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July 2024

KAT CHAT – Decal Sets from AMT!

posted by JohnG 9:32 AM
Thursday, January 26, 2017

The Kats at AMT are looking to add DECAL SHEETS to the line of Custom & Competition Parts Packs! Themes like Rat Rods, Big Rigs, Racing Numbers & Stripes and more! Our list of ideas is long, but tell us what YOU would like to see the most. Tire lettering? Flames? Stars & Stripes? See you at the Chop Shop!

61 Responses to “KAT CHAT – Decal Sets from AMT!”

  1. Dennis Schell says:

    this is interesting. Perhaps some decals that replicate wear and tear, such as mud on the fender wells, hand prints or writings done in the dust on the car or rust areas. a 1?24 scale rendition of the cars from Mad Max (The original Road warrior)would be nice. Haven’t seen any worth the price on the general market

  2. Brad says:

    License Plates, Tire Letters, & most importantly GAUGES.

    • Lee Rilea says:

      License plates and factory stock gauges. Please include the gauge decals on sheets in the models as well, and lose the useless box inside the box.

  3. Vince says:

    Gasser and drag car names for on the sides would be really neat!

  4. les says:

    pin stripes for hot rods, lowriders and customs.
    race decals, holiday souveneir type stickers
    race meet decals such as bonneville plaques, etc.
    wood effect decals for woodies
    pin ups for planes(could be used on rods)
    smoke effect for around exhausts
    letter sheets for adding driver names

  5. Ken K says:

    Mom and Pop shop names,50’s customs scallops in various colors.

  6. modelercarl says:

    I am 76 years old, been building 1/24 1/25 models for a number of years now. I build a lot of 40’s and 50’s model cars and pickups (many for friends who owned this vintage as teenagers) and I have a strong need for good pinstipe decals (trunks, hoods, fenders, quarter panels, side trim and dashboards) in white, black, red and light blue or grey. Also would like to see a variety of truck decals in 1/24 or 1/25 scale with the state license numbers listed and some generic decals similar to what you see on every inter-state or local big rig…probably only need black for these and maybe a set for the east coast, Midwest and west coast?

  7. Daniel Gunter says:

    How about Emergency Equipment graphics
    Start with Generic Police, Sherriff, Fire, etc
    If enough interest Specific Departments can be added later

    I also agree on License Plates and Dash Gauges as well as
    Engine/engine bay markings/labels

  8. Small commercial business signage for 1/25th trucks and vans. Multicolored stripes. Gold Leaf type lettering or engine turned silver lettering to create a Race Cars name.

  9. Ellen Shaver says:

    I do service stations . How about pump plates , License plates , oil company logos , tool company logos , signage for service stations , traffic signage , vintage and modern

  10. tim says:

    what brad said. with the addition of engine compartment decals

  11. Dave says:

    Gauges for sure! So many of your kits are great, but lack gauges for the dash board, not something easily replicated by painting or decals from the parts box.

  12. Rick Hainline says:

    Interior and dash sets as well as detailed engine/Engine room and body names Like Monte Carlo name plates.

  13. Gerry Paquette says:

    Gauges, interior details such as radios/heaters. engine bay markings

  14. Mark says:

    How about a sheet of modern fire, ambulance, and emergency vehicle decals? Modern era with pump panel, equipment, warning decals.Include enough lettering for department identifications.

  15. Chris W says:

    I like this idea. Flames that could be trimmed to fit the front of the hood and fenders, or else that don’t need a front “end”, such as flames that start with rounded shape would be great. One of your competitors in this area has sheets of drag car names – some more good ones from AMT would be appreciated!

  16. Shoe says:

    I second the gauges and licence plates —- especially vintage plates ( ‘Michigan’ 76′ are my favourite! ) .
    Perhaps ‘Direct Connection’ , and other decals ; dealer paper plates would be great, too !

    Upholstery pattern decals ( especially houndstooth! ) .

    Thank You for your time and considerations

  17. Chris Brame says:

    Seconded on the license plates – but they really need to be be the correct size, fonts and spacing, and have separate letters and numbers if possible. Underhood/engine decals for various makes would be welcome, as well as class letters/numbers in white for windows done in a hand-drawn style for drag racers.

  18. Gary Brooks says:

    All the above of course, but maybe also some sets of license plates from various eras and states. Such as some vintage plates to go with the 70s era MPC kits that you are re-releasing (and hopefully will release more of). Maybe some replicas of vintage decal sheets from old releases. Old racing decals. How about travel decals that you used to buy for the car windows when you went on vacation. Pinstripes and LeMans stripes.

