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May 2024

Lindberg Model Kits: Mini Lindy’s: An Illustrated History 1960s

posted by ChrisP 5:12 PM
Friday, April 21, 2017

This is an illustrated history of the Lindberg’s Mini Lindy line based on found images, catalogs and info from some modeling sites.

Part 1 – 1960s

The first 24 Mini Lindy cars were produced between 1967 and 1968 with the first 16 appearing in the 1968 catalog.  The vehicles were HO scale plastic kits that included clear parts, chrome parts, metal axles, rubber tires and a decal sheet. They came in black boxes with the model illustration appearing in a white oval.  On the reverse side appeared a rear view of the vehicle.  Three variations on the packaging appeared: a basic box, box with a flap for hanging and a cellophane version that was just the basic box with the back illo cut out. On the back of the flapped version was a list of kits numbered 1 to 32, though at that time only 24 had produced.  The list also changed a bit on kits 17-24.

In 1969 7 “red box” kits were released; kits were numbered 25 to 31.  An oddity… #32 Ryder Moving Truck appeared in a black box.  Not sure of the release date but given that the kits were released in groups of 8 generally I would think this would have been released with #25-31, but I don’t know.  The list on the flaps changed again to reflect the final 32 kits.  Seems as though #25 Pontiac Firebird, #28 Jaguar D, #29 Bobtail T, #31 Station Wagon Vista-Cruiser, #32 Stake Truck, and #32 Oil Truck were unproduced.  The 1969-70 catalog still only showed the first 16 kits.

Look for my next post for part 2…….

Some of the dates and images were found on these fantastic sites….

Diecast Destination

Swifty’s Garage

14 Responses to “Lindberg Model Kits: Mini Lindy’s: An Illustrated History 1960s”

  1. Martin Ruiz says:

    Please bring back the Charger, AMX and Dune Buggy.


  2. Tim Ahlborn says:

    I have one of these great little kits – the Ford cabover with trailer. As a kid I loved these! The big Chevy wrecker and the old White Mixer were just as cool.

  3. R. Scott Aho says:

    I’d love to see these kit come back out. I have a couple. But, I’d buy the the entire set if ever reissued. For their size these were all pretty nice little kits.

    • I do have the entire mint condition set. My father worked as an accountant at Lindberg for 9 years and didn’t save my four favorites but these he did. Quite a find for me among his lesser stuff.

  4. Had a lot of them just bring all back maybe in sets of4 just make them all

  5. Bring all back had a lot of them looked good and was fun to make

  6. Jerry Conner says:

    Like so many others, I’d love to see these come back. In addition to bringing back a ton of memories, they represented so many vehicles that were only available here. Maybe themed box sets (Heavy Workers, Fun Machines, Classic Muscle) with three or four cars per assortment might be a good marketing ploy.

    These would look great by themselves, or parked around my train layout (a popular crossover use during the original release).

  7. Greg Perry says:

    Curious on why number 22 is listed as a Ford camper when it looks like a Chevy to me?

    • JamieH says:

      We are curious about that ourselves. We’ll be doing a little digging on that one at some point. Our initial guess is that they cheated and called a Chevy a Ford. Then we thought that the grill might have been changed from one make to the other. But I believe we have found some evidence of having two pickup with camper tools. It would be great if we had vintage samples of every kit to compare, but sadly our collection of Mini Lindy’s is lacking.

  8. Nate higgins says:

    Would love to see these return. Had many of the trucks and loved them.

  9. T. P. Anderson says:

    I happen to work in the Helicopter industry and am a member of the Sikorsky Historical Archives, Stratford Conn.

    In the 1950’s Lindberg came out with a Sikorsky S-51 and an S-56. I have seen those models in a trade publication last year,(don’t remember which, but it was about introducing some of the 1950″ early models I know quite a few Helicopter men who would be interested in getting a model of these early copters.

    Do you have any time line on these?

    Thomas Anderson

    • JamieH says:

      Lindberg put out Jolly Green Giant and Sea King kits out in the 70’s, and they were re-issued about 10 years ago. They can still be found out in the market. Unfortunately I can’t find the aircraft you mention in our master list of tooling.

  10. Michael Richardson says:

    Looking for at least 2 of the Mini-Lindy Model # 12, Greyhound Semicrusier.
    Thank you very much!

  11. Hi people.
    My dad worked at Lindberg for 9 years and left me with a mint condition set of all 32 Mini Lindys. It was a joyous occasion when I found them at the bottom of a box with lesser stuff. He used to have the HO train set they had but he sold most of it. I visited the plant as a kid and grabbed a handful of the rubber wheels from the cars. It was a fun time for me.

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