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April 2024

Round 2 Model Kits: Defying Expectations

posted by JamieH 5:59 PM
Monday, April 9, 2012

I’ve been hinting at new Round 2 model kit product announcements from time to time. I don’t take any joy in being coy or secretive. I’d rather let you guys know what we are up to, but history has shown  we are better holding off on announcing development plans until we have something substantive to show for it. Generally, we like to hold off on making most of our major announcements for shows like Wonderfest or iHobby where we can see your immediate reactions. Wonderfest is just around the corner (May 26 & 27) and we can’t wait to reveal some pretty exciting plans for later this year. We’ve decided to let one small tidbit out now to give you a taste of things to come.

I asked a while back for some input about the scale of the Deep Space 9 kit. We have already let it be known that the kit is coming back and we are looking at a Fall release for it. The kit will be injected in clear ABS plastic and will come with window templates to benefit modelers that feel like lighting it up. For those that don’t want to take that step, window decals will accompany the kit for the first time. That might all seem kind of “ho-hum.” That is the kind of treatment we give all of our re-releases. The exciting news is that we will also be including a 1:2500 scale U.S.S. Defiant this time around! (and not just a glow in the dark copy of our U.S.S. Enterprise kit) This will be a brand new snap-together model of the Defiant as featured in the Deep Space 9 TV show. It will measure approximately 2 5/8” long and will be comprised of 6 pieces. The images show the first look at the digital model the factory will use to cut the tool.

Like I said, this is just a taste of things to come. We will have plenty more to talk about at Wonderfest. We made one of the biggest announcements in modeling last year. What are we going to do next? Let me just say, you will want to be sure to attend our panel session this year. I’ll be talking more about that, as we get closer to the show.

6 Responses to “Round 2 Model Kits: Defying Expectations”

  1. phicks says:

    Good stuff Jamie. Will there be a secure means of “docking” the Defiant to the DS9 model, such as a brass rod?

  2. JamieH says:

    phicks- nothing like that will be included, but I would think that would be a simple enough modification for a modeler to make himself.

  3. justinleighty says:

    Little bitty magnets could work well for that, too. Cool news!

  4. ModelMan says:

    Lots of cool news for Trekkers!

    But it sounds like it’s going to be a cool year all around for R2 Models.

    The line in the recent newsletter about archivists stumbling across that ‘future-car’, it must be like Carter stumbling across Tut’s Tomb, there’s an archaeological nuance. I bet it’s a fun time with some interesting finds when exploring decades of product catalog.

    Maybe you could mention that in one of the daily logs? Presumably, the archivist brings a top 10-20 confirmed tools and you guys whittle that down into immediate release, later, next year, never, etc.

    How did that MPC future car come to be chosen over some other option, as an example? Based on sales of that are you considering a themed-line of ‘future’ cars from the 60’s or other themed-kit lines? That could be cool.

    A line of all movie cars would be cool. The Bond cars stand out as an obvious example. You don’t have to call it the Bond line, but simply packaging those particular car kits into groups of releases or themed packaging of the kits you already have in the catalog. Or repop a few per year, ‘The Movie Pack’ for that year, mentioning what movies they are from.

    If you continue doing figures like 3 Stooges, Kiss and Sgt Peppers, I’d like to see a Classic Hollywood line. It’s be like a Monster kit line, but instead of the top five monsters or all time, it’s the likes Bogie, Bacall, Garbo, Grant. All of them. Pick any 5 or 10 classic stars of the era.

    Lots of cool diorama kit options too. I don’t know how sales are, but the Bates Motel was a great idea. Imagine “Rick’s Cafe” frontage in 1/25 to possibly go with any 1940’s car kit you have. Or basically pick any moment from Casablanca alone for a great 1/8 diorama kit. Cheap on the licensing as they are all 70yr old properties? Any 5 films from any 5 stars could yield a nice product line that feeds itself.

  5. fortress says:

    Great news regarding the mini- USS Defiant. This really
    Is showing both innovation and consumer awareness
    On the part of Round 2 with the Star Trek franchises.

    Logical, fiscally wise, and consumer drivin. Sound choice.
    Also like the idea of it being molded in clear. Great for

    The only thing I could offer suggestion wise that is would be
    To offer some minor additional parts;

    * Docking pylons rotary torpedo launchers
    * Weapons sail towers
    * Retractable Phaser bank pods

    In this way it would really distinguish this version from
    The original release without a doubt.

    Down the road you could offer a mini ship set in scale with
    This kit for example;

    Klingon of prey
    Nebula class starship
    Oberth class starship
    Bajoran transport
    ( these suggestions were based on what ships were
    Frequently docked at the station during DS9 visual clips)

    Keep up the fine work Jamie H!!!


  6. fortress says:

    On a non related Star Trek Subject I have to say
    that Round 2’s production of the original Batman
    ex-Aurora kit’s and now the Barris T.V. Show
    Batmobile has been a concept that was long overdue
    thanks for that one JamieH and Round 2!

    The 2 point of light I would have to add is this
    1) 60’s Batman series BATCOPTER!

    Long overdue subject would make a fine selection to your
    Batman line-up.


    Since you folks did a AMAZING job with the 60’s Batmobile I
    think an improved GH Black Beauty would do well. The old
    Aurora kit was ok but to me always looked like a toy. We
    really could use a solid effort on this T.V. Hero car.
    Maybe in the same scale as your new batmobile.

    Man that was a great team-up!!!


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