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July 2024

Sneak Peek! AMT Double Dirt Bikes • 1/25 Parts Pack

posted by JohnG 4:45 PM
Friday, March 11, 2016

Here’s a quick photo, sent by our production facility. It’s a pre-production sample of the upcoming AMT “Double Dirt Bikes” parts pack. (AMTPP014/24, June release.) It features a pair of 1/25 scale motorcycles which originated in certain MPC Dodge Pickup and Van kits during the 1970s. While under normal circumstances, I really try to avoid re-branding items, all our parts packs thus far have been done under AMT. So I followed suit on this one.


The production parts will be molded in silver, making it easy to build these without the need for a lot of painting, if desired. The die-cut viewing window of the packaging will be slightly different and the custom PVC blister that holds the parts will be black. Overall, final presentation will be greatly improved!

The parts build into nice looking replicas for the scale. Now you won’t have to scrounge parts or pilfer vintage kits to enhance your next diorama or custom off-road build project with a sidekick dirt bike!


Grab the glue, it’s all you…

11 Responses to “Sneak Peek! AMT Double Dirt Bikes • 1/25 Parts Pack”

  1. Chuck says:

    Count on me getting an alarmingly high number of these once available.

  2. James G says:

    Just Wondering if you guys Are going to do a four wheeler or other off road vehicles

    • JohnG says:

      As we continue to assess what tooling and inserts we have, there could be other vintage kits of the off road genre reissued. No plans to tool a four wheeler.

  3. John Swann says:

    This is great! Have an idea for bikes in a diorama, but I do not want to rob a sealed kit. Thanks for doing this for us builders!! Keep up the great work!

  4. Todd Sargis says:

    Like what John said, this is a great way to get 2 way cool dirt bikes without raiding them from some vintage kits or trying to piece them together from parts. Another BIG THANK YOU!!!!

  5. Jo says:

    Great to see these returning. Must pick some of these up.

  6. Gary Dee says:

    Wonderful return to some cool products !! May I suggest another – the snowmobile package that came with certain pick-up kits?

  7. Mark P. says:

    This is a great idea. Glad to see that they will be back out. Maybe the Rupp mini bikes from the MPC annuals would come back……..

  8. Walter J Tuss. Jr says:

    What are the chances of finding if the Go-cart will be brought back? I would love to see it come out.

  9. Gary Tanck says:

    it’s great that there will FINALLY be some 1:25 scale motor cycles, but have you thought about doing the same thing with the “Chopper” that came with the Monte Carlo car kit (also MPC)? Because just like you said John, I have been thinking about “pilfering” my original VINTAGE “golden wheels” kit that I have had since childhood, JUST so I can build it. I suppose right after I DO take it out of the ‘vintage collector item”, THEN you guys will come out with it…

    Gary Tanck
    (GTClassicPlastic on google+)

  10. dexter B says:

    hello. great work on the 1/25 dirt bikes. Our club and others we have talked to at model shows would like to see the old Revell 1/25 BSA,Triumph,Honda , Harley kits as well. Thanks and stay safe.

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