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October 2019
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Space: 1999 Models: New 1/72 scale Eagle kit Pt. 7

posted by JamieH 9:13 AM
Tuesday, August 13, 2019

This post finishes up the preview look at our new 1/72 Eagle kit. As things stand now, we have gone through three rounds of test shot refinement, the box art is done and production will begin soon. The kits are on track to be in the market in November.

Paint: The Final Frontier

Oops! Wrong show. Carry on.

By E. James Small

First, I apologize to readers for finishing this up so late. Life and other jobs took priority so I just couldn’t put it to mind until those chores were done. Anyway, we continue with where we left off.

After all sub assemblies are done it is time to paint the model.

I first used gray primer to paint all parts, straight from the rattle-can. Then when the gray primer was dry I primed it again with white.  Why two primer coats? First, the gray primer is much more opaque than white primer is. And primer is much less physically thick than the colour coat. By priming it first with gray to knock back the translucency of the plastic and then putting white (which covers better than colour coat) over that, it makes it possible to use a lot less of the main white colour coat.

The off-white colour coat was then sprayed over the white primer. I like to use automotive lacquer when I can because it dries very fast, is very tough, and goes on less thick and less likely to run than enamels or most acrylics or alkyds. When lacquer dries, most of the carrier evaporates and the paint pigment hugs the details very well.

Details were either left in primer gray or sprayed black and silver as shown.

Weathering was done by first cutting chunks from an old business card and using it as a soft mask to airbrush light gray paneling effects over the entire model. This method is very fast, easy and looks authentic because they often used this technique on the original studio miniatures as well. 

Further weathering was done by dusting some black powder paint over the model then wiping or blowing off the excess. Black powder paint is gray unless you add water to it. This allows the details to pop a little more.

Now it’s time to paint the details and add decals.

The landing gear oleos’ silver struts were just hand painted. Those of you who need more attention to detail and more time to spare would do well to cover those struts with Bare Metal Foil for an even better appearance. The landing feet “toes” were dusted with a lighter gray. Since the actual kit decals had not been done yet, I printed a set myself by using scaled down ones from the previously released 22” Eagle also available from MPC/Round 2. I find that using “Future” floor coating applied to the model just before the decal is applied gets rid of a lot of silvering and saves having to spray the entire model with a gloss coat, as decals never work well over matte surfaces. The Future blends the decals into the surface. Just apply the Future to the surface a few seconds before you apply the decals. 

Finally the entire model, minus the silver bits, was sprayed with dull coat.

Here are all the painting products I used to finish the model.

Left to right: Generic Canadian Tire gray primer, Krylon white primer, Dupli-Color off-white automotive lacquer, Krylon Chalky Finish Misty Grey (for the airbrushed weathering), black powder paint for weathering, Krylon Chalky Finish Matte Sealer for the overall finishing dull coat, Krylon silver for the engines and finally Rust-Oleum Quick Color flat black for airbrushing inside the engine bells.

Why use spray cans instead of hobby paints, you ask? Because of the expense, mainly, and convenience. There are no hobby shops near me and spray cans like these are readily available at local hardware stores. Also you get a lot more paint for the money with spray cans and at the rate I go through paint it would cost me a fortune in hobby paints for my work. I do have a stash of hobby paints that I have collected over the last few decades (usually Tamiya, with some Testors and others) used mostly for small detail brush work.

Then came the photography of the model for the box art once the painting was all done. Jamie Hood did a GORGEOUS painting (Wait ‘til you see it!) for the main box art but we needed pictures of the model for the rest of the box and tray. Most of it was all just standard stuff shot against a black velvet backdrop but I wanted a “hero” type shot showing an environment for the main box tray picture.  Jamie picked out a shot from the show itself that had the angle he wanted, so I just more-or-less copied that shot using the 14” model in place of the original 44” VFX miniature. I painted up a quick and dirty partial launch pad to scale from an old board I had laying around for the model to sit on so that shadows cast onto it would look natural. That was better than just Photoshopping the model onto a digital background. Besides, even though this was to be a manipulated shot and a composite, I wanted to use real physical elements wherever possible. Real objects always look better than computer generated ones. Knowing the angles necessary I didn’t need very much of the pad to show, that’s why it’s mostly unfinished and all chopped up. Took just a few minutes with a couple of spray cans to make.

Then when strategically lit to look somewhat dramatic it was photographed then brought into Photoshop where I matted in a background of the Lunar surface using elements I had made from the 22” Eagle Cargo Pod kit box art. The mountains are just bits of foam chunks and tin foil sprayed with gray primer, covered in cement dust for texture and shot up close with appropriate lighting. The mountains are only about 3-5 inches wide or so.

Looks pretty good and reasonably well matches what was seen on screen. Only thing I’m not happy with are the launch pad lights. I didn’t have the time needed to wire in real lights on the pad set so I just digitally plopped those in quick.  I’m not the artist in Photoshop that Jamie is though. Maybe he can make them look a lot better by the time he lays out the box art. He can probably improve the entire scene as I did that composite rather quickly, I had other work to get to.

