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July 2024

Star Trek Models: 2012 Release Discussion

posted by JamieH 7:02 PM
Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Round 2 Models announced at Wonderfest that we’ll be bringing back the Deep Space Nine kit in 2012. (working on a video of our presentation and hope to have it up soon) I mentioned our idea to inject it in clear plastic. Some liked the idea, some didn’t. I just took a look at the kit again today and it seems like a good candidate to do in that treatment. What say you?

I’ve seen conflicting reports about the DS9 kit scale. Some say its 1:3300, the box says 1:2500, my calculations say 1:3700. Thoughts?

If we wanted to throw in a small scale Defiant, would you rather see it in perfect scale with the Space Station or in 1:2500 to match our Cadet Series kits?

Next question is what ships would you like to see introduced in 1:2500 scale? I’m thinking Reliant, Voyager or we could go TOS and do the Romulan Bird of Prey. What enemy ships would you like to see in that scale? We wouldn’t be looking at the larger ships like Akira right now. I’m looking for subjects that we could do as kits with lower price points like our existing Cadet Series ships. The smaller they are at 1:2500 scale, the more we can do sooner rather than later.

What do you think of the little Klingon Bird of Prey and Ferengi Marauder kits that were included in the adversary set? They may be returning soon as well.

I’m all ears. The topic of the DS9 kit and suggestions for little kits is on the table. Your input on these Star Trek models counts. Let me know what you think.

Disclaimer: bringing up these questions in no way guarantees future product selections. Everything should be considered hypothetical until you see a kit on the shelves.

86 Responses to “Star Trek Models: 2012 Release Discussion”

  1. avianca757 says:

    The 1/2500 scale is nice but I would prefer to see new models done in the 1/1000 scale. The 1/1000 scale is small enough for multiple kits to be purchased and built yet big enough to add great detail. My vote would be to see the following in 1/1000 scale:

    A highly detailed Klingon D-7.
    A Klingon Bird of Prey.
    A Defiant (Deep space nine).
    A Reliant.
    TMP Dreadnaught

    Thanks for the opportunity to express our opinions and wishes!

  2. RB says:

    Jamie, I know some modelers that pratically jumped up and down at the news of the DS9 clear edition…I know I’d like to see it too, along with in-scale Defiant. As for the Cadet series, I’d like to see things shake up a bit with more Voyager and DS9 ships, not just Federation ships but aliens as well like the Jem’hadar.

    To get away from Trek for a moment…if you ever reissue the Space: 1999 kits, how about a clear Moonbase Alpha? It’s not terrificly accurate, but it sure would be fun to light!

  3. jaws62666 says:

    Jamie , are we close to a 1/350 email , and the t shirts

  4. uts says:


    DS9 would not need to be molded in clear. some parts perhaps…
    If a spacecraft is provided with the kit I’d vote to expand the “Cadet Series”
    of course any new “Cadet Series” kit would be great to add to my collection. I’ve been collecting for years and only collect mainstream brands (AMT, MPC, and that other brand). I would prefer to see ships that have yet to be released, but any would do. My top pick from the few listed in your post would be Voyager followed by the Klingon Bird of Prey.

  5. spock62 says:

    What, no 2009 Enterprise?! Sorry, had to say it! Anyway, for me, anything from DS9/Voyager (the exception being 7of9)does nothing for me, I’m more into TOS and the movies involving the original crew, although I do have a soft spot for Next Generation too. Like the idea of expanding the Cadet Series line, and would like to see the following: Klingon D7 Battlecruiser, Reliant, Romulan BOP and the future Enterprise D (the one with the extra warp engine and under saucer cannon). And please include stands with these! Also, how about offering your stands in a “kit”, say 5-10 in a box, so we can use them on the other Cadet kits that don’t include them. I understand your trying to keep the price down, but have you guys considered continuing the 1/1000 line? How about new-mold kits of the Galileo shuttle and the TOS Bridge, in larger scales? Finally, how about releasing a new-mold kit of the TOS E in a scale smaller then 1/350 but larger then the 1/650 original version? Maybe a max of 24″ in length. That way you’d have a new, accurate kit of the E in a size (and price) that more modelers can fit on their shelves (and their budgets). Thanks for listening!

  6. Joshua_Vance_Art says:

    Jamie I think the Cadet series kits represent a perfect opportunity to get some new kits on the market , and in volumes, quickly and in a consistent scale. I would suggest the heavy-hitters initially i.e Romulan Bird of Prey, Klingon D-7 battlecruiser , Klingon K’tinga, Reliant, Stargazer, etc. There could be an enemy ships line comparable to the various Enterprises in that line.
    On the subject of smaller kits, of smaller subjects, there is an entire range of shuttles and smaller vehicles begging to be modeled. The galileo shuttle, travel pod , and a number of movie shuttles.
    What about the possibility of figure dioramas? Similar to the Mr Spock kit, but depicting iconic scenes from the series and movies, i.e. Kirk vs. Khan, Kirk vs. Gorn, the crew confronting Apollo, the Kirk/ Bones/ Edith Keeler street scene, etc? There was a line of six million dollar man models in the 70’s with action scenes that I recall.
    Finally, I’m curious if you can comment on the plans to finish off the classic line of kits with the Shuttle Galileo, Command bridge, and Exploration set. I really do want to complete my metallic tin collection. Any plans?

  7. Ziz says:

    If you really want to get technical about it, the station is mixed scale. The core and inner ring are close to 2500 but the outer ring and pylons are smaller than they should be, so the scale depends which part of the station you’re measuring as your basis for comparison.

    Clear for lighting – definitely, but only if you include templates in the instructions for where to drill through the paint for the windows on the inner surface of the outer ring.

    2500 scale ships – I personally don’t build that scale but definitely anything canon for starters – Reliant, Voyager, Grissom could be one set, Ferengi, KBOP, Vorcha and K’Tinga could be another, TOS Klingon, TOS RBOP and Botany Bay could be a third set. Include the DS9 Defiant with the station. Do the TNG Romulan Warbird (from the Adversary set the KBOP and Ferengi came from) as its own release. (Sidebar on kit finessing – the KBOP needs some filler bits for the wing baffles and the Warbird needs some adjustment of parts fit here and there.)

  8. Joshua_Vance_Art says:

    What about a commemorative three pack of K’tingas in the cadet scale, with a Vejur illustrated cloud backdrop? Star Trek – The Motion Picture needs some love, and that would be an awesome diorama depicting the Klingon battle with Vejur!

