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July 2024

Round 2 Models: Wonderfest 2019 preview

posted by JamieH 4:41 PM
Tuesday, May 7, 2019

We are excited as always to participate in the Wonderfest Sc-Fi modeling show each year in Louisville, KY. This year is no different and the show is just a few weeks away. You can check out specifics on the show here.

Don’t forget that each year we award participants in the model contest for the BEST USE OF A ROUND 2 MODEL KIT! There is plenty of room for interpretation in that definition. We like CREATIVE use of any of our kits, but if not that, then over-the-top craftsmanship usually catches our eye. Use our kits in an exciting way in a super-clean kit-bash, and you’ve got yourself a winner! We present awards for adults as well as models from the child or youth category to encourage young talented modelers

We are preparing our booth display where we’ll show buildups of our most recent and upcoming releases as well as sneak peeks at some new stuff. We usually try to keep the wraps on things until the show, but a few of our upcoming new kits were recently placed on our distributor price list. So rather than let everyone try and figure out what is going on, we’re going to fill you in NOW!

We will be showing three new sci-fi/pop culture kits at the show this year starting out with the 1967 Impala from the popular series, Supernatural. We’ve gotten a ton of requests for it and its as iconic a car as you will find on the airwaves today. We will have a mockup on display at the show.

We have been reviewing test shots that will be used in this year’s Space:1999 prebuilt product… drumroll, please… a 22″ Eagle II. The model will feature a slightly different engine bottle arrangement and all-new shoulder pods. The springs will be a bit “softer” to compress more fully as we see in the show. Just showing some pics of the assembled test shots isn’t that appealing, but we intend to have a fully factory-decorated piece at the show to show off exactly what the final product will look like.

Lastly, (but not leastly) we will be showing a fresh test shot of our brand new tooling of the 1/72 scale Eagle. At 1/72, the ship measures little over 14″ long and will eventually replace the old 1/96 scale MPC model everyone is used to. It will be the first model of the Eagle to ever come with a base to hold it in flying position. We’ll drop a ton of pics here with some comparisons to our other models. We hope to see you at the show!

65 Responses to “Round 2 Models: Wonderfest 2019 preview”

  1. Scifitodd says:

    Fantastic blog Jamie, thanks for doing so much for the 1999 fans. This kit will be historic. I’m looking forward to seeing you guys at Wonderfest.

  2. Dale Thelander says:

    What’s the price point? Will the landing gear still be sprung? And, BTW, thanks, Jamie.

    • JamieH says:

      The 1/72 Eagle should retail at about $50usd, could be higher or lower depending on your retailer. The legs won’t feature springs, but there will be two sets of legs in “landed” and “flying” positions.

  3. Phil Peterson says:

    At last, an accurate Eagle in my scale.

    Maybe you do listen to us fans.

    Now about that 1/32nd scale TOS shuttle craft…

    • Tomh says:

      I’d be happy with a 1/72 scale TOS shuttlecraft!

      (It would be in scale with the AMT Runabout…)

      • Brian Drumm says:

        I long ago warmed up to the idea of a 1:72 shuttlecraft. Way back when, as the PL 1:1000 Enterprise was released, I initially turned up my nose as the smaller scale, but got one anyway. It was amazing how much *accuracy* can make up for smaller size.

        My vote would be for a 1:72 set that would depict a set of shuttles to reflect the evolution from multiple “eras.” The Shuttlepod from “Enterprise,” The TOS Galileo, the “lozenge” shuttle from TNG, the shuttle that that was designed like the Defiant from DS9. The trouble is that there were *so many* shuttles the probably most builders will find one of their favorites left out.

        And since 1:72 is emerging as a popular scale for Space: 1999 subjects… LASER TANKS!!

  4. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

    This new 1:72 version of the Eagle looks soooooo much better than the “classic” one! I have the old kit (from Round 2’s previous re-release) as well as the 1:48 version in my stash so it’ll be nice to have a much more accurate smaller-scale Eagle to the mix.

    Awesome news!


