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July 2024

AMT’s 1949 Ford Coupe Is Truly A “Gas,” Man!

posted by Ken Holewczynski 2:48 PM
Tuesday, September 27, 2016

AMT1022 1949 Ford Gas Man Lid

Coming into the end of the year, we’re pretty excited about our re-release of AMT’s great 1949 Ford Coupe. We’re giving it an extra special Retro Deluxe treatment featuring a all new Don Greer painting recreating the “Gas Man” gasser, and wrapping that into one of our “silent” box faces so you Kats can enjoy the art simply on it’s own.

And if what’s on the box isn’t enough to grab you, we putting in some of those famous goodies we’re famous for. This issue will contain newly tooled “custom” wheels for those who want to build a show car version. These new wheels match the originals lost long ago.


No matter what version you decide on – stock, custom or gasser, we are included four different tire combos! M&H wide piecrust slicks, Firestone narrow whitewall piecrust slicks, wide-white stock Firestones and Goodyear Polyglas GT’s!


The final custom touch will be the red-tinted windshield and headlights, which is in addition to the standard clear parts.


Watch for AMT 1949 Ford Coupe at the end of the year.

4 Responses to “AMT’s 1949 Ford Coupe Is Truly A “Gas,” Man!”

  1. Doug Grether says:

    This was the first model I built when I was 12. That was 55 years ago. A bit of nostalgia for me.

  2. Ron Roberts says:

    Heck yes!!! Excellent choice for a rerelease!! Welcomed tire/slick selection, red tinted glass and the retooled custom wheels are over the top! Thanks Round2. I am sure that the decals sheet will be fantastic! I built my interpretation od the Gas Man drag car about 30 years ago and still have on the shelf.

  3. Alexis says:

    You had me at the Reactor Wheels.
    The rest is just icing on the cake. I’m in for this one in a big way.

    When does the 1939/40 Ford Sedan get the Retro Deluxe treatment? I need a couple of these, and they’re getting harder to find.

  4. Jim J. says:

    The ONLY issue I have with this kit – ( I bought 2 ), is that as far as I can tell, there are NO “gasser” front suspension parts included…….seems like that should be a given.

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