  9. R.D. says:

    On the subject of potential 1/2500 scale ships; I personally would like to see an accurate Nebula class. (Often seen docked with DS9). A Miranda class (Reliant), or you could also do a back-dated Excelsior class. While I’m not a fan of DS9’s Defiant, I think many would find it a welcomed addition, either coupled with the station or sold separately.

    As for the TOS Romulan BOP, I would rather see that in 1/1000 to match the other TOS ships in that scale; understanding of course that you’re not doing those larger scales at this time. There is one ship you could do in 1/1000 that wouldn’t potentially break the bank – The Oberth class (Grissom from Trek III) at 1K it would be about 4 inches long and would be a nice companion to the 1K refit… just a thought.

  10. ns_exile says:

    For enemy ships, I’d like to see the Romulan Warbird from the adversaries kit released as a separate cadet series model. As for other ships, Voyager, a Nebula-class like the Sutherland with swappable upper modules, or the Constellation-class USS Stargazer would be awesome…I just drooled on my keyboard thinking about it…

  11. phicks says:

    I would buy the following kits in 1/2500:


    But honestly, I would much rather see any or all of them in 1/1000.

  12. cireskul says:

    As for ships in scale with the DS9 kit, I suggest ships known to have appeared on the show. Jem’Hadar, Cardassian, Klingon,Federation and Bajoran. I will buy them all.

  13. Hey JH!

    Stick with the outer diameter for the DS9 measurements, keeping it at the 1:3700 scale. If you guys do clear parts, would you add dots to the tooling for accurate window placement? Either way, including an IN-SCALE Defiant (3700) would be pretty clutch. But wasn’t there a release at some point that came with a mini-Defiant pack-in?

    As for follow-ups in the 1:2500 Cadet series, everyone has been hitting the right notes; Voyager, Defiant, K’tinga, Reliant, TOS Enemies…all good suggestions. Sticking with canon first. I worry about the smaller ones though, like the DS9 Defiant and Klingon Bird of Prey, in terms of level of injection-molded detail. They would have to be pretty sharp at that scale. Could you guys handle it? 😉

    Lastly, the Adversaries KBOP is a piece. The main body is too tall, the baffles are out of proportion, the nose is too rounded, there is too little detail…my suggestion is if you [i]do[/i] do it again, start from scratch. The whole set is still pretty available out there on the open market so skip to the stuff we need….like more everything in 1K!!!

    Cheers and keep up the good work!

  14. gsr says:

    I agree with the above suggestions for canon ships of all types in 1/2500 scale for the Cadet series. Lots of posibilites exist for mixing and matching ships together in the same box; Refit E with the Reliant, TOS E with a D-7 or RBoP, Refit E with KBoP, etc. A Reliant with parts and decals for the numerous variants would have a lot of potential. I would love to see the current and future 1/2500 scale ships be released in clear plastic. This would make these ships far easier to light.

    1/1000 scale is great, too. I would love to see Voyager and the Defiant in this scale, as well as 1/2500.

  15. Opus_Penguin says:

    I would like to see a re-release of the K’Tinga from TMP, but accurized to fit how the model looked in the film. I would also like to see a more accurate Galileo. Along the same lines, I would like to see the shuttle from the other Star Trek movies and shows. The “Cadet Series” is also a very good idea since smaller ships are easier to display on shelves.

  16. JohnE says:

    I would just go ahead and scale the DS9 as 2500 and include a Defiant in that scale with the station.

    As for what I would want in future releases in 2500/Cadet Scale:

    Stargazer:Constellaton Class
    Reliant:Miranda Class

    Even Better: to fit with DS9 how about some Dominion war ships:

    Klingon Bop
    Jem Hedar Cruisers
    Cardassian Ships

    Thanks for asking for the input!

    Also, the old AMT shuttlecaft Galileo could use some TLC, especially fixing up that rear end of the ship. You could also release the Bridge set with new molds of the crew-members. Heck you could do 2 versions of that one. You could do a special edition that comes with all the walls to form a full bridge and add a light set and sound chip.

  17. gsaum says:

    I love the idea of molding DS9 in clear for lighting purposes. I’m also a fan of the idea of including a USS Defiant with the kit, and make it to scale with the station. Someone else suggested other ships seen on the show, and I agree with that too, but maybe as like an expansion set. Granted, that would mean a whole new set in the 1/3700 scale, but it would make for a good looking set up!

    As for other kits I’d like to see:

    -All of the Enterprises in the 1/1000 scale
    -TNG era Romulan Warbird
    -Voyager w/ landing struts
    -Runabout w/ interiors
    -TOS shuttlecraft w/ interiors

    Oh, and I know I’m in the minority, but I’d personally love to see a Ferengi Marauder that is to scale with the Enterprise D. It’s such a different looking ship, and its the perfect shape for lighting (lots of interior space). If we can’t have that, then a release of the Ferengi from the Adversary kit would be fine.

  18. Tiberious says:

    Another TOS fan here. I echo my compatriots call for an accurate (and perhaps larger scaled) TOS Galileo shuttlecraft. A properly done TOS bridge would be a huge hit with fans as well (complete Bridge/command crew.)

    Beyond that, I also in the position that I’m running out of room for models so smaller scale offers more value to me. I don’t follow ‘Cadet’ verses other series, but am on board with the 1/2500 scale as being the scale to beat for the larger ships and smaller production run/popularity ships.

    As for specific ships, I’d encourage the Excelsior, Reliant, Grissom, BOP, K’Tinga, D-7, Voyager, Defiant, and BOP as they’re showcased/hero ships.

    Other smaller ships that should be done in a larger scale would be the Tholian, Travel Pod (and other shuttles, perhaps as a multiple ship kit) and maybe even a ship or two from the animated series (license permitting.)

    I loved the suggestion of the diorama kits made earlier, throwing in the Time Doughnut from City on the Edge of Forever with the crew standing by it!

    I don’t envy you having to make these calls! Good luck!


  19. cireskul says:

    Remember the first time USS Voyager was seen, docked to DS9. That would be a cool option as well. Food for thought.

  20. The G says:

    I would like to see the USS Voyager but preferably in a 1:1000 Scale.

    I prefer the 1:100 Scale and think the following would make great candidates:
    USS Voyager
    All the Enterprises
    USS Reliant
    Romulan Warbird

    Also are there any plans to re-release the NX-01 Enterprise in 1:350 scale anytime soon? I would like to see that kit out again so that I do not have to get it from second hand sellers selling it for over $200.

