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July 2024

Lindberg Model kits: Mystery Sword Tool

posted by ChrisP 11:10 AM
Thursday, March 3, 2016

As we dive deeper in to the Lindberg/Hawk tooling collection there is occasional a tool that we can find no information on.  This one is stumping me more than normal.  We have a MYSTERY SWORD!

Lindberg Model kits - Mystery Sword Tool |

At first glance the tool looks like one of the 1:1 gun kits from Pyro (also released by Life-Like).  Part of it looked like a rifle barrel however the gunstock was missing.  Test shots revealed that it was a sword.  It is very decorative with an eagle-shaped pommel, armor on the chape, a knight and lion head on the scabbard, a knight and axes on one side of the cross-guard, and an AOUW Shield on the other.  There are several places where gems would attach.  So far in our research I have found Lindberg and Hawk kits previously released under O-lin, Pyro, Life-Like, Eagle/Eaglewall, Palmer, IMC, and a few others.  I can not find any sword model kits release under Lindberg or any of those brands.

While I have not found any evidence of the model being released as a kit I have found the real life sword it was patterned after.  And here.  The AOUW on the cross-guard is for the Ancient Order of United Workmen, a fraternal organization founded by John Jordan Upchurch, a Mason, after the Civil War in 1868.  Swords like this would have be used during ceremonies and given to a member of the society often with his name scribed on the blade.  This info, while interesting, has not help me track down the origin of the kit.  So I call out to you, modellers, and your vast knowledge of vintage kits.  If this seems familiar or you know any of its history, let us know in the comments.

Lindberg Model kits - Mystery Sword Tool |

Lindberg Model kits - Mystery Sword Tool |

Lindberg Model kits - Mystery Sword Tool |


UPDATE 3/4/2016

Thanks to Craig Bennett for this.  The sword was released as Palmer Jeweled Renaissance Sword & Scabbard.  I am not sure what year.  The box design is done in the style of some of the cannons.  I found this small image.

Palmer Jeweled Renaissance Sword and Scabbard

6 Responses to “Lindberg Model kits: Mystery Sword Tool”

  1. Craig Bennett says:

    I don’t have a clear answer on this question,but I have the The Collectors Value Guide
    for Scale Model Plastic Kits 7th edition ,1999 by John Burns .In the listing for Palmer
    is listed 4 kits.
    Ibo Tribal Mask
    Senfu Tribal Mask Visble Frog
    Jeweled Renaaissance Sword and Scrabbard .
    Perhaps Lindberg/Hawk bought the molds after Palmer went out of business and did a test shot and decided not to produce it.

    Craig Bennett

  2. randy koger says:

    Re-release it!
    Cool kit!

  3. John Verbeek says:

    Very neat.
    I don’t know if you have the tooling for the Studebaker Champ pickup that Palmer did? Or maybe Premier’s 60’s car kits? Thanks!

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