s Flying Wedge Dragster last year, we took the opportunity to tool an additional wedge body to match Prudhomme’s car. His had some variations like the vents on the cowling behind the engine, in addition that during the testing process of the real car, the exhaust openings were covered as the headers were re-routed to under the wedge itself.



We’ve tooled new optional under-body headers, and the flat panels that covered the original thru-body header ports. You have the option to build the car as it was originally configured, or as setup later. We’ve also tooled an optional push bar setup, as that also changed during the course of the car’s run.



We’re really excited about this release and the kit will feature accurate and complete decals, a photo booklet with fantastic photos from legendary drag photographer Steve Reyes, plus an all-new painting by one of the AMT’s original Kats, Don Greer!

13 Responses to “Don Prudhomme’s Radical Wedge Dragster Hits The Track From AMT”

  1. George W Belknap says:

    Although the wedge design was short lived, this is one of those cars that fans remember. Glad to see it’s finally going to appear in kit form. Way to go Round 2.

  2. Chris says:

    Can’t wait! When will it be released?

  3. JJ says:

    Awesome guys! The Hot Wheels cars are my all time favorite race cars and Im glad to see you charting new territory. Now how about the white Cuda and Blue Duster?

  4. Rick Chupa says:

    Glad to see that Prudhomme is on board with Round2, we can now build some of the old Snake cars! McEwen was always eager to have his stuff done, so now we can do both Snake and Mongoose cars! Fabulous!!

  5. Morris A King says:

    O.K. guys at round Two…..As an avid Drag fan it is wonderful news to my model builder/collector side…I have been an AMT buyer since the 60’s. I love drag cars especially Rails and Funny cars, so this will be a welcomed addition to my collection. Oh, did I mention I have a 2800 car collection dating from the 50’s ??? Just thought I’d let you know I am a serious collector.. Say, those diecast funny cars you do would make great plastic kits especially since they represent Newstalgia version cars…Think about it. all that updated equipment ! Keep ’em coming !

  6. Glenn Marek says:

    Looking at photos of the actual car, looks like you have the shape of the wedge correct, it’s wider at the back than the front. Are you sure you have the right wheelbase at 220 inches though? I photographed the car at the Garlits Museum in 2010 and it was on my list to scratch build. SO GLAD you have Don Prudhomme OKing models of his cars!

  7. Lou Renzo says:

    The blue Duster can be built using a resin body and slixx decals! I’m also prating for the white flamed Cuda!

  8. Michael Peck says:

    How do I get the cover and the headers for the Wedge Car I just bought

  9. George W Belknap says:

    Was the Prudhomme wedge one of the casualties of the recent cancellations. If so that’s too bad. That car really needs to be kitted. I understand that these things happen and projects get cancelled. Sometimes due to conditions beyond your control.

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