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Star Trek: The Original Series Cadet Series 3-ship set

posted by RJ 5:41 PM
Friday, February 1, 2013

This iconic set of three 1:2500 Scale Star Trek models is a great way to pass the
snowy winter days. It includes three mini snap kits, featuring the U.S.S.
along with the newly tooled Romulan Bird-of-Prey and Klingon D7
Battle Cruiser. Molded in silver and green the Romulan Bird-of-Prey and Klingon
D7 Battle Cruiser have never before available at this scale. These simple snap
assembly kits are great for beginners and include detailed decal sheets
featuring all three ships’ markings.


8 Responses to “Star Trek: The Original Series Cadet Series 3-ship set”

  1. Opus_Penguin says:

    Any chance of posting close-ups of each ship? Is the Romulan ship more accurate and based off of Gary Kerr’s designs?

  2. zysurge says:

    Awesome! You’re making a 2500 convert out of me!

  3. Joshua_Vance_Art says:

    Jamie or Meg, can you comment on the plans for the Exploration Set tin and Command Bridge release date? I’m interested in completing my collection of tins of vintage kits.
    Also, it may seem redundant with this release, but there was a smaller three ship set in the 70s, any chance of that being reissued? You guys are doing a wonderful job with the Trek license. Thank you.

  4. ModelMan says:

    Nice to see this edition! Is this the Cadet line? It will be good to get the BoP in 1/1000 next.

    Speaking of 1/1000, how is the 1701 lunchbox going? At WF2011, Gary K. mentioned that the saucer profile was not quite right, a little flat at some point I believe he said. Has the delay been indicitive of a tweak in the design for this and future releases?

  5. spock62 says:

    Another kit I’m looking forward too. It will be nice to get an accurate Romulan BOP.

    Not to get off track, I have a question about one of the paints listed on the TOS 1/350 Enterprise kit. The color listed for the Intercooler accent is Testors MM Canadian Voo Doo Grey 2039. After checking the Testors website, it seems that color is no longer in production. All of the online hobby shops I’ve checked don’t list it either. Can you guys recommend a substitute color that is currently available? Thanks.

  6. kehrer1701 says:

    Is there any chance of seeing a retooled AMT 610 USS Enterprise with similar surface and design updates of the giant scale just released?

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