  21. phil13 says:

    The 2500 scale doesn’t do anything for me as I would have to start all over 🙂

    However, would love a few more in the 1/1000 line:
    TOS Romulan Warbird
    Klingon BOP
    USS Defiant
    USS Bozeman (got to be one of my favs since I went to college there) – OK, guess you could include Reliant and Saratoga parts.

    I would like to see a series of Shuttles in 1/72nd (my preferred scale for pretty much everything except large ships and autos) but would also like an accurate Galileo is a larger scale and a full bridge with crew would be cool.

  22. Fozzie says:

    1) I’d want the Defiant to be in scale with DS9.
    2) I’d like to see the hero ships you mention in 1/2500 (Reliant, Voyager, etc.)

    After the 1:350 TOS E the kit I’d like to see the most would be a totally new TOS shuttlecraft kit (the old one is just too inaccurate to salvage).

    And more 1:1000 ships (Reliant, Voyager, Romulan BOP), etc.

  23. Moongrim says:

    I second what avianca757 has to say. Especially when you consider what all of the internet conversion kit makers businesses came up with.

    Personally the 2500 scale gives me the old dude with lots of spare cash lying around, eyestrain. Working on them is a lot like trying to paint a portrait on a grain of rice. But if you’re darned determined to make a DS9, then make it in scale to the 2500 Cadet series. Even if it turns out to be a monster in size- remember the 350 size Enterprise. It sold.

    And as to the spaceships I’ll buy? You make ’em I’ll buy ’em.

  24. BatToys says:

    What, no chimps in the youtube video?

    In 2002 at the Hobby Expo, Polar had the 1/350 TOS Enterprise on display and I said to the rep they should make it in that size.

    So ten years later, worth waiting for.

  25. sleepymarine says:

    Echo the above sentiments as to 1/2500 for the Defiant, also would it be possible to include a few more of the little runabouts in the set as they are so tiny and easy to lose…

    As for an Cadet series expander kits:
    [DS9]= Cardassian Galor(with possible conversion pieces for a keldon), Jem Hadar Attacker, Klingon BOP, and a Defiant(for those who don’t have the room for the station)

    [Movies]= Reliant, Grissom, Excelsior, K’Tinga with a spacedock interior background; and as mentioned above a 3 K’tinga set with V’ger background would be cool

    [Next Gen Era]= Nebula, Stargazer, Vorcha, Ferengi Marauder, and stand alone Romulan Warbird in clear for lighting.

    [Klingons]= a stand alone Negh’var; and/or a set with a Vorcha, BoP, K’Tinga, & D-7

    [Voyager]= Voyager, Maquis ship, Kazon Ship, Vidiian ship, Equinox, Prometheus…etc…

  26. IG-58 says:

    Well, in bullets:
    1. Don’t care for DS9 in clear, but some folks do. I suppose the balance to consider for a re-release is the modelling pros will love it but the kids wouldn’t know what to do with it.
    2. Whether released with DS9 or separately, I’d want the Defiant in 1/2500!
    3. More 1/2500? Nu-Enterprise, Voyager.
    4. I’d RATHER see more 1/1000 love; such a great mid-sized scale for these ships. TOS Romulan bird of prey, Stargazer, Reliant, Defiant just for starters.

  27. bender44 says:

    I love both the 1:1000 & 1:2500 scales. The larger scale would probably have more detail … but I know a lot of detail can be put in the smaller scale as well (Have you seen the f-toys Star Wars toys? If a model is well detailed I don’t care what scale it’s in! I also love the aztecking paneling. I agree that display stands would be a nice touch … although they aren’t too hard to make.
    My favorite ships are the Klingon Cruiser from the Star Trek Motion Picture, Romulan Bird of Prey, the Reliant, U.S.S. Grissom, Botany Bay, & Klingon Bird of Prey.
    I also love the Space Station from Star Trek III, IV & VI.
    Wouldn’t it be cool to have in 1:1000?!! I think if you re: release the Adversary set, the Bird of Prey needs to be updated! It was not very accurate, and looks embarrassing compared to the rest of the ships.

  28. cr says:

    I am not sure how to show the defiant because to me it looked
    like it was different sizes depending where it was when near
    the station.

    Its great that other people who have and want 1/2500 scale kits get to voice their input.

    I guessing that it is a price/profit margin thing where the
    molds for smaller kits don’t cost that much but I am not interested in this scale.


  29. Starslayer says:


    I think more ships need to be done in both 2500 and 1000 scale

    Romulan BOP

    And that’s just a start

  30. R23 says:

    It really depends on what the real scale of the station is and whether its just being re-released or re-tooled slightly.

    I would like the Defiant to be in scale with the station (even if 1/3700) and definitely have DS9 molded in clear plastic because I light every kit I buy and it would make it much easier to mask over windows than drill hundreds of tiny holes. Would you be able to include decals and window masks with that kit for the price point?

    If the station is going to re done in 1/2500 then you could release some typical DS9 ships which would be docked to go with it like Cardassian, Bajoran and Ferengi ships. You could also do a mini Voyager.

  31. Shabo451 says:

    Would love to see all three ships from the Adversary kit rereleased (KBOP, Ferengi Marauder and Romulan Warbird). As for new ships:


    As with others, I’d much prefer the 1:1000 scale of these (at least Reliant, Excelsior and K’tinga).

    I did notice on the K-7 and Romulan BOP boxes that the Galileo is listed as “returning soon”-can’t wait to see that one.

  32. Zakuformer says:

    IMHO, 1/2500th is a great scale to explore. N/M conflicting reports of scale with the DS9 (I tend to think they show it as being too big in the series anyways), the DS9 could always be fitted with small tubes (by the modeler) for easy “plug-in” docking for 1/2500th scale ships fromt he TNG/DS9 era!

    In 1/2500th scale;
    DS9 Defiant
    Intrepid Class
    Nebula Class (with options to build the variants)
    Constellation (Stargazer) Class
    TOS Romulan BOP
    TOS Klingon Cruiser
    Klingon Vor’cha
    Cardassian Galor
    NX-01 Enterprise (to round out the Cadet series)
    Botany Bay

    Also, put me in the clear category. I already have 2 of the older DS9 kits. Having an option to light it without drilling a gazillion/bajillion holes would be awesome!