  19. George Davis says:

    Names of customs is what I would like to see.Such as “Lucille” or “Sweet Pea” or “Scarlet Nite”.If you check out pics of custom cars the owners usually have a name of their car on the bottom right corner of the trunk or just below the belt line on the bottom of front fenders.

  20. John T says:

    What brad said plus, registration/inspection tags, bumper stickers and manufacture labels for air/oil filters,mufflers, Underhood, shocks, etc.

  21. John McKay says:

    Tire letters are cool but I would love to see a collection of gasser style decals

  22. Rick Zinck says:

    Thank you,
    How about decals to detail engine bays , chassis & interiors?factory stock & aftermarket
    Engine bay- decals to go on batteries- such as Delco,Motorcraft,Diehard,MOPAR,Ect
    decals to go on oil filters- such as-Fram (old style & new style)purolator,motocraft ect.
    decals for belts- such as – Gates, goodyear ect.
    decals for factory stock air cleaners- such as- Engine displacement.
    decals for valve covers- factory stock & aftermarket.

    Chassis- decals to go on aftermarket glasspacks & mufflers such as Cherry bomb, Thrush.
    Interior- decals to go on seat belt buckles such as- Ford, GM.
    decals to go on dash boards for specific AMT kits- such as gauges,glove box scripts,shift patterns for shifter knobs.

    Thank you for your concern,
    Rick Zinck
    1079 S. Roberts St.
    Pavo, GA. 31778

  23. Russell C says:

    Underhood & frame car factory warning/general info tags & labels, labels for fire extinguishers, hub cap emblems, factory car dealership window stickers.

  24. AJ says:

    I’d love to see the release of the current big rig decals separately or in sets by brand, i.e. Peterbilt, White Freightliner, etc. Another consideration would be to offer the big rig striping decals but in alternative colors, and consider offering the alternative color decals in sets again.

  25. Ben Glasby says:

    Gauge decals for cars and trucks.

  26. Nick says:

    I’d like to have a sheet of racing numbers and class markings for Drag Race cars. Especially Stock and Super Stock cars and Gassers are always missing those decals and they’re very tricky to paint free hand. And of course you can never have too many Vintage Speed Shop Decals!

  27. Gaute Halsaunet says:

    Dents, dings, scratches and small rust spot decals.
    And what about decals for United States Forest Service vehicles? I sure would like to see that.
    And a “Make your own” licence plate sheet with blank plates depicting all states at a certain time period (say 1950s or 1960s) and letters and numbers that are separate and can be added to the blank plates.
    And some custom decals with pinstripes, flames, murals, go-faster stripes etc. for all those custom vans and cars and hot rods.

  28. Gary R says:

    NO RAT RODS!!! Go for the old speed decals, products, nicknames, gauges, speed shops, car names, car mfgrs, LOOK TO THE OLD AMT decal sheets!! Do those. Forget trendy crap like rat rods, stripes, scallops etc. Who needs that junk! DO THE PROVEN WINNERS!
    Chuck Farley rides again!

  29. ray kurn says:

    Gauges, tire lettering in white and yellow, rat rod names and gasser names. All would be cool I think.

  30. A.C. NORTON says:

    any 60s 70s annual sheets, famous drag car sheets, pro stocks, and new creations of shop names, useable race oriented scripts and business or gas station items, tire lettering of firestone drag 500 for slicks, M and H slicks,tire lettering of various types, good year, and goodies sheets full of your nice 50s thru 80s product decals–STP, CRANE, HOWARDS, HEDMAN, and anything drag oriented. if the famous funny car and pro stock/super stock 60s 70s era were done again in todays quality, they will sell like crazy…cars like COLOR ME GONE, FEVERBEE, GAPP ROUSH, CAL. FLASH, GRUMPYS, any like that…by the way, ROUND2 rules, nobody else even compares, ,AMT MPC all the way every day…thanks for keeping this alive for all who still love the hobby and keep banging out the killer kits….lets see some drag team combos, old pro stockers, and some of the only once issued cars we haven’t seen in 40-50 years,,,oh, more PARTS PACKS with headers, intakes, carbs, mags of all types like Cragars, Keystones, Americans, super tricks, trac bars, gauges and nice tachs, woody steering wheels, seat belts, valve covers, deep oil pans, hood scoops, hood pins, roll bars, and anything useful and darn exciting just to have…lol..hope this may help,,,,the Ace…

  31. Doug Spencer says:

    it would be nice to see some 1/16 scale stock car decals made for the Dodge Charger kits, and some under hood decals 1/25-24
    Mopar,Ford, Chevy .