I hope you people out there will enjoy this new kit. It is amazingly well done for its size and has all the external details of the larger 22” model but takes up less space for those of you who don’t have much room to spare. Another fantastic achievement by Jamie and his gang over at Round 2!

We can’t wait to see what you all do with yours!


21 Responses to “Space: 1999 Models: New 1/72 scale Eagle kit Pt. 7”

  1. Richard martin says:

    HI Jamie what star trek kits are coming next did you see the series space above and beyond from 1995 by fox it would be nice to have models from the series if you could make them

  2. George Belknap says:

    OMG! That just looks fantastic. I’m a fan of the 1/48th scale kit but I was hoping Round 2 would produce a 1/72nd scale kit. It appears Round 2 has done justice to this smaller but incredibly detailed kit. Of course one cannot over look Mr. Small’s incredible talents which contribute to one fine looking version of this legendary space craft.

    Well done Round 2 and Jim. I can hardly wait for the release of this kit.

  3. Mark T says:

    Hi Jamie

    Quick query on the smaller kit’s final decal sheet: will it be a direct reduction of the 22″ kit (within reason), or will it be bespoke?

    Also, is there any way of amending the simplified blue Alpha markings to the correct shade of light blue / cyan for the S1 Eagles, rather than the incorrect darker blue of the 22″ sheet?

    I know that’s possibly a niggly question but those and the cockpit window frames are the only things slightly ‘off’ in the bigger kit.

    Also: huge thanks for making these kits. They are massively loved and appreciated!



  4. J.O. says:

    Nice! It would also be nice to see a Meta and Ultra probe too.

  5. Richard martin says:

    HI Jamie what star trek kits are you working on next could you not do space above and beyond did you see the show its just no one makes model kits from the series

  6. Robert Nidds says:


    Thanks for letting us know the paints you used on the Eagle, but the picture doesn’t show
    the color of auto lacquer that you used.

    Duplicolor Ford Diamond White isn’t available in the US, can you tell us what shade of white you used and is it available in the USA?


    • JamieH says:

      Ford Diamond white is available from auto paint suppliers. That was the exact color used on the original miniatures.

      • Robert Nidds says:

        Thanks for the info- I went looking at local auto parts stores and couldn’t find it and internet searches for equivalents were helpful, but I wanted to try auto lacquers.

        By the way, some large scale accurate models of Thunderbirds 1, 2 and 3 would really be great…

  7. Richard martin says:

    Hi jamie hope the next star trek kit is the 1/1000 klingon k’tinga

  8. Jim Small says:

    Just FYI, any slightly cream coloured off white will match up really well. You don’t need to get really concerned about the exact colour used on the models as they were repainted often using various paints including just white primer. By the time you get the model weathered and all that as long as it looks overall white it doesn’t really matte what exact colour you use. The Dupli-Color paint I used is “CBGM0338 White (40 WA8554)” in case you wanted to use the same thing. But there are many different ones that essentially look the same. If it looks right, it likely is right.

  9. Anonymous says:

    R2 has covered all the major subject matter from Space:1999. There is room to put out some variant models of different Eagle pods. But do you think there is a market for the many “alien ships of the week” that were seen on the show? I would certainly buy a Gwent, Ultraprobe, Superswift, etc. But does R2 think there is a big enough market for such things, or are we coming to the end of ideas for new Space:1999 kits?

  10. Joshua says:

    Since they are considered “canon” now because of TOS remastered I’d like to add the Gorn cruiser, Orion ship, or Klingon disruptor pistol to my previous list in classic vintage packaging.
    I like the K’tinga as much as anybody but it would be refreshing to see some subjects that have never had the benefit of being released as a model kit.

  11. Charlie Dunton says:

    As Always, Jim does great work, nice to see someone else out there using spray cans!

    Are there any plans to do a TREK update? You’ve put out 3 new kits and not a single blog entry on any of them, which is rather surprising, considering the past coverage new kits have gotten in the past.

    • JamieH says:

      You are very correct in that I have not mentioned the new Discovery Trek ships and I’m incredibly sorry for that. I just didn’t have any time to write about them as they were underway. We did make sure to send them out for advance reviews by our friends at and hpiguys who both posted video reviews on Youtube. I encourage you to check them out.
      Jim is always happy to share his experiences with our new kits, and he was kind enough to write the blogs about the 1/72 Eagle for us. I’ll do what I can to blog as we work through our next Star Trek Discovery release. The project is coming together in dry dock as we speak. I will have something to show in a few weeks. I think people will be pleasantly surprised.

  12. RB says:

    Jamie, a little off topic from either 1999 or Trek (although I buy kits from both of those series from you), but apparently, the Blade Runner License is now available. Hallmark is releasing a licensed Spinner ornament in October 2019, and I’m sure there are other, similar products in the offing. Would Round 2 have any interest in doing kits? I know Fujimi released a few (I have them). Their Sedans were nice, their Spinner a dissapointment. I’m sure there’d be many people who’d appreciate newly-tooled, more accurate versions of the BR vehicles…

  13. Richard martin says:

    HI Jamie for star trek are u doing more Reissues the amt 1/537 klingon k’tinga needs a new tooling so its good like the 1/350 u doing discovery in 1/1400 hope the new kit is the 1/1000 k’tinga

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