    As for the Adversary set, those would be a welcome return! Although the Bird of Prey in that set needs some more accurate engine parts and gap-filling parts for the wing baffles, it’s still one of my favorite kits I’ve ever built! And the Ferengi ship was well done, I think, so that one would be cool to see again!


  33. cf101b_voodoo says:

    I would love love to see the 1/1000 scale line continued, but time and money constraints what they are I understand wanting to go with more 1/2500 scale ships instead. I really like the idea of releasing DS9, especially in clear for those who want to light it, those who don’t can always prime it. I would include a defiant with it as they were almost always seen together on screen, and it would give the kit a little more cache. Keep up the good work!

  34. phicks says:

    After 19 posts, the votes are:

    Voyager – 11
    Reliant – 10
    Defiant – 8
    Ktinga – 8
    Klingon D7 – 7
    Romulan BOP – 7
    Klingon BOP – 6
    Grisson – 4
    Stargazer – 3
    Excelsior – 3

    Don’t the Klingon D7 and Romulan BOP from TOS already exist in 1/2500 from the AMT “Space Ship Set”?

  35. 67firebird says:

    Never was a fan of the 1/2500 scale but maybe you guys can change that with some better quality kits than previous offerings from the old guard. In the 1/2500 scale:

    Romulan Warbird (TNG)

  36. SpacetigerHobbes says:

    Generally, despite a big investment in 1/2500, I’m getting out due to eyesight and the impression that the level of detail commonly expected is oversized beyond plausibly believable.
    1/1000 is my new 1/2500, and it’s a scale that R2 has endorsed with its products. I’d like to see: a TOS Romulan BoP, STMP K’tinga, Klingon BoP, Grissom/Oberth, Reliant, DS9 Defiant, Voyager, other alien ships from “Enterprise” STNG Enterprise D, Romulan Warbird, Ferengi ship, Cardassian Galor, Klingon Vorcha. Basically the canon ships.
    I understand the issues with the Adversary Set’s BoP but that engine badly needs correction.

  37. JohnE says:

    Just a question, but any update on the 1701 Club info and the T-Shirts?

    Thanks Jamie!

  38. JamieH says:

    Wow! 37 responses so far. Keep ’em coming guys. Keep in mind that by asking for input on the 1:2500 ships, we aren’t forgetting or abandoning the 1:1000 line. We are just trying to keep our entire line balanced. After a few 1:2500 kits, I’m sure more in the 1:1000 scale would be our first consideration.

    1701 CLUB update- The first update is written and ready to go. I’m just waiting for the licensor to review it. I had hoped it would go out this week but it looks more like next week. Keep your eyes pealed. It is coming. Similar story with the shirts. The holdup has been that we didn’t want to just send them out in plain brown boxes or envelopes. I’d be really stunned if they do no ship out next week.

    Also, if you’ve seen our latest newsletter, you have probably checked out the first part of our Wonderfest video. Parts 2-4 may be posted as soon as today.

  39. ModelMan says:

    Glad to hear that about the 1k line, Jamie! As echoed, 2.5k is just too small for my vision to build and aesthetically too small for me to appreciate the design subtleties when built.

    For me, the 1k ships are probably obvious; the RBoP to finish off the TOS trio, then Reliant and Excelsior to finish off the film trio (not to forget Grissom! (Regula I, anyone?)), then take care of TNG, DS9, Voy and that other show with any other film ships strewn in where they fit.

    I’d like to see the older stuff first as they’ve been standing in line far longer than the newer stuff. But maybe the newer designs have more immediate following and potential for profit turn around.

    A new tooling of Galileo is essential and as mentioned, other shuttles in the same scale (1/35?) would be a fantastic idea! I think the TOS Bridge is already that same scale and seeing other Bridges in that scale would be very cool. A Transporter room and Engine Room would be freaking sweet (all the common TOS sets).

    Some diorama scenes as mentioned (Kirk and Gorn, Kirk and Tribble pile, Kirk and Keeler, etc) would be a cool idea in Spock scale (1/8th). The trouble with figure kits for me is the faces are usually so bad as to make the entire thing worthless. But I’m sure that’s an artifact from the old days of model making and today’s tech could do far better.

    But really, I just wanna say how great it’s been to have all these old kits back with so much new potential on the horizon!

    Congrats and continued success to Round 2!

    PS.(1/350 Reliant and K’Tinga!)

    PPS. Eagle Transporter repop! 😉

  40. Thanks for all the great work Jamie!!

    Tho I am a bigger fan of the 1000 scale models, there are a lot more display options for 2500 scale. Have you ever considered ever doing 1:2500 theme kits? i.e “Battle in the Mutara Nebula” with a 2500 scale Enterprise kit and Reliant kit with a Mutara Nebula backdrop (like the Tholain Web one or the Drag-U-La). There are other many other 1:2500 Star Trek themes I could think of too:

    -“Stealing the Enterprise” (Enterprise Refit & Excelsior);
    -“Balance of Terror” (TOS Enterprise with a Romulan Bird of Prey);
    -“The Enterprise Incident” (TOS Enterprise with 2 Romulan cruisers);
    -“The J’em Hadar” (Enterprise D [with USS Odyssey decals] and a J’em hadar fighter;

    I think kits kike these would sell like hotcakes. BTW, is a 1:350 scale Reliant being considered? I’ve read the blogs and I know there is a high demand for it.

    Again, thanks for letting me give my opinion!!

  41. talesin says:

    I like the 1/2500 plans for the DS9 and would definately buy it if it included a Defiant.

    As for future 1/2500 sets I would sell them as themed sets like:

    ST Movies – Starfleet – USS Excelsior (w/ NX-2000 variant parts), USS Grissom, USS Reliant (w/ parts to build both the Saratoga & Soyuz).

    ST Adversary Set – TOS Romulan Bird of Prey, Klingon D-7 (w/ Romulan Markings) Movie Klingon D-7 and Kronos 1.

    ST TNG Set – USS Stargazer, Klingon Bird of Prey, Romulan Scout and Ferengi Maurader.

    ST DS9 Set – Jem Hadar Ship, Cardassian Galor Class & Keldon Ships.

    ST Voy Set – USS Voyager, USS Equinox, USS Relativity & Dauntless (w/ NX-01A Markings).

    ST Ent Set 1 – NX-01, USS Intrepid & earth delta starship ( all with mirror universe markings.

    ST Ent Set 2 – Klingon BOP, Klingon D-5 & Romulan BOP.