  32. Jim Regan says:

    1. reprints of Trophy Series kits decals
    2. ’60s drag contingency

  33. Mike says:

    Decals to build variants of reissued models, like the Vantom Ford Econoline or even commercial vehicles (trucks)Stripes and writings.
    Race car decals for the stuff we have in our stash already, like 1966 Chevy nova (Grumpy’s Toy) or the popular Mopars of the day (1960’s) like the 1964 Lawman Plymouth, other drivers have raced these back in the day.(less known teams)
    And of course emergency vehicles like police cars.

  34. Tom W. says:

    Trim and emblems, gauges, various accurate stripping graphics for different models, pin stripping that accentuates body lines (dealer installed type that is to thin to paint).

  35. Dave Battista says:

    Decal sheets like you put in the ’29 Ford model A Mod Rod original art series would be great..!

  36. Randy Koger says:

    Racing numbers and stripes, for sure!

  37. Jesse Talmage says:

    Contingency decals, license plates of varying states, accurately scaled parts manufacturer decals (MSD, Flowmaster, Wynn’s, Thrush, Holley, you know… stuff like that)

    Also, yes, Rat Rod stuff would be cool, along with something like fake mechanic shop names/numbers or business name/numbers

  38. Joel B says:

    Interior upholstery pattern overlays , 70’s street freak stuff like panels with lace,fades, cobwebs,infinity lines, bubbles,fish scales ,etc.Repop of old decal art that could be used on recent reissued kits.Examples could include “MPC Warlord Camaro” for use on AMT 70 1/2 Camaro.Pepper Shaker 57 Chevy.Red Alert Chevelle etc.

  39. Joel B says:

    Other ideas could include dealership paperwork,owners manuals,window stickers with dealer lot info,magazines,etc.How about some decal sheets similar to those included in the Model King funny cars?Those Sean Svendsen sheets made those kits awesome! They made it possible to build lots of different cars from one or two sheets.Must be why I have dozens of each!

  40. Brian Smith says:

    Big Rig decal sets:
    that may include:
    accurate modern and period correct fuel tax stickers and license plates, inspection stickers, Company names from both companies of the past and modern companies (or even fictional), Dash decals including gauges and air valves, detail labels for Air dryers, roof mount A/C units, and other truck related parts, winter front sets, mudflap logos including truck stops and truck dealers (these could be fictional businesses), trailer details, number and letter sets that are more than just a standard font so that someone could make their own logos. Given the recent printed retro miniature model boxes, you could also produce: Log books, maps, etc.

  41. I would like some vintage/discontinued kit’s decal sheets remade please. Example: “Pepper Shaker”, “Go getter”, “Streaker vette” etc…etc… There were many inspiring box art subjects that are lost and forgotten. I’d love to see all the retro stripes and decals sheets agian. Thanks for the consideration.

  42. Shoe says:

    Here’s one that’s bothered me for a number of decades : United States flag decals with improper positioning of the Union . The Union ( the 50 stars ) is to be positioned top-and-FORWARD. Oftentimes, the Union ends up facing in ‘Retreat’ on the right ( passenger ) side ; an all-too-common ‘practise’ these days.

    Certainly , I’m not calling your organisation out —- this is something which happens in the “1:1” world . Almost as common is the Union Jack ; oftentimes, it’s placed upside-down ( !! ). Again , not calling anyone to ‘fault’.

    Thanks again for your time and considerations.

  43. Something for model semi trucks mud flaps or side of cabs. like keep on trucking, Wiley Coyote

  44. Tom says:

    I’d like to see decals for any of the older AMT, MPC or ERTL large truck kits. I would also like to thank you for bringing out so many great old kits! THANK YOU!

  45. Rick Patrum says:

    Fake shop names, old license plates with actual numbers not words, Pinstripes, and of course rat rod stuff.

  46. Mark a hubbard says:

    Would love to see a nice selection of under hood decals. Fan shroud, oil filters, electric, etc. You could fit a ton on a sheet.

  47. Tony g says:

    Would like see numbers and stripes for circle track cars. Would be nice to see a sheet with the old mpc super stocker series cars decals.

