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May 2024

AMT Model Kits: Garage Accessory Series Set #3

posted by JamieH 10:00 AM
Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Continuing a series of articles that take a look at some upcoming sets of 1/25 scale garage accessories…

We don’t want to make the same mistake for our third release as we did with the first two. Release #3 is scheduled for a Q2 2019 release, but the mockup has already been completed and we should have test shots soon. Here is a sneak peek at our mockup for this uplifting release. (see what I did there?)

As you can see it will be a 9′ service lift. It includes a figure with an impact wrench. The arms of the lift are articulated and they can be set at any height.

6 Responses to “AMT Model Kits: Garage Accessory Series Set #3”

  1. I already did a preorder with MODELROUNDUP FOR THE #1set & will be doing it for the #2&#3 set’s as well . here is a thought how about the hard top & soft top of the 1959 & 1960 BUICK IVECTAS THAT MAY BE MISS SPELLED BUT YOU KNOW WITCH ONES I AM ASKEN ABOUT ALSO SOME MORE OLD STATION WAGONS .CHEVY-FORD-BUICK-OLDS FROM THE30’S TO THE 60’S-70’S LOOKEN TO GET THE 1960 CHEVY P/U W/GOKART YEAH THATS A SWEET SET UP .

  2. Trevor Ursulescu says:

    That’s really uplifting!

  3. Rick Grant says:

    For me – it’s disappointing….. the “garage diorama” is as exiting as seeing another 57 Chev – it has been done to death – It is predictable & boring. Too bad round 2 didn’t put the effort into a fresh idea – perhaps both vintage (70’s style ) & newer Car Show diorama kit series – various stanchions, new trophies, vendor booths, display bases, etc. THIS – is more of the same overdone glop.

    • JamieH says:

      There are a ton of ideas we would like to pursue with this line. We’ll see what the future holds. We want to see how these first three do before we dig a little deeper.

  4. Peter Hicks says:

    Jamie – An R2 sales display was sighted at a Walmart :

    Is this a one off for market research, or will these be popping up at Walmarts across the US? Canada?

    • JamieH says:

      It was a kind of limited edition. We made 275 pallets available and it was up to individual stores to order a pallet. So it is hard to say how they worked out geographically.

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