    Of course there’s all the bigger ships that everyone mentioned that can be made as kits on their own.

  42. ssquibb79 says:

    I would like to see a 2500 Defiant included with DS9 so it will go along with the other cadet series ships. Ill echo what the others have said, and say that an Excelsior, Reliant(and the many variants) Voyager would make great additions. Also a klingon set with the D-7/Ktinga, Vorcha, and BOP would be great!.

    As far as the Adversary Kit set goes i would rather see a new tool for a 2500 Warbird be done. It would be big enough for the larger size model guys as well as staying consistint with the 2500 scale as well

  43. psytce says:

    Two Words: Voyager, Defiant ….

    Will take 1/2500th …. would rather see them in 1/1000th

  44. Alpha8 says:

    1/2500 is a great scale to produce all those capital ships from TNG and DS9 era:

    1. Nebula class (with different add on parts)
    2. New advesary set: Vorcha, Galor, Jem Hedar capital ship
    4. Class of 96 ships sold as a 3 pack
    5. “All Good Things” version of the 1701-D with Pasteur and Neg’Var 3 pack

    5. Here’s a curve ball: Regula I with a Reliant


    1. Grissom
    2. Reliant
    3. Excelsior
    4. Probert version of the Ambassador Class (unlikely, I know)

  45. Starslayer says:


    The 3-ship sets of the TOS-E, the D7 and the Rom BOP are stated at 1:1600 scale – so no, we don’t have mass produced 2500-scale in the D-7 and BOP

  46. jasonius says:

    Almost everything I have is in 1/2500. If you make it I’ll buy it. If you repop something in clear I’ll buy it again (cough 1/2500 Enterprise D cough).

    That being said I’d still like to give a few suggestions

    **Breen Ship** (you know the one that popped the Defiant?) It’s a really cool ship, with all it’s paneling detail and asymmetry, and no one has EVER done it. Fairly small too, so it’s feasible for what you’re going for.

    I’d love a clear 1/2500 Defiant. Don’t make it in scale with the station, the scale of DS9 was all over the place during the series anyway. If you must, rework the station so that it’s corrected to 1/2500 and include all the photon launchers seen in “Way of the Warrior”.

    More small ships , you say? How about a Cardassian **Hideki class**? Simple, small, and isn’t available. I’d buy several of these, by the way.

    Other smallish classes?
    Nebula (it isn’t small but it’s already halfway done with the Galaxy class)
    D7 or K’tinga
    Olympic (please please please)
    Can’t think of much else I’d like to see, but like I said if it’s in 1/2500 I’ll buy it.

  47. derric1968 says:

    OK, I’m late to the party, but I’ve been busy! Anyway, here’s my two cents:

    As much as I love DS9 (seasons 3-7 to be exact) and as much as I love Trek kits in general, I’ve never been moved to purchase a DS9 station kit. So, I can’t offer much of an opinion there.

    As for the Adversary set, well, I was excited about it when it originally came out. However, when I look at in now, I’m …. less excited, to put it kindly. The Bird of Prey and Marauder look a bit too toy-like to my more mature and discerning eyes. The Warbird, the best of the three ships, has it’s own laundry list of issues, as others have pointed out, so I wont reiterate them. So, if the Bird of Prey and Marauder were packaged with something new and cool, I *might* pick up the set. Otherwise, they’ll be a pass for me.

    Now, in reagards to the idea of expanding the Cadet Series, I’m actually a bit intrigued and excited. I’ll agree with others in saying that I would prefer slightly larger kits, like you’re 1/1000 Enterprises. For me, those size kits are perfect! On the other hand, I see the Cadet Series and the 1/2500 scale as being the perfect opportunity to do ships you might not otherwise do at a larger scale. The Grissom, the Stargazer, and a Nebula class ship like the Sutherland would all be prefect choices! As would the Pasteur from TNG’s finale, the Daedalus, the Prometheus and Dauntless from Voyager, and all the ships from the Borg battle in Star Trek: Insurrection. As for adversaries, the first thing that pops into my head are those cool new Romulan ships from Star Trek: Nemesis. Bad movie, very cool Romulan ships!!! The Klingon Negh’Var class ship would be fantastic! I always loved that ship design. I also think that the Romulan Bird of Prey and Klingon Raptor from Enterprise would be great choices. In fact the Bird of Prey, Raptor and NX-01 would make a great set! I suppose we also can’t forget the Vulcan Ring ship either.

    Of course, the Excelsior, Reliant, Voyager, Klingon D-7, K’ting, Vor’cha, Bird of Prey, and Romulan Bird of Prey are all fine choices, but I’d certainly be more excited about seeing ships that have never been done in styrene before. Oh, and one last request. If you are going to do more Cadet Series kits, please put a little more thought into the design and layout of the decals. I LOVE the decals for the re-issues, as they add a lot of much needed detail to the kits. However, the way they were designed/set-up, they would work best on a ship with a completely smooth surface and absolutely no surface detail. But as you know, there were some bumps and valleys, so the fit of the decals could be tricky at times.

    Otherwise, an expansion of the Cadet Series gets my vote for a green light!

  48. Orion says:


    First off I’ve got to say I’ve loved both the 1:1000 scale new tools as well as the 1:2500 repops, I love the idea of the 1:350 models but I just don’t have the space for them or the time to detail them out the way a model of that size really should be done.

    I would love to have a 1:1000 scale Defiant, especially as that scale works really nicely for display and the old AMT (randomly scaled) version is pretty innacurracte and cheaply made. I know I’m in a minority here amongst most trek ship fans but I loved the design of the Defiant, I thought it was a nice way to get away from the more classic design that has been rehashed and redone throughout the series (in some cases not successfully).

    As far as the 2500 scale ships, it would be more preferable to have Defiant in line with those than in line with the random 3700 scale that may be the scale of the station. Since at 2500 it’s not a particularly large ship releasing it as part of a 3 pack of next-gen era ships would probably be the best way to go (maybe combined with Voyager and Akira or a Nebula class) in addition to adding it into the DS9 package (I already have the old AMT DS9 and it isn’t high on my list to rebuy)

    I also like the idea or re-releasing the old adversary kit, with the caveat that the old bird of prey was horrible in its innaccuracies and if possible should be tweaked, especially in the main body. I also liked the other suggestions about releasing Cardassian and Jem-Hadar ships as well.