  5. George Belknap says:

    For a test shot, this is looking very impressive. Who knew that in the 21st century we would still be getting new Space: 1999 kits.
    I have to say that Round 2 has really stepped up their game with their kits. The detail is so much better then the Trek and 1999 kits of the past.
    Keep up the good work Round 2.

    • JamieH says:

      Thank you! We try hard. However, the photos show the mockup. The tooling has been made and it is being refined now. We will see test shots sometime before the show, but we won’t have them with enough time to have a properly painted buildup to show.

      • George Belknap says:

        I stand corrected. In any case I will eagerly awaiting the release of this kit. Hopefully sometime this year?

  6. Eric Longstreet says:

    Excellent! Thank you.

  7. spock62 says:

    Thank you for making this kit. At this scale, I’ll actually have space to display it! Looks to be just as detailed/accurate as the 1/48 version. Will this kit come with “detailing” decals for the various panels on the Eagle? Will it include pilots?

  8. Charlie D. says:

    Looks great! Never thought I’d see a smaller scale, and we’d be stuck with the old MPC kit.

    Any plans for a blog entry on the Star Trek Discovery kits?

  9. Jerry Conner says:

    You know, the old kit is close enough to use on an HO train layout…

  10. Nick Mckeown says:

    Awesome!!!!!!!! Been waiting 40 years for this!!!!!!

  11. Larry Fugate says:



  12. ron kalcevic says:

    when will 1/72nd eagle and pre assembled 22 inch eagle 2 be availible

  13. BatToys says:

    What happened to the 1966 Batman and Robin climbing the wall?

    No Galileo?

    • JamieH says:

      We opted not to do the BM & R kit when we found out another licensee would be doing figural kits. Still hope to do a Galileo some day.

  14. Phil Bolton says:

    Yes! An accurate Eagle to park next to my Hawk. All I can say is “Shut up and take my money!”

  15. RB says:

    A great wrong by 70’s MPC now righted by Round 2/MPC! Looks awesome Jamie. I know it’s still early in the production process, but any ideas on how many will be packed to a case? Because you’ll have people buying them by the case, oh yes you will…

  16. Mark Alterio says:

    Great news Jamie!

    The stand is an interesting idea, I’ve always displayed my eagles on the landing gear. New display options are nice!

    Can you give any more information on the prebuilt eagle II? Is it a model of one of the other filming models? A reimagining of the eagle? Something else?


    • JamieH says:

      There were a few Eagle filming miniatures. The first 22″ model we did was based on “Eagle 1” which was the hero model that was seen most often. The second Eagle model they built was dubbed Eagle 2 by the fans (I can only guess why). Its shoulder pods seem slightly “smooshed” compared to Eagle 1 and the engine bottles were a bit different. There were other differences like the details on the boxes inside the cages, but we had to ignore that for this release to control costs. At least one other 44″ model was made as were 22″ and 12″ models. But you can make your own “Eagle 6″ model already. Just take side-on photos of your 22” model, print them out at full scale and mount them to something sturdy and cut them out around the edges. Stand up rows of them behind your model and viola. You’ll have a fleet just like we saw in the hangar on the show. (because, yes, that’s how they did it… go look closely…)

  17. Daniel l . says:

    great fantastic just keeps coming with, space 1999, star trek exc….. love it all round two sci-fi models busy modelers hands keep modelers out of trouble (smile)

  18. Chris Hanington says:

    Curious to know if the 22″ new Eagle II will eventually be available in kit form?

  19. crowe-t says:

    Outstanding! If this 14″Eagle was out sooner I wouldn’t have had to rebuild the old MPC kit.

  20. Brad says:

    This looks great, Jamie. I wasn’t sure I’d get one of the large Eagles, but I’ll sure get this one! Thanks for such great work! Oh, and… Discovery kits in 1/1000 would be great!

  21. John says:

    So with this new model, will it have a cockpit and detailed passenger compartment?

