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May 2023

Space:1999 Model Kits: All-new Hawk update

posted by JamieH 3:18 PM
Thursday, February 22, 2018

I’ve been hip deep in other matters this week, but I wanted to be sure I upheld my promise to show something cool this week. You could skip to the bottom of the post if you want another clue about “what’s in the box,” but you’ll miss a closer look at our new 1:72scale  Space:1999 Hawk kit box art and test shots!

Here is a full view of the Hawk box illustration followed by a closer look at the ship and the illustration placed in the context of our box face layout. The rest of the packaging is still underway.

As with all first test shots, this one DOES have some problems that will get worked out before release. The most noticeable problems are sink marks due to the injection machine not being fully primed for injection. Additionally, there are fit problems with some of the locator pins. Some parts appear to be bent, but straightened out during assembly. Here is a look at the full sprue followed by various looks at the assembled test shot. Don’t mind the mess. These builds are usually hastily assembled glue bombs. Photos of our publicity buildup will be available soon.

And as promised…

22 Responses to “Space:1999 Model Kits: All-new Hawk update”

  1. Mark Belsom says:

    The Hawk looks stunning,can’t wait to get two or three. The parts in the box look like Reliant parts,hmmmm.

  2. Dale Thelander says:

    Who’s stoked? I’M stoked!

  3. Jeff says:

    Oh, that Hawk is a beauty! She’ll go nicely with the Eagle I’ve been reworking in the spirit of the guide you posted here.

  4. Todd Morton says:

    Wow, I’m stoked for this kit. Thank you again Jamie, you’ve really done a fantastic job in the last 3 years for us. 🙂

  5. Barry Toomey says:

    I think one next to my 70’s Airfix kit of the Hawk will be nice to see how they compare

  6. Excellent painting of the Hawk, Jamie. I dig the background scheme and technique. What was the medium?

    • JamieH says:

      Thanks! It is all acrylics. I cheated a few of the straight panel lines with colored pencil before finding a manageable technique to use a brush.

  7. George Belknap says:

    Thanks for the update on the Hawk. Looks amazing, can’t wait for it’s release. Intrigued by the parts box. New Star trek kit? Another 1999 Model? Something else maybe? Look forward to the disclosure.

  8. Dave K says:

    Hmmm…I see lots of ships in that blurry, swirly mix…Federation and alien…

  9. John Payne says:

    Thank you for this, guys! I’ve been wanting another Hawk since 1976! I’m buying a bunch to kitbash.

  10. Yxalitis says:

    So is a new 1/72 freighter and transporter on the horizon??

  11. Griffworks says:

    Dang, that Hawk looks fantastic! A definite Must Have!

    As to the contents of the box….

    Ooooh! It’s a model of the dikironium cloud creature from the TOS episode “Obsession”! 😀

  12. ron says:

    and labpod????????

  13. Richard R. says:

    You terrible tease you. Can’t wait to see it! Also, I’m loving that Hawk model, and I’m not even a Space: 1999 fan!

  14. Nick says:

    The mystery box – is it a Valdore or a prototype 1/72 Eagle???

  15. Messy Modeler says:

    Will there be a higher rez version of the artwork? I think it would make a really nice windows background or something.

  16. HK_sends says:

    A couple of these would make an excellent forced perspective diorama or shadow box with the 1/48th Eagle!

    -HK sends

  17. fortress says:

    a new tooling is in order here for the Space 1999 line and I
    would like to nominate The Superswift spaceship from the episode
    “the Bringers of Wonder ” it would be such a cool addition to the
    series probably scale it close 1/72 Eagle transporter!

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