    Those are my thoughts for now, would love to see a new and improved Defiant see the light of day, whether at 2500 or 1000 scale!! Keep up the great releases!

  49. jun_cu says:

    Would like kits in 1/1000:
    An accurate K’t’inga Class Battle Cruiser not Qonos One of ST:VI
    Oberth Class
    Miranda Class
    Constellation Class(Stargazer)
    Klingon Bird of Prey
    Romulan Bird of Prey

    In 1/1400:
    Akira Class and other Starships seen in ST:First Contact
    An accurate Excelsior Class
    An accurate Excelsior Class Refit

    In 1/2500:
    An accurate Romulan Warbird D’deridex Class or in scale with your re-release of DS9
    An accurate Romulan Warbird Valdore or in scale with Enterprise-E 1/1400


  50. sad0676 says:

    I must say (even if it’s sharing too much) that when I read about the possibility of the DS9 kit being re-released in clear I think I peed a little. I was always disappointed that all I ever managed to light on my old model was the reactor “dingus.”

    As far as a mini Defiant for the kit, I’d say go with 1/3300, and include an option to permanently have it built as “docked” at the station. Even mold it in clear as well, for the super-detail nuts who want to put an LED or two inside it.

    For new 1/2500 kits, I wouldn’t mind seeing some of the larger alien ships done at this scale, like the Negh’Var, Jem’Hadar Battleship, or especially the Romulan Warbird. Some of the rarer Fed ships like the Akira, Nebula, or Steamrunner would work well too.

    At the risk of sounding too greedy, I’m also hoping for re-pops of the larger Defiant “snap” kit (this time with clear parts for lighting), the Excelsior, and the Galor and Vor’cha kits.

  51. fortress says:

    Well for my two cents I would have to say that some of these
    ideas are practical consindering the current economy so with
    that in mind here we go;

    Klingon Bird of prey 1/2500 scale from the old advisary set
    “Good idea just needs to be re-tooled, original lacked detail
    and looked more like a toy than a model kit. Please keep the
    movable wings”. The Ferengi ship, sure why not.

    DS9 Space Station clear
    “Cool idea should come with mini U.S.S.Defiant to scale”.

    Personal Suggestions

    Klingon Battle Cruiser Movie Version 1/2500
    Nebula Class Satrship 1/2500
    Obeth Class Satrship 1/2500
    Constellation Class 1/2500 ( U.S.S. Stargazer)

    DS9 Runabout Re-released with full interior
    ‘Kit was big enough to have that featured should have been done”.

    TOS Galileo shuttlecraft Re-release
    “Original kit was way off needs a Round 2 makeover Baaaaad”.

    Nebula Class Starship
    “One of my favorite ST ships and a subject that can have different configurations like the DS9 Runabout”.

    Early klingon Bird of Prey
    “Was seen often in “Enterprise” is a fan favorite and would
    go well with your NX-01 1/1000 Scale kit.

    On a final note I would have to say that I would like to
    see a new bridge kit, we have the 1701 how about the 1701-A
    or th 1701-E, would go in good step with the soon to be
    released 1/350 1701.

  52. Opus_Penguin says:

    Also any chance of offering the 1/1000 line in clear to allow for easier lighting? Maybe make it an exclusive or something? If not, at least allow for clear window inserts?

  53. phicks says:

    An update on the voting after 5o posts:

    Voyager – 22
    Reliant – 21
    Defiant – 19
    Ktinga – 17
    Klingon D7 – 15
    Romulan BOP – 13
    Klingon BOP – 11
    Grissom – 10
    Nebula – 10
    Excelsior – 10

  54. Rocketfin says:

    I think the DS9 Runabout is ok in the scale it was originally issued by AMT. But I do think it could use an interior. I always thought that was a downside to the kit, though everything else about it was fine.

    I do prefer anything TOS over any other Trek stuff though. So kits of that nature will appeal to me more personally.

    An updated Galileo shuttle would be welcome, if if the original AMT kit was used and altered. (just to save tooling costs).

    I wonder if a new tool (TOS) scale shuttle bay, with a small shuttle, would be worthy doing? Sort of small diorama.

    AMT did the bridge kit, I always wondered if a model of Engineering would be a good kit to compliment that one?

  55. langleymike says:

    Can I just say, “all of the above?”

  56. JamieH says:

    Phicks- Thanks for counting those up for me. 🙂

  57. JamieH says:

    No one ha mentioned the NX-01. No love for that ship? Just asking.

  58. Bats says:

    Here’s a thought…why not start a purely Star Trek section of the web site? A place where all the Star Trek stuff and all the discussion about Star Trek can take place? Of course that will reduce the rest of this website by over half!

    Seriously, I have nothing against the Trek fans getting what they want and I used to have nothing against Trek itself but this is getting rediculous.

    Trek permeates nearly every page of this website like kudzu. The extras pages, the workbench pages…this website is over half Star Trek and it makes the other modelers feel put out the door. If Mr. Lowe wanted an all star Trek modeling company he should have built it that way.

    Why not ask the car modelers and figure modelers for suggestions? Even these blog pages are overflowing with Trek this and Trek that. AGAIN: I have nothing against any modeler getting what he wants out of a kit company but for petes sake give the other guy a chance!

  59. robert_taylor says:


    I love the NX. I wanted to build my own version of the Enterprise Lounge wall by having all the Enterprises in 1/2500 so I bought a resin version and sprayed it gold. It looks the business but it is a bit small!

    Personally, I love both 1/2500 and 1/1000. The smaller scale gives you guys the opportunity to release just about every ship seen on screen, the larger gives us model makers some great ships in really good detail.

    My choices:

    Borg Cube
    Miranda Class (with Variants)
    Nebula Class (with Variants)
    Akira Class (I want to build a USS Thunderchild!)
    SS Botany Bay
    All Good Things Enterprise D

    Nebula Class
    Akira Class

    If you do decide to repop the DS9 runabout, how about producing both the TOS shuttlecraft and the Voyage Delta Flyer in the same scale?

    I do love 1/350 scale. I bought 4 NX-01’s and 3 Refits when the first came out and another Refit when Round 2 reissued it. I will buy at least 2 or 3 TOS E’s when they come out – I’m just not looking forward to the shipping costs and import duties when they get here to the UK! Keep up the good work guys, I really appreciate all you are doing.

