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Round 2 Models: Tribbles and Werewolves and Tractor-Trailers, Oh My!

posted by JamieH 12:24 PM
Thursday, December 30, 2010


2010 has been quite a year here at Round 2 Models. Let’s hit the high points: K-7 Space Station, Clear Enterprise D, 1:2500 scale Enterprises, and let’s not forget a BRAND NEW 1:1000 Enterprise Refit! Then there are the Glo-Heads, Batcycle, Batboat and classic BATMOBILE, not to mention the Munsters Tin Edition including the long out of production Drag-U-La! The NEW 2009/2010 Corvette kits and our four ALL NEW NASCAR COT kits showed the car guys we DO INDEED tool new automotive subject matter.

This was the first full year where we’ve had more than one person solely dedicated to the model kit line. Up until this year, John had been handling the car stuff 100% by himself but he also pitched in on other products like our line of Auto World slot cars. Bob and I would tag team on sci-fi and pop culture stuff while also working on our Forever Fun line of holiday products.

Early this year, we brought Chuck Z. onboard to help John out with the automotive kits and I phased out of Forever Fun to concentrate on the sci-fi kit development. Bob still pitched in considerably, handling the bigger chunk of packaging for the sci-fi models. It has been a difficult transition. We had to figure out who was best to handle what. Some of us had to take responsibility for big picture planning while others had to give up aspects of the product they had hoped to do themselves. (We would probably each do it all ourselves if we had our own way.) As we’ve worked through the year, we’ve settled in on our responsibilities. The happy result is we now know what we are capable of. We know when too much is too much and we’ve adjusted our plans for 2011 accordingly. Now, knowing how the business goes, I would hesitate to promise that we’d hit every ship date on the nose next year. I will say, however, we are in a much better position this year than last, to be able to do exponentially better.

There is a lot to look forward to next year… like stuff that should have been out this year (gulp!). Speaking to the sci-fi side of things, pretty much all of the Star Trek kits that were supposed to be out way back in September and November are on the water now. They should hit our warehouse mid-January and store shelves by February 1st. The MPC Pilgrim Observer should be here at the end of February. 2011 product will follow in March and April with Spider-Man, KISS Gene Simmons and Dark Shadows Barnabas. The 1966 Batmobile snap kit will come after that, at long last. Mid-year brings back the Leif Ericson, Klingon Battle Cruiser, Captain America and more.

On the automotive side, you will see the return of the 1/16 Dukes of Hazzard General Lee Charger, Kenworth K-123, Texaco 1950 Chevy Pickup and ’62 Thunderbird with custom parts never before included…The list doesn’t end there…

Happy New Year

29 Responses to “Round 2 Models: Tribbles and Werewolves and Tractor-Trailers, Oh My!”

  1. PerfesserCoffee says:

    Is that USS Enterprise model (at which the chimp is gazing longingly) in the picture above in 1/350th scale?

  2. ModelMan says:

    Happy New Year, Jamie and everyone at Round Two!

  3. ACE says:

    Ya know, September 8, 2011 marks the 45th anniversary of the original Star Trek series’ US premiere.

    I can’t think of anything more appropriate than releasing the 1/350 scale kit of the original ship on or around that date. I have already pre-ordered four of the premier kits from a vendor.

  4. ignatz says:

    Happy New Year Jamie! You guys at R2 really made 2010 ROCK! 2011 will be even better! Styrene LIVES!

  5. bryant99 says:

    Kool.Looks like you guy’s are doing good.Don’t get to buy models that much any more since my town is a dry town.No one sells any model kits in Danville,IL any more.I have to go to the next county or buy off the internet.There is one model I wish you guy’s would make.

  6. jamesironwolf says:

    looking forward to the 350 TOS Enterprise was hoping it would be a bit cheaper than the last as i didn’t think this one would have full body decals like the A did. I was wondering if there were plans to add to your 1/1000 scale kits?
    Looking forward to the Enterprise B. But would like to see others in that scale. Maybe Reliant, both birds of prey , Enterprise C D & E to finish the line in the same scale?

  7. scifiguy67 says:

    i am looking forward to the 1/350 TOS Enterprise & i don’t care how much it cost! i am still going to buy it!

  8. Mach7 says:

    Did I miss something? Has the 1/350 TOS Enterprise been put into production?
    Also is the Leif Ericson still on track for the second half of 2011? Is there any chance you guys will back date/modify the original AMT Enterprise kit to include lights? Lastly is there any chance R2 can sell the new Revell Germany TOS Enterprise in the US?

  9. Mach7 says:

    Sorry for the double post, but I forgot to ask about the AMT Man in Space kit and the Strange Change kits. Any updates?


