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July 2024

AMT Modern Muscle Car Madness!

posted by Ken Holewczynski 11:17 AM
Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Look what arrived at our offices: First test shots of our newly-tooled AMT 2016 Chevy Camaro SS. There’s still plenty to be done before it’s release, but for now we’re reviewing the test shots for fit and other factors to make sure the final kit is great!


7 Responses to “AMT Modern Muscle Car Madness!”

  1. James G says:

    this question is a little of topic. Are you guys going to do a dodge Charger/Challenger Hell Cat or Old/New NSX Daul kit

  2. spock62 says:

    Looking forward to this kit. Great news for those of us that want new-tool, detailed kits of modern sports cars. Especially since it looks like this is not a curbside kit. Will the windows have engraved outlines for the black areas? Trying to do it from scratch is a bit of a pain. Are you also considering other 2016 cars (Mustang, Corvette, etc.) to produce. Also, it would be nice if options were given, or other releases considered, for different versions of the Camaro (turbo four, six cylinder).

    • The windows will be pre-painted with the black trim, so that will make your build easier. We currently don’t have other totally new kits in the pipeline, but we are considering some optional versions for the 2106 Camaro.

  3. Richard says:

    Looks great. Is this a curbside kit? ‘Cause I actually love curbside kits.

  4. Gary Tanck says:

    I’m just wondering ‘who’ is designing these kits these days; I don’t figure Round 2 is doing it, it sounds like you guys just produce or manufacture kits for the ‘big names’.
    I am asking because I have written MANY times about Heavy-Truck models (“semis” etc) and asking who is the person to talk to about producing NEW kits, either with new tooling or modifying some old kits into others (e.g. the Mack cab into a Brockway Truck). I do NOT get into SF at all; I like to model what I see, and have seen,,, I have built hundreds upon hundreds of cars & trucks and not have just been building heavy-truck models, but I can only build the same truck over n over just so many times and ways – it’s gets old when I can only buy the same truck again. Don’t get me wrong, I am VERY GREATFULL to Round 2 for re-releasing allot of the old semi-truck kits! I feel like I am re-living my childhood by finally being able to purchase kits that I have not been able to for 30 years. I was born in ’71 and that’s when this “Growing Lineup” of super trucks (as amt put it) was first starting, but by ’80 I believe the “growing” just up and STOPPED. Did the designers die? Or what? I AM a designer and have worked a CAD station as a drafter & mechanical designer for over 15 years; and that’s what leads me to my question – CAN YOU PLEASE TELL ME SOME NAMES, PHONE NUMBERS, COMPANIES THAT PRODUCE NEW KITS? Can you PLEASE take the time to answer me this time? I am so serious about wanting to design NEW TOOLING for “classic” semi trucks. I would THINK Round 2 would be ‘excited’ about being able to “GROW” their line up of trucks & trailers instead of just re-releasing the same old thing. Thanks for any kind of help you can give me.

    • JamieH says:

      Though developing new truck kits in the future is a possibility, we don’t have the resources at the moment to give the idea strong consideration. Maybe a few years down the line.

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