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April 2024

Star Trek Model Kits: U.S.S. Enterprise D & Aztec Decals sneak peek

posted by ChrisP 5:25 PM
Thursday, September 22, 2016


Here is a preview of 2 upcoming Star Trek releases, the AMT955 1:1400 U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-D kit and the Aztec decal set for that kit.  They will be sold separately.

The U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-D model kit will be coming out first.  This all-plastic model kit is 18 inches long when fully assembled, and features a removable saucer section and dome base with metal support rod.  This special edition is molded in clear plastic, which allows the modeler the option of lighting the kit.  (Light kit not included.)  Also included are standard marking, pennant, registry, and lifeboat decals; and complete instructions.



The 1:1400 U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-D Aztec decals will be released shortly after the base kit.  The set will include 4 – 9.25 x 13.25 inch decal sheets and placement instructions.  If you pick up the Enterprise D kit make sure you don’t miss out and keep you eyes out for the Aztec decals!



mka019-12-enterprise-d-aztec-decals-page01 mka019-12-enterprise-d-aztec-decals-page02 mka019-12-enterprise-d-aztec-decals-page03 mka019-12-enterprise-d-aztec-decals-page04


40 Responses to “Star Trek Model Kits: U.S.S. Enterprise D & Aztec Decals sneak peek”

  1. Tye G. says:

    Why are all the sections outlined in red?

  2. Warp8 says:

    I really like the attention to detail but I thought the studio model of the -D had greenish accents in the aztecing, as opposed to blue.

  3. Eric says:

    And more Cartograf decals! Outstanding. You guys are knocking it out of the park!

  4. Stewart Wood says:

    Is there a release date?

  5. Brad D says:

    Do the decals cover the windows? (i.e., obscure them for the purposes of lighting?) I couldn’t make out anything from the images. Also, for those who don’t intend to light it, do they need to pencil in the windows?

  6. Mario says:

    What kind of plastic will this be? Will normal model glue work on it?

    If it’s retooled for a new dome base are there any other tooling changes?

    • JamieH says:

      no other changes. It is styrene so the usual glues should work.

      • Kenny says:

        Back on 6/9/16, you posted a WonderFest 2016 update where you mentioned:

        “We received praise for bringing back the U.S.S. Enterprise-D in clear plastic. This version will come in ABS rather than styrene which tends to be brittle. The main reason for that switch is to allow us to include our standard dome base this time around.”

        What’s the reason to go back to clear styrene instead?


  7. Jeff K says:

    Does this release remove the unnecessary raised panel lines?

  8. Kyle M says:

    Any idea what the price point is going to be for the Aztecs? Also any chance you’d be selling the registry decals with the lifeboats separately for those of us who have an older version of this kit we’d like to re-do with new decals?

  9. any way you folks can send me a list or catalog of the round 2 kits, I know there are kits that are out there but cannot find many of them.

  10. David says:

    I went and bought the clear edition back the first time it was released along with the decals. So what’s the difference between this new release and the first one??

  11. John F says:

    “light kit not included”

    Are you saying there is a light kit in the works for this?

    Also will you be doing names and registry decals for the other Galaxy Class ships ?

  12. Edward Kinsel says:

    Will these Aztec decals be as stiff as those previously issued in the past?

    • JamieH says:

      No. The decals in the kit are better quality than we were able to get during the first release. The aztecs will be produced by Cartograf this time. They are known for their world-class quality. We can’t get any better than that.

  13. Michael says:


    Thank You for new information, guys. Did You changed the master for the partspressing? Cause there are some errors in all kits form 1988 toll 2010? Like a missing window near the captain’s yard and some escape pods are drifting into another section on the lover site of the main section…

    BUT: why again not enough escape pods and not enough transporter emitter pads???? The separated Edt-D needs 14 escape pods more near the battle bridge and also 3 transporter pad decals too. Also if not the ST Generations variant, need 4 escape pods in front of the main bridge and approx 6 behind the main shuttle bay… Why not the same cartograph (italian company) decals like on 2007 (or later???) japanese kit edition from AMT/Platz with some different ship names???

    I know, it’s just a model, bot no separate names, transporter pads and escape pods to buy? You know here in Germany, where I’m from, it’s so hard to get replacement decals and parts too. I’m not talking about web shops like federationsmodels oder dlm or jt-graphic decal shop, but I’m talking about genuine high quality decals and parts from R2…

    Best regards,

    • JamieH says:

      We have not changed any of the details in the kit parts. As far as I know, the decals should represent the look of the ship in generations including the number and location of the escape pods. With so many there could be room for error, but I think we got them all.

  14. RB says:

    Jamie, I was wondering if you could answer a related question. Someone just told me that the 1/350 Refit is being discontinued, is that true? And if so, could it return, say, for the 4th anniversary of the first Star Trek movie?

  15. RB says:

    Of course, meant to write “40th anniversary” of ST:TMP…

  16. Tallon Dehart says:

    I keep holding out hope for a 1:1000 version of this. Maybe next year for the 30th anniversary of the shows premiere!? Come on Jamie! Help our dreams come true! (And a 1:1000 Enterprise E!)

    • Tye G. says:

      I second that,Jamie…I know you’ve mentioned in other post’s how much you’d like to do a super accurate 1/1000 Enterprise -D, there couldn’t be a more fitting subject to do for the 30th, than the flagship of that show,since the 50th had no new big release, this is R2’s chance, not withstanding the conversion kit that could be sold to make the 2 Nebula class ships, no brainer! 😉 Again I know you want to do one Jamie, and I know you can’t, or won’t spill the beans early after the Galileo thing, but I hope you’re pushing this with the powers that be, you’re our advocate on this.Also, any idea when the D Aztecs decal will be available?I bought 2 of the excelsior sets, some of the best decals I’ve ever seen, hoping these will be just as good if not better! THANKS !! Jamie

  17. Rommel says:

    So who do we talk to/pester to get a Nemesis Aztec decal set for the Enterprise-E?

  18. fortress says:

    Since the re-release of the 1701-D I was wondering was their any chance in
    The near future of seeing more of the STNG major capital ships subjects
    Such as the Nebula-Class which has been seen prominently in most of the
    Star Trek show incarnations. At this point I would imagine a new ST tooling
    Would be warranted.


  19. Silly_Jolly says:

    I wish AMT will sell their star ships in China. I know they have factory here though.

    Anyone knows how to buy this lovely ship without bleed too much from wallet?:p

  20. fortress says:

    On in altogether different matter I would like to suggest that if Round 2 models
    Is going to continue to produce Star Trek episode theme oriented subjects based on the classic series such as the “Tomorrow is Yesterday” or The” Tholian Web” U.S.S. Enterprise kits I think a Star Trek “The Domesday Machine” would make for a fine addition to that line up.

    Basically it would be an HO scale type subject with the Domesday Weapon ship accompanied with in-scale U.S.S Enterprise, U.S.S. Constellation and astroid
    Field background diorama. I think this iconic Star Trek episode would make for
    A fine modeling subject for Round2’s Star Trek kit series!


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