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July 2024

MPC Model kits: 22” Space:1999 Eagle update #5

posted by JamieH 3:10 PM
Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Hi there Eagle fans. One last blog post to wrap up my series on the new MPC 22” Space:1999 Eagle kit. I might follow up later on with some process stuff about the box design and illustration, but I expect my next blog will be about the new parts for the U.S.S. Excelsior. But first, what more could be said about the Eagle…? Heh. Wait for it…

We announced at Wonderfest that we will be releasing a set of metal bells and oleo struts. Well, here is a peek at the first set of samples. They look great if I do say so myself. We need a small amount of adjustment on one of them, but otherwise looking good. The set of 12 aluminum bells and four oleo struts will retail for around $100.


Click to view the following image at full size.

Sept2015-4 Sept2015-5 Sept2015-6

This shows the comparison of one of the VTOLs to an aftermarket main engine bell installed on a 1:96 scale Product Enterprise Eagle.


We recently decided to offer another smaller metal accessory for the kit, which will include the small shoulder pod RCS thrusters. These should retail for about $25-30. I’ll let you know when we get samples in.

Next, if you hadn’t heard we have on occasion had faulty decals found in our kits. In an effort to improve that situation we will be starting a relationship with the world-famous decal manufacturer, Cartograf out of Italy, and the Eagle kit will be one of the first to take advantage of their superior quality. Other kits will start using Cartograf decals as well with a couple trickling out towards the end of this year in our Lindberg products and more being used in our other brands early next year. Once we get some kits rolling out with them, we will evaluate whether to start using them across the board. Cartograf is THE name in water-slide decals having supplied decals for several other well-known model kit manufacturers. I recently tried a “side-by-side taste test” myself. I found that they “feel” thicker even though they are not, and they do not fall apart in water or tear nearly as easily. They seem to really suck themselves down to the surface of the model conforming superbly to compound surfaces. All kits that use them will have a sticker on the outside of the wrapping to clearly show that they are included. It is our genuine hope that this demonstrates how important it is for us to make sure our product is as high a quality as possible.


Last and hopefully not least, I think we have a bit of news that will literally put the kit over the moon. (okay, maybe not literally) We will have the ship’s designer and Academy Award Winner, Brian Johnson, review the kit himself in hopes of getting his endorsement to apply to the packaging.


Along with that I am thrilled to share even more excitement… Happy Medium Press, publishers of Sci-fi & Fantasy Modeller, are putting the final touches to the contents line-up for their Modelling The Eagle Special, due for publication early in 2016. They have given us an exclusive look at the cover, prior to them announcing the title on their site in the next couple of weeks. I’ve seen the list of potential article features and a great portion of it will cover more about our new 22” Eagle kit.


Well, what do you think…?

23 Responses to “MPC Model kits: 22” Space:1999 Eagle update #5”

  1. Michael Scarola says:

    Jamie, This is terrific news! The aluminum bells and four oleo struts look exactly as they do on the original studio model and it’s great to hear that the small shoulder pod RCS thrusters are on the way too.

    Cartograf makes great decals and they’ll really add to the value of this new Eagle kit.

    The Sci-fi & Fantasy Modeller, Modelling The Eagle Special issue looks to be a must have for Eagle fans.

    Thanks for sharing all this great stuff with us.

  2. RB says:

    Man, there are *almost* no words! Fantastic that the Eagle is getting such a prestigious release! Jamie, thanks to you and everyone you’ve been working with for making all this happen!

  3. Mach7 says:

    The set looks great! I’ll probably wait until my 2nd kit to spring for them though.
    Great to hear about the decals!

  4. Todd Morton says:

    Wow, it gets better and better! I’m pulling my hair out waiting for this. Thank you Jamie for the opportunity to have this kit. Our group is up to around 250 kits pre-ordered and still counting. Your team has done well and deserve a big pat on the back. Thank you for the awesome update.

  5. Mach7 says:

    Also, any thought to having Mr. Johnson sign cards in select kits like you guys did with Nick Tate in the small eagle?

  6. backof says:


    Thanks so much for taking the time to give us all this information. As always it gives an amazing insight into the details involved in putting a world-class kit together. It’s a lot more than just the plastic!

    The aluminum bells look great. Thanks for offering the RCS thrusters. I’m looking forward to everything else your team and the aftermarket comes up with!

  7. Joseph Reboy says:

    Just HAVE to ratchet up that ol’ anticipation lever, huh? I’m angsting for this thing as it is! Wonderful news that you are sharing. Congratulations on seeing the seeds of all your labors come to bear such fruit!

  8. Mike Adamson says:

    To say I’m thrilled is an understatement! This kit is THE kit we have wanted and waited for — for forty years! We would never have dared hope for it, but here it is, and we are one and all itching to get our hands on it! Well done, you’re making a dream come true and doing it with enthusiasm and an attention to detail that is everything we could have hoped for.

    BRAVO Round 2!


  9. JGG1701 says:

    GREAT news!!!

  10. Andrea says:

    I’d love to know if those metal bells would be the correct size for the Titan Rockets or other space kits.

  11. Jeff says:

    Well, it’ll be fun to see the gorgeous builds that will be made of the beautiful kit. This looks to be up there with the 1/350 Enterprise in terms of quality and the quantity of the R2 detailing parts available. Very nice job!

  12. ModelMan says:

    Can’t say it better than has already been stated above, Congrats Jamie and Round 2!

  13. Frank Landman says:

    Hey Man. nice book ; Eagle one modelling MPC. Let my ever know when if that book stock available , I might like buy again the one, Really

  14. BatToys says:

    Hi Jamie,

    Cartograf is exciting news and I hope they make new Batmobile decals. When the 1/25 Batmobile is reissued, lowering the suspension and a more accurate beacon does wonders to make it look real.

  15. JJ says:

    Thanks so much for this kit. I am really looking forward to it. The Eagle is my all-time favorite sci-fi ship, so its a must have for me…

  16. Tomh, Esq says:

    Great news about the Eagle! I wasn’t planning on getting one, but these posts have changed my mind.

    Any idea when you’re going to update us on the progress with the Excelsior?

  17. David E. says:

    EAGERLY awaiting news on the Excelsior. Thanks.

    • David E. says:

      Thanks to Cult TV Man for posting some information on Round 2 products.

      Round 2 has also announced a second detail set for the Eagle. The Eagle Small Metal Parts Pack will include 16 small metal thrusters for the side pods on the kit. There are not any pictures yet, but you can preorder in the CultTVman Hobbyshop

      Here are some new estimated delivery dates. I would expect some of these to slide.

      January 2016: the two Eagle detail sets, a 50th Anniversary reissue of the AMT Enterprise.

      February 2016: The Headless Horseman, Klingon Bird of Prey reissue

      March 2016: the Excelsior and Excelsior Aztec decal set

      I don’t have pricing on the Excelsior Aztecs yet.

  18. Peter says:

    Jamie – so the Eagle’s target release month of November has begun. Can you give us an update on where the moulding or shipping process is at? Looking forward to your Star Trek Excelsior announcement(s) too.

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