    • JamieH says:

      The 1/72 Eagle kit will not have interior components. The Eagle II prebuilt will have the same cockpit interior as before OH! And new season 2 costumed figures!

  22. Rob says:

    I love the new 1/72 Eagle test shots. One big question: will there be turned aluminum bells offered as a separate package like the 22″?

  23. Brad Sellers says:

    Great looking model. However, I have never even heard of this show or seen it in reruns. First time I ever heard of it was these models. I asked a few people and they have never heard of it either. Found the dvds on eBay, maybe I’ll check it out.

    • JamieH says:

      It originally ran in syndication in the mid-70’s. Keep in mind this was on TV before Star Wars. In fact, the show’s production designer, Brian Johnson (the designer of the Eagle), would go on to work on Empire Strikes Back and win awards for that work. Space:1999 wasn’t aired again on TV until recently, but has been available on video for years. Its fanbase has kept interest in the show alive and growing!

  24. Richard martin says:

    hi jamie for star trek kits in 1/1000 scale will they be the klingon k’tinga

  25. Richard martin says:

    Hi jamie can you do star trek kits from the fan flim star trek axanar like in 1/1000 scale im relly hoping for a 1/1000 k’tinga i would like to see model’s from axanar

  26. BatToys says:

    Hi Jamie. please reissue the Aurora Banana Splits buggy with 4 buggy vehicles and maybe in a larger scale. Since a new Banana Splits movie is planned, this could be popular.

  27. spock62 says:

    Jamie, why does the Galileo and the 1/1000 K’Tinga always seem to get put off? I would think both would be very well received and popular kits.

    • JamieH says:

      Popularity isn’t the only factor involved in these choices. We need to be sure all licenses earn the guaranties specified in those agreements. We are also very limited by what we can invest in as far as new tooling and we have only so many man hours to put into new kit development. Consideration is also given to how a new kit will impact the sales of an existing kit. The availability of the needed assets (plans, CAD work, etc.) is also a factor, but not so much in the two examples you mention.

  28. Vince M says:

    Great job and look forward to the new Eagle. Can’t have too many Eagles! Round 2 Eagles are the accurate kits I have wanted for many many years and now we have them!!! Your dedication to putting out accurately shaped Sci-Fi kits of popular subjects is greatly appreciated (and will surely be rewarded).

  29. Anonymous says:

    Sine ther will be no clear pieces or figures how about decals for the front windows showing a couple of pilots???

  30. Brian Drumm says:

    I’m a little confused by the scales stated compared with the photos shown. It seems to be fairly widely believed that the 22” kit is 1:48 and the new kit will be 1:72. So, according to my math brain (verified by iPhone calculator), the 1:48 kit should be 1.5X larger than the 1:72, but my eyeball tells me the “1:48” model in the photos is only about 1.25X larger than the new model?

    Is this mockup larger than the actual kit size for some technical mold mastering reason about which I have no clue? Or is the 22” not *really* 1:48? (I notice your above article only refers to “22-inch” and never to “1:48.”)

    Do NOT get me wrong, this is no gripe or nitpick. The mockup of this new kit looks AWESOME and I’m sure the final product will kick some major boot-TAY. I have a 22” in stash as a winter project, but the last two winters have been full of other distractions and difficulties…

    • JamieH says:

      LOL. Okay. I’m no mathematician (heck, I had to google the correct spelling for the word…). I have programmed a spreadsheet to tell me what any given subject is at all of the common modeling scales, but let’s go through the exercise of doing the math. But first, let’s talk about the much-debated length of the Eagle.
      We consider our 22″ Eagle to be 1/48 scale because the production artists that built the 44″ filming model used 1/24 scale modeling components. They used the same scale material to build the props in the hangar set. Following this logic takes the height of the doors, the interior cockpit set and overall perceived length of the model out of consideration. We felt our job was to recreate a representation of the miniature. If one disagrees with the scale, they are free to do so. This is why we tend not to refer to our model by the scale, but by the length.
      Now, the length of the original model was rounded up to 44″, but it was short of that in reality. it was closer to 43 1/4″. So if 43 1/4″ is 1/24 scale, half of that gets us 21 5/8″ long at 1/48 scale. To get 1/72 scale, we’ll need to reverse the math to find the “real” length so 21 5/8″ x 48= 1038″ then divide that by 72 to arrive at around 14 3/8″ for 1/72 scale. But if you want to know the “easy math equation” to go from 1/48 to 1/72, just multiply your 1/48 length by the unholy number of .666. In other words, 21 5/8″ (1/48) x .666= 14.4″ (1/72)