  10. JamieH says:

    Hi Mach7 and everyone else. Nope, nothing further to say on the 1:350 E. We’ll let everyone know one way or another at this year’s Wonderfest. We have talked about backdating the Classic kit to include lights and maybe brush up a couple other details as well but it isn’t on our current plan. No, the Revell Germany products are theirs and ours are ours.

    As I said in my post, we’ve taken another look at our plans for the year and have for the most part found that it is best to give our plans some room so we took our plan for the first part of this year and have spread it out over the entire year. We made few exceptions though and kept a few key releases right where we wanted them originally. So the Man In Space kit should be out in the 3rd quarter. We had been exploring US production for the Strange Change kits but have found that we will have to move their production overseas. Therefore, they will need to be shipped over. Look for them either late this year or next year.

    One last thing. We know everyone wants to know what has happened with the new movie Enterprise. I’m sorry to have to keep you all waiting… but that’s all I can say right now.

  11. Mach7 says:

    Thanks very much for the update.

    Glad to hear that the Strange Change kits are still go, at first I was not interested in them but as time goes on I find myself wanting them.

    No Time frame yet for the Leif? Next year?

    Thanks again

  12. JamieH says:

    Oh yeah. Leif Ericson currently planned for summer release.

  13. Mach7 says:

    Thanks for the info.

    Sorry to hear the Strange Change kits won’t be done in the US.

  14. lostspacefan55 says:

    Glad to hear that the Strange Change kits are still a go. I really want to buy a few of these. Thanks for keepin’ them alive.
    Also keep working on the Bigfoot kit. We would love to see that one back as well.
    And thanks again for all the great kits so far!

  15. Bats says:

    So what’s going on with the Batmobile?

  16. JamieH says:

    Bats- The factory is currently making tooling revisions. I hope to see revised snap kit test shots by the end of the month.

  17. Bats says:

    Cool, thanx.

  18. Bats says:

    So… with a new movie out and the tin version of the Black Beauty in the offing, what are the chances of getting a nice 1/25th scale model of the Black Beauty? I know it has a slightly smaller fan base, but I also think it’s fanbase is growing lately. I think this particular car would be perfect for a two in one release. With the right tooling parts could be included to build the TV or movie version.

    Although…i’m not sure what kind of fresh hell that would cause your liscensing department…but think about this, it would be the first time a famous car like this got the two for one treatment, and of course there would be folks like me who would build both. Just something to kick around at the next meeting. 😉

  19. Brad says:

    Really looking forward to the releases coming in 2011. For me, the highlight is the new Leif Ericson, but I’d also like another crack at a Pilgrim Observer! Thanks for all your hard work!

  20. Bats says:

    Hello again, I was wondering if I could get an update on the 1/16th scale Richard Petty Dodge Charger? Will it be clear bodied like the original? And will you be doing the Buddy Baker/Bobby Isaac Charger as well? Thx.

  21. JohnG says:

    We are currently researching how many parts will need to be retooled in order to reissue the Petty Charger. Assuming the project works out, our plan is to mold the body in clear. If the Petty kit is released and is a success, we will probably follow up with the Baker version – assuming licensing can be obtained.

  22. Bats says:

    That’s great news! Is this because parts are missing from the example i’m sure you have on hand, or a fault with the mold? If it’s an issue with missing parts I may be able to help. I have two originals i’ve been scared to build due to thier value.

  23. JohnG says:

    The tooling was modified to make the Street Charger kits and later the Dukes of Hazzard Charger. Thanks but we have everything we need.

  24. Bats says:

    I had forgotten about the Street Charger, and I knew about the General Lee. It seems to me it would have been better to save the original molds and copy them with the alterations rather than to alter the original molds. Apparently it’s cheaper to alter existing molds than make new ones?

  25. spock62 says:

    Just bought the Romulan BOP kit and noticed that there are no decals for the windows on the side of the hull. These are clearly shown on the assembled model in the photos on the bottom of the box. If their shown, you would assume that their included. I’ve heard the Reliant suffers the same fate, no side windows, their only available in the Aztec decal set. Why? What would it take to include these windows? Sorry, but it’s irritating to find these omissions when you open the box, especially at the prices being charged for these reissues.

  26. saavik001 says:

    I love your Trek models and I look forward to the releases this year. Any chance of a 1/350 version of the Klingon Cruiser from Star Trek:The Motion Picture? Keep up the excellent work!

  27. bonsiamn says:

    When do you plan to release grandpa’s dragster as a single kit???

  28. robert_taylor says:

    I’m very happy that you guys are re-popping a lot of the old Star Trek kits even though the cost in the UK can be eye popping! Do you have any plans to bring the USS Defiant and DS9 Space Station back?

  29. uts says:

    Thanks for bringing back the 1/16 “Dukes” Charger and the “Street Charger” I see alot of hype for race cars in 1/16th scale. any hopes for 1/16th scale factory stock or 2in1 cars on the horizon? Did the Chargers do well enough to justify the risk?

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