  60. fortress says:

    well you could do a 4-in one desk set 1/2500 scale with
    the NX-01 and the following “ENTERPRISE” ships;

    The Xindi Ship

    The Vulcan D’Kyr-Class

    Klingon Early Bird Of Prey


    Early Romulan Bird Of Prey

    That would be an fine homage to the previous Trek Desk set offerings.


  61. fortress says:

    Also Glow Trek kits!!! That was a neat idea with the 1701 kit, very cool, Now how about MORE! I think that there are a few
    other subjects that would do well as a Glow kit for example;

    origianl KLingon Battle Cruiser(Green Cloak effect)
    Original Romulan Bird Of Prey(Blue Cloak effect)
    klingon Bird Of Prey (Green Cloak Effect)
    U.S.S. Defiant(Blue Cloaking Effect)

    Well that’s my 20 cents worth anyway.

  62. derric1968 says:

    “No one ha mentioned the NX-01. No love for that ship?”

    Jaime, you must have missed them. Buried in the sea of wish lists were a few mentions of the NX-01. I know I mentioned it in my response (#47). My suggestion was for a 1/2500 scale set of ships from the Enterprise show – Klingon Raptor, Romulan Bird of Prey and NX-01.

    And yes, the Romulan Bird of Prey in Enterprise looked like it belonged in the Next Generation era, but it was such a cool ship!!!

    Anyway, there is some love for the NX-01. Not a lot, but some.

  63. JohnE says:

    You could always re-issue the 1/350 NX-01.

    Also the NX in 2500 scale would be nice to add to the fleet of other 2500 ships. Maybe a 3 piece set with the Enterprise, Vulcan Ring Ship, and an Andorian cruiser.

    I love trek, but we need some bad guy/alien ships to compliment the Federation kits.

    Heres an idea:

    You could make some square pieces with what looks like tubing and armor plating maybe around 4″x4″ and sell them individually or a pack in with models and you could build a borg cube as large or as small as you want connecting the squares together.

  64. jamesironwolf says:

    I agree with others , the larger ships would be good for 2500.
    the Negh’var, Warbird, star destoryer , battlestar.
    smaller ships in 2500 might be good in a combo pack like was done with
    the 1701 , 1701A, and 1701B. maybe a dominion was small pack?
    it could have the Defiant , KBoP, and Jem’hadar attack ship?
    just an idea. As to the DS9 kit , yes it’s a bit off scale but it still looks
    nice with my 2500 ships as does my 4100 battlestar. thought i would rather have them all in the same scale. a thought on the DS9 kit could the phaser
    and torpedo pods be added as optional parts? as the station was rearmed for the dominion war later in the series.

  65. klingon1 says:

    I’ve read this article again. And I think as well as the Defiant being a 1,2500 scale I think there should be one in scale With the station.

  66. jaws62666 says:

    Jamie, just got the 1701 Club update. Very nice. does this mean that our shirts are not too far behind?

  67. The G says:


    I agree with “fortress” & “robert_taylor” & “derric 1968” & “JohnE” that I am a fan of the NX-01 & would ideally like to see a re-release of the NX-01 1:350 scale.

    I would also like to see a vulcan ring ship and early klingong bird of prey in the 1:1000. I just think that in 1:2500 scale the NX era ships would be too small to work with & an incredible strain on the eyes. The 1:1000 already has the NX at only 9 inches.

    So there is some love for the NX era of models (especially since no one has ever really addressed that era with models before).

  68. BatToys says:

    Jamie, the 1701 report was fascinating. Where is the appropiate place to post comments for the 1701 Club? Is it email?

  69. JamieH says:

    jaws- not too far behind. I’m starting to sound like a broken record but hopefully next week. Sorry but it is out of my hands at this point.

    BatToys- You can send comments to our contact form on our website.

  70. msspurlock says:

    I’d like a TOS Galileo shuttlecraft, but I think it needs to be an all new tooling. The old one is just too far off and small. Production cost-wise, it’s a thin shell, so not much plastic or many parts involved, and a larger kit would make a great display piece.

  71. kehrer1701 says:

    It might be nice to see a “Franz Joseph” series models. ADB used those as a starting point for the Star Fleet Battles game, minatures, and games since then. There is also a “Star Trek Technical Manual” based on those ships: Dreadnought, Heavy Cruiser (aka Constitution Class), Destroyer, Scout, and Transport. I know it’s not an official Trek starship series seen on screen, but they are nice designs. Other than that, I would like to see:

    USS Defiant (DS9)
    USS Voyager (ST: Voyager TV)
    Constellation (ST:TNG era)
    Enterprise-D (not molded clear)

  72. kehrer1701 says:

    oh yes, and a larger NX-01

  73. modeller Ed says:

    I agree with msspurlock, an accurate Galileo shuttle would be fantastic – and well overdue (I’m sure you guys are working on that one).

    I’m a big fan of all the shuttles from every incarnation of Star Trek. How about a Cadet Series sized triple pack with TOS, Movie and Next Gen Galileos? Or how about Klingon, Romulan and Cardassian? DS9, Voyager and NX-01?

    Lots of room here for buying multiple kits to be customised especially with an extensive decal sheet.

  74. justinleighty says:

    Here’s my vote for 1/2500 releases:
    * A pack with the Reliant (and options to build the variants), Grissom and Excelsior (options to build both)

    * A pack with NX-01, Andorian Cruiser and Vulcan D’Kyr

    * A pack with Voyager, Stargazer and Defiant

    * A pack with an accurized Klingon Bird of Prey, Klingon D-7, Klingon K’Tinga (with decals for both versions) and the Romulan Bird of Prey

    As individual 1/2500 kits:
    * Romulan Warbird
    * Romulan Valdore
    * Nebula class with variants

    On DS9, the clear kit is a neat idea. I have no idea which scale to use to include the Defiant, though for simplicity you could use the same one from a Cadet Serues pack.

  75. Zakuformer says:

    I like Modeller Ed’s suggestion about “Cadet Series” shuttle craft. Would those be 1/72nd? I think those would be neat! Who says Cadet Series have to be 1/2500 ships? 😉


  76. kehrer1701 says:

    Just thought of a ship that looked really cool from the Voyager series, the Federation Starship/Timeship Relativity:

  77. kehrer1701 says:

    further expanding….I would also like to see either a 3pack cadet series or full model kits, an Enterprise-J (from one of the ST: Enterprise TV show flash forward scenes), the Enterprise-D Dreadnought (the one with 3 warp nacelles from the last TNG episode), and the Federation Timeship Relatvity (from ST: Voyager series). Mabye this could be a “far future” series or “alternate ship verisons” series.

