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July 2024

Polar Lights Model Kits: This and That.

posted by JamieH 10:11 AM
Thursday, July 21, 2011

Our first 1701CLUB update has been sent out. If you signed up for the club but did not receive it, just drop us an email through the contact page of our website. Please be sure to check your spam filters. In a few cases, we have had members’ correct email information in our system but they did not receive the update. We will still be able to show the first update to them using an alternate method but we will not be able to do that every time going forward.

If you haven’t seen it yet, we finally got our Wonderfest presentation set up on our Round2ForYou YouTube Channel. Be sure to check it out! Thanks to Modelman Tom for putting all the polish on the clips.

Thanks for all of the feedback to my last post. It will really help us decide what to do next in our Star Trek Cadet Series line. Feel free to keep responding to that thread with more comments or suggestions.

I was going through my bookmarks the other day, doing some house cleaning and organizing and came across the Polarpaedia page. Someone had pointed it out to me way back at our first appearance at Wonderfest. It was a site I thought would be a good reference about the history of the Polar Lights Model Kits brand. I knew there was a lot going on the PL message boards back in the day and had heard some of what went on back then from some of the folks that carried over from PM to R2. As I looked at the site again, I took note of traditions that had been begun but had fizzled through the years. I know bringing back the glory days is impossible but I’m wondering what little things can we bring back that were worthwhile back then? What are we missing? What can we bring back? The one particular thing that I took notice of was the Golden Frankie awards given out each year at Wonderfest to celebrate one individual’s impact on the hobby. Though we don’t currently have the license to pop a Frankenstein, maybe we could do something similar. I’m open to any thoughts or ideas.

20 Responses to “Polar Lights Model Kits: This and That.”

  1. ModelMan says:

    My thanks go to Jamie for bringing me in on a fun project!

    In regards to the 1701 Club… Not knowing how complex it is, have you guys considered a club-only blog/forum/board? Updates could be posted there as entries, pdfs and/or still emailed as normal. Having a place to talk among ourselves would be a nice touch for us and perhaps ease company-hobbbyist / hobbbyist-hobbbyist communications.

    Similarly, having a (wider) company forum would be like the old PL message board days? Or was that internal-only (for those of use whose time is long afterwards)?

  2. djway3474 says:

    I did not receive the email about the 1701 club

  3. jamesironwolf says:

    I was wondering about when the 1701 shirts are going out or has it been changed to ship with the kit?

  4. Bats says:

    Regarding the latest poll: I think some clarification is needed. Three of the options are clear enough, but what exactly do you mean by “mini display boxes”? I for one am not willing to pay extra for a window in the box OR a miniature display box made for a hot wheel. If you are talking about an appropriate plastic display showcase for the completed model, fine. Please clarify this.

  5. Bats says:

    I just saw the sneak peek pics of the DELUXE Batmobile kit over at the Gotham City board. Awesome job Jamie!!! If I had to complain about anything it would be the dash doors #4 and #5 on the photoetch sheet. I had hoped you would fix the size of these two doors. #4 should be the size number 5 is and vice versa. Other than that i’m lovin every bit of it!!!!

  6. JamieH says:

    ModelMan- We considered it. We just don’t have enough personnel to handle our own board even for a limited crowd. Sorry to say…

    djway- If you have not received an email yet, please send us an email through our website.

    james- The shirts will be shipped soon (I’m not sure how many times I’ve said that. I’m becoming like a broken record). I apologize for it to take so long. It’s one of those things where I’ve been removed of that duty. We do have someone working on it though.

  7. JamieH says:

    Bats- display box to put your buildup in.

    I’ll look into the door sizes you mention.

  8. BatToys says:

    Deluxe Batmobile photoetch parts look sweet. At Hobby Expo the Round 2 rep said stencils will be included to paint the stripes. I hope they still are included.

