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July 2024

Polar Lights Model Kits: 4 weeks of Christmas Part 1

posted by JamieH 10:00 AM
Friday, December 6, 2013

My blog writing has been rather erratic this year. All I can say is that the day-to-day business of developing Polar Lights model kits is easy to get caught up. There is rarely a lull in our breakneck working pace. In an effort to make up for some of my lapses, I have weekly blogs scheduled for the month of December… or at least leading up to Christmas…

Let’s kick off the month with a check in on our upcoming Alien Executive Officer Kane resin figure kit. Right now we are looking into a production source. Once that is settled, we’ll be able to finalize its release date. Here are some pics of the rapid prototype that arrived recently.

Next week… Reliant!

Kane-prototype-blog-1Kane-prototype-blog-2Kane-prototype-blog-3Kane-prototype-blog-4 Kane-prototype-blog-5

12 Responses to “Polar Lights Model Kits: 4 weeks of Christmas Part 1”

  1. Ken Lee says:

    Too bad that this will be resin,if it had been either styrene or vinyl I would have bought one, but I will have to pass on this one.

  2. Al Loew says:

    This looks outstanding! Looking forward to it very much.

  3. Jeff says:

    I can hardly wait! One thing, though–the face doesn’t look much like John Hurt to me. Is it just lack of paint, or were you unable to secure rights to his image? It’s not a deal-breaker for me by any means. Just curious. I’ll be getting Kane and the re-popped xenomorph both. Thanks for all your work!

  4. starduster says:

    I’d buy this kit if my funds would allow without a shadow of a doubt, this is one heck of a great kit.

  5. amubis says:

    Any News on release date

  6. fortress says:

    I think the kane kit looks outstanding looking forward
    to that release!

    Really excited about getting the Alien franchise
    Personally my choice for future subject offerings
    would include;


    Warrant officer Ripley from Alien
    Corporal Hicks Colonial Marine from Aliens
    Johner the mercenary from Alien Resurrection
    Dog Alien from Alien3


    Commerical Towing Spaceship Nostromos from Alien
    Mercenary Transport Betty from Alien Resurrections


  7. portlandjoe says:

    When are we going to be able to get our hands on this? I would stand in line forever to get it.

    • JamieH says:

      We are still working on getting this one produced. A few other things have gotten in the way of giving it the attention it needs, but we are getting back on track with it.

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