  78. siderius says:

    August 15, 2011 at 3:17 pm

    I personally would enjoy seeing the Polar Lights 1/1000th starship line expanded. My biggest complaint with model starships is the varying scales which they come in, no constant scale is available. I believe the 1/1000 scale solves that problem.

    I’ve built the original Constitution class, as the Constellation, plus the Klingon D-7 class of starship. I think a Reliant to go with the 1/1000 scale Constitution refit which has recently been released would be great. An original Romulan Bird of Prey would round out the previous original series ships released. Hope to see this happen. I enjoy the detail and ease of construction of your Polar Lights kits. Thanks, Russell

  79. Usagiman says:

    Dear JamieH

    Personally, i don’t like the cadet series, and some suggested starships are too small for my taste…

    I need more 1:1400 kits for my TNG/DS9/Voyager era starfleet collection…

    I think that the 1:1400 is good for the big TNG/DS9/Voyager era Starships and the 1:1000 is good for the Enterprise/TOS/TMP era starships

    I suggest for the 1:1000 line

    Oberth Class (Grissom)
    U.S.S. Kelvin (Star Trek 2009)
    Miranda Class (Not The Reliant, maybe The Saratoga)
    Surak Class (Ring Ship from Enterprise)
    Andorian Kumari Ship.

    And if is possible to expand the 1:1400 line…

    Romulan Valdore (Star Trek: Nemesis) (Please!!!!)
    Akira Class
    Steamrunner Class
    Luna Class (U. S. S. Titan)
    Nebula Class (U. S. S. Farragut, as seen on Star Trek: Generations)

    And.. What about a Shuttle series? a line of 1:72, 1:32 or 1:24 shuttles, with all the Shuttles Types, The Galileos, The Delta Flyer, the Shuttlepod from Enterprise, The Argo, The Captain’s Yacht and the Federation Scoutship (As seen on Star Trek: Insurrection).

    About the re-issued items…

    I need a accurate re-issue of the k’tinga.

    If you made a larger kit every six month, i don’t have problems to buy it.

    And a last question…

    I’m from Chile… In the 2010’s earthquake, all my models falls down, i need repair my amt’s Excelsior and Defiant, for that purpose will be get new decal sheets for both to re-paint the ships… can you provide me that? how much it’s cost?

    Thanks for read me… I have all your (No Cadet Series) kits… And I love my 1:350 Enterprises (NX-01 and NCC-1701 refit)

    PS: Sorry if i have errors in my comments, my native lenguaje is Spanish.

  80. JamieH says:

    Hi Usagiman- You write English quite well. Thanks for your suggestions.

    I don’t know if we will make more kits at 1:1400 scale. We will likely concentrate on the 1:2500, 1:1000 and (hopefully) 1:350 scales.

    Unfortunately, we don’t have artwork in our system for any kit that does not have a Round 2 logo on it. We may bring those kits back in the future at some point.

  81. SweetZombieJesus says:

    I’d like to see a “generations” kit(s) for the main adversaries.

    I’ve thought about finding an old Adversary kit (or waiting for the new one you hint at). But I don’t really care about the Ferengi.

    A true 1:2500 DS9 with a 1:2500 Defiant would be cool.

    I’d also like to see a 1:2500 NX-01 and a 1:2500 Voyager work their way in. Maybe a 3-piece kit of NX-01, Voyager, and Defiant?

    I’m disappointed about the death of the JJprise 1:2500 kit — just to complete the Enterprise collection.

    Back to the adversaries — for Klingons, how about the classic bird of prey and a few generations of battle cruisers. For Romulans, there’s the gigantic TNG era warbird and then the TNG movie era cruisers, the classic warbird, and I’m sure I’m missing some, and revoke my nerd card for not remembering the actual class names 😉

    Also I bought the new cadet kits for all the Enterprise iterations and luckily I still have the stands from my previous attempts at the older kits — how exactly are people displaying the kits without them? Anyway, there was a picture in a “Ships of the Line” book that had all the generations of Enterprise docked at a space station (fleet museum?), now THAT is something I’d love to have for all of my 1:2500 models, a display stand they could all be docked around.

  82. SweetZombieJesus says:

    Oh, how could I forget the “All Good Things” Enterprise D?

  83. johnmiic says:

    If you re-pop the DS9 I think you should include a Defiant accurate to that kit. Separately you could do a Defiant in 1/1000 or 1/2500.

    If you’re going to do more ships in 1/1000 how about the oft overlooked U.S.S. Grissom? If you’re doing Voyager why not The Equinox too?

    I would also favor a Trek Shuttle series of releases. There are so many different shuttles you could put out. The Travel Pod, Executive shuttle, Spacedock shuttle, Delta Flyer, etc. Would it be possible to release the original concept shuttle design for the classic series?

    I think Rocketfin has a good idea in trying out new Bridge kits and possibly other sets from the ships. A bridge kit for the Movie Enterprise, ST V and on, could have options parts to make it an Enterprise B or Excelsior bridge too. A Motion Picture Bridge could double as a Next Gen Battle Bridge. The Defiant had a very cool bridge design as well. Shuttlebay kits could be popular too.

  84. markd says:

    Any chance of the amt klingon battlecruiser from startrek 6 being released?

  85. digitalwerk says:

    I´m really glad to see that a Deep Space Nine Modelkit is in the works – seems it was the only main kit from the Star Trek Series left. I´m really looking foward to this!

    And of curse the Defaint and some Runabouts (like in the original)

  86. mrwoodchuck61 says:

    Small ships in 1/2500
    Regula Space Station
    Defiant + cloaked version
    Klingon D7
    Klingon BOP done right
    Klingon K’tinga
    Ships from Enterprise Human, Vulcan, Andorian, Klingon and others
    K-7 space station
    Cartoon series USS Bon Adventure and others

    Ask Franz Josephs daughter for a license to do the tech manual classic style ships Destroyer, Scout, Transports, and Dreadnaught these have been coveted by collectors for years and kitbashing and high price resin doesn’t cut it.

    Ask ADB for a license to do SFB’s ships as 1/2500 models getting Kzinti and Gorn ships would be cool as well as some of the variants through all the races. Having those small Klingons to fill out the fleet would be trick.

    As a center piece for the 1/2500 would be a corrected DS-9 in the right scale.

    Then focus on the big ships. You can keep the line running for a long time in this manner.

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