    I realize the Batmobile kit is set in stone so no changes can be made but do you know the answer to this?:

    I took my professionally built first issue Revell Lincoln Futura and measured the fins width from the scoops and the tip of the fins. Both top and bottom of fins were equal distance. The fins are parallel to each other.

    I then measured the fins on the Polar Lights Snap Batmobile at the same two points. The top and bottom widths were not equal distance. The tips of the fins were 2 centimeters shorter than the top. At 1/25 scale this means the Polar fins taper in at two inches.

    So the Futura body is a rectangle while the Snap body is more a triangle.

    For arguements sake lets ignore the laserscan as the car was modified after the tv show.

    Were the fins in 1966 parallel or tapered?

  9. Bats says:

    Here’s a link to a couple pics that will illustrate the door sizes for me. If I remember correctly, door #4 is 9 1/2 inches wide while #5 is 13.
    If this doesn’t get fixed I suppose they could be cut and reversed but it would really be nice if they could be fixed in the computer art beforehand. By the way…the pic I saw looks like the dash doors are pre-rolled. Are they?

  10. Mach7 says:


    Not really Polar lights kits, but still R2.

    Any info on when the Leif Ericson will hit the stores? also any news on the strange change kits?



  11. psytce says:

    Jamie Wrote:
    “Thanks for all of the feedback to my last post. It will really help us decide what to do next in our Star Trek Cadet Series line. Feel free to keep responding to that thread with more comments or suggestions.”

    Are we going to get any hints on what was decided?
    And if it is not to late could I remind you of Voyager? lol
    OK Jamie, I’m just messing around with you …. I’m sure you will make a good decision, but if you look back at all of these types of questions about what should be next I have always asked, and will continue to ask, for a Voyager model. I’ll take it in 1/2500, 1/1000, or 1/350….. Just please come out with a Voyager model… Thanks!!!!!

  12. JamieH says:

    Bats- ha ha ha. I didn’t measure the fins on the car back in 1966. I couldn’t say for sure. Everyone says the Futura kit is “accurate” but I have my doubts. I don’t know how much I would trust either kit for the definitive answer.

  13. JamieH says:

    Mach7- LE looks like it will be here in September. Strange Change not sure but should be sometime this fall.

    pstyce- I’m going to be greedy and not say what has been decided. But something has been decided. Once we know for sure what will happen when, we will make an announcement.

  14. Bats says:

    BAT TOYS! For the last time, the Batmobile was not, repeat WAS NOT modified AFTER the show was over. The car sits today as it was in 1966! The Revell Futura kit is close but it is still uneven/assymetrical. GET OVER IT.

    Jamie, your post #12 should be directed at BATTOYS not me.

  15. Bats says:

    Oh yeah- and the Futura kit is assymetrical, and too out of scale to ever be considered wholly accurate.

  16. JamieH says:

    Bats- My apologies.

  17. fortress says:

    60’s Batcopter please! would go well with the
    batman line up that you folks have been rolling

  18. Bats says:

    No apologies necessary Jamie. Just pointing out a minor misapprehension. I agree with Fortress- BATCOPTER in 1/25th would round out the Bat-vehicles nicely! I would also like very much to see other vehicles (not necessarily villain cars) that were used on the show like the Mongrel-T or a 1967 police car. 🙂

  19. psytce says:

    “pstyce- I’m going to be greedy and not say what has been decided. But something has been decided. Once we know for sure what will happen when, we will make an announcement.”


    Why does everyone spell my name wrong? Same thing happened on the STO Forum.
    OK, you have decided something, but no hints on what.. How about hints on when you will let us know.:)


  20. JamieH says:

    psytce- Probably because pstyce would be easier to say phonetically. Just guessing.

    No hints other than we usually make such announcements at larger shows like iHobby or Wonderfest… but iHobby might be too soon to say knowing how much work needs to be done. We really are just trying to tighten up on when we say something is coming out that it comes out and on schedule. These projects are in the very early stages.

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