  31. Richard martin says:

    Hi jamie in 1995 did you no the series space above and beyond no models have been made from the series is they models you can do from the series

    • JamieH says:

      You are the first person to ever mention the ships from Space Above and Beyond. It isn’t something that we are likely to do.

      • Richard martin says:

        it wood be good if you could ever make models from the series i no fans would like then jamie

      • Brian Drumm says:

        In that case, I’ll be the second person to mention “Space: Above And Beyond.” I thought it was a pretty good show. It was produced by a few “X-files” producers/directors and carried the X-files conspiracy mythos into a mid 21st century Marine Corps war drama. (Please, nobody use the term “Space Force…”) David Duchovny even guest-starred in one episode as an android pool shark.

        There was an armored personnel carrier that harkens back to the Eagle with it’s detachable multipurpose cargo pod, as well as a sleek fighter jet and a space aircraft carrier.

        The early CGI visuals looked pretty impressive in their day, but don’t hold up quite so well today. (Yes, I have the DVD’s.)

        I personally would love to see kits of these subjects, but fully understand a two-decade-old one-season wonder is unlikely to be a runaway commercial success.

        But then, “Space: 1999” is a four-decade-old two-season wonder…

        • Richard martin says:

          THE Aircraft carrier was the uss saratoga the fighter was callad the Hammerhead i always wanted a model of chiggy von Richthofen’s ship i would like the models to in 1/48 scale hope it would happy

  32. Richard martin says:

    it wood be good if you could make models from the series i no fans wood like to see them i liked space above and beyond hope models wood get made ok jamie

  33. Richard martin says:

    Hi Jamie hope wonderfest gos well and looking to see your new kits

  34. Dennis Chevalier says:

    Will you be offering a prebuilt like the 22″ with this 1/72 kit?

  35. ron kalcevic says:

    so basicaly there wont be an eagle 2 in 1/72nd scale jamie or is it in the plans

  36. Alan Rose says:

    I like all the models that you have made so far, some more than others. As stated in previous posts I too would like to have a more accurate representation of the Shuttle Craft Galileo 7 (interior not included) in a decent size. I have the 1:350 Enterprise (TV 1701 & MOVIE 1701-A). I also have the 1:350 Klingon K’Tinga (movie version). What are the chances of getting a 1:350 scale of the TV Klingon and a 1:350 scale of the original TV Romulan Bird of Prey?

  37. Anonymous says:

    You did a poll a couple of years back which included 1/2500 sets. I like the quality of the Discovery kits. I was wondering if you are considering sets like:
    ST VI:
    Refit Enterprise A (exiting kit)
    Quonos I Ktinga (existing, would only require decal changes??)
    USS Excelsior (new kit)
    ST V:
    Refit Enterprise A
    USS Excelsior (reuse from previous)
    Klingon BoP (new kit)
    ST IV:
    Klingon BoP
    NX Excesior (variant of previous)
    Refit Enterprise A
    ST III:
    Refit Enterprise (battle damage decals or self destruct)
    Klingon BoP (reuse from previous)
    Science Vessel Grissom (new)
    Voyager (Voyager, possible Borg/Armored variants…)
    Enterprise (NX, D5, Raptor, Early BoP, Xindi, …)
    DS9 (Jemhadar, Breen, Keldon, Neghvar, Bajoran, …)
    TNG (Vorcha, Warbird, Ferengi, Nebula, Constellation, …)
    Movies (Sona, …)

    Fan of 2500…

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