  48. Gary Bassett says:

    I’d love to see reissues of decal sheets from both AMT and MPC kits of the ’60s and early ’70s. Many of us would love to reproduce or restore old kits but the decals from them (if you can find them) are brittle and often unusable. Bringing back much of the old artwork for these kits would present a lot of building opportunities, especially for vintage drag cars. For an example, what about a sheet that combined some of the decals used on MPC GTO kits… say, the ones from the rare “Screamin’ Eagle” pro stock, the equally rare “Street Funny” and the annual ’72 GTO? Maybe the ones used in the ’68 annual, ’69 annual and “Bobcat” funny car? I’m sure that if you went back through the decal artwork from the old kits, you’d see plenty of possibilities!

  49. William says:

    Tire letters, gauges, pin striping, under hood stickers, Car badges, Body scripts ie: Chevrolet,Dodge etc.

  50. Si says:

    50s-60s older style product/race decals, Hurst, Air Lift , etc, etc.

    Nameplates, emblems, scripts, but for the lower level trim models (ie not Bonneville but Chieftan or Super Chief etc).

    As above but for Canadian/Overseas specific models (Parisienne, Laurentian etc).

    Gauge decals.
    Accurate, year correct licence plates

    Trunk lid dealership emblems.

  51. brandon says:

    bullet holes.

  52. Rick G says:

    70’s style fictitious Drag Car names, as well as offering these same names on separate rectangular,square & kidney shaped ( any or all different shaped ) decals, which could be used for car show sign boards. – I think these would be very popular

  53. Mike says:

    Definitely license plates, mabey a sheet for each state and various years. And under hood decals.itd be nice to see vintage freight company decals for the semi and trailer kits.

  54. Rick Chupa says:

    I would love to see various license plates without numbers to be able to custom make various number plates, since I build a lot of truck fleets, truck and car style pinstripes, various gauges, letter sheets to make up fictional company names. Also being able to purchase individual current kit items would be great. Detail sheets for available kits again car and truck, as well as trailer! Past and present transport companies to allow variations on big rig builds as well ! Alternate race car sheets for current kits would be very welcomed! Round 2 would do well with this endeavour as well as following the current market for obsolete kits to gauge what would be good reissues or modified reissues! Keep em’ coming Round 2!

  55. kevin says:

    As a builder of your semi trucks gauges would be a welcome addition for some detailing.
    Some tractor/trailer signage for doors and trailer sides would be a nice touch

  56. kevin says:

    semi truck mud flap decals as mentioned earlier would be great also

  57. Rocketfin says:

    The large decal sheet for the Dirty Donny Two Much figure had a great sheet. You need two of them to where you could use the various (many!) names on cars, one for each door. Two of those sheets in a bag maybe to sell. There’s a lot of cool stuff on there. 🙂

    Others have touched on all the popular aspects. Wacky / cool names for drag racing cars are good. Maybe some low rider color schemes. Most of the time I don’t use the factory stock OE decals because they are so tiny, no one will really see them.

    Another thing you might do is to dig through the artwork you already have for other colorful decals (decades worth!) and release those by themselves.

  58. Rick G says:

    NOT DECALS – There are too many out there already. 1/25 Figures, THIS, is the one thing missing from this hobby – very limited availability !! – Please consider producing sets of 6 – 12 in a pack – unpainted would be fine – Standing, MALE figures ( most ones offered at this time are female & / or seated, so not those. ) …. which could be used in various diorama settings are needed. As well ….. LED lighting kits for your car,planes, sci-fi, etc, would also add another dimension to your product line – I do feel that offering these items would be a very successful venture.

  59. Alan Miller says:

    How about speed shops and parts stores.Also race teams .

  60. steve.b says:

    Hi there Australia has had a rich Hot Rod and drag racing culture .It would be great to see some of of our old drag racing car names on a decal sheets.Also sometimes we do stuff up with decals or just want to add extra to our cars and trucks ,it would be great to purchase duplicate decals.How about some more decals for big rigs?Logos from around the world.And a product you would make dollars from would be 1/24 & 1/25 figures eg.Hot rodders standing near there cars ,females in bikinis standing .drag racing figures to place in the seat of car .Figures for big rigs etc there is not a big market and the after market are charging a million dollars for these figures to rich for me.My philosophy sell cheaper sell more.This equates more profit.Thanks for letting us voice what we want rgds steve.b

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