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July 2024

Coming off the Shelf – Honoring 75 Years…

posted by ChuckZ 2:47 PM
Monday, April 17, 2017

With Freightliner celebrating 75 years, the kats at AMT decided to offer a “commemorative edition” kit in honor of such a special occasion. With the option to build either the SD or DD, this 2-in-1 kit has more to offer than simply a familiar build. For starters, the box features new artwork by AMT’s legendary artist, Don Greer. Next up, is a brand new colorful decal sheet featuring multiple striping options which can both be used for either your SD or DD build—plus, custom Freightliner 75th Anniversary logos, plates, numbers and more. Finally, when your build is complete, show it off on the bonus super-sized display base. The first ever, included in our current line of big rig kits! And as an added bonus, the extra parts you have left over can be stored away—then used for future “custom builds” that you may have in mind!

So put the hammer down, and keep an eye on the horizon for this “commemorative edition” kit. Coming soon to a local hobby store near you.

10 Responses to “Coming off the Shelf – Honoring 75 Years…”

  1. Michael says:

    I’m looking forward for this one!

  2. Modeltrucks says:

    Got 2 cases of the last DD kit….gotta get a case of this one…..lovin it

  3. kevin says:

    my favorite truck and one of my favorite kits.The decals look fantastic.I’ll be getting a couple for sure

  4. Charles says:

    When is Round2 going to offer some new tool 1/25th scale trucks kits from the 21st century?

  5. Kerry says:

    Yes will be great to have this one available again. The choice of 2 versions ,will be a good idea.

  6. Bill Baskett says:

    Already have two on pre-order at my local hobby shop….

  7. Bill Baskett says:

    Is there gonna be two different releases of this kit.?….
    I’ve seen Boxart showing the truck in Brown, and then again in Red….
    I’m thinking we are gonna get a second release with a completely different decal set and a pop up display….
    Anyone know for sure.?….

  8. Rick Chupa says:

    Fabulous way to repackage! Glad to have this one with fresh artwork and decals. This would be a great way to repackage the Peterbilt 359/352 as well ! You could also do the Ford Ln/Lnt , Kenworth W925/ K123 , Autocar etc .etc. Lots of us old timers are likely to buy more to pad the parts boxes ! How about the Challenge mixer guys!!!

  9. Brian Drumm says:

    The 3-piece cab on the Freightliner dual driver version was a *bit* of a pain to assemble, but my hat has always been off to AMT for the efficiency of being able to do two different versions using mostly the same tooling. I’m assuming this SD/DD kit would enable other different variants like a sleeperless “day” cab on a dual drive chassis.

    I’d also like to second Rick Chupa’s comment. I would probably definitely buy an all inclusive 2-in-1 or 3-in-1 version of, say, the Peterbilt conventional with California Hauler parts as well as the sleeper. I’d also go for a Kenworth W-925 with the Alaskan Hauler parts included and maybe “Movin’ On” decals. (Why so long without any re-issue of the W-925?)

    The Challenge Mixer and Holmes Wrecker body could be offered as add-on “parts packs.” (Hope the Challenge Mixer molds still exist…) Lots of possibilities/variants for the Ford Louisville also.

  10. Jeff says:

    The 3-piece cab isn’t as much of a pain as the fact that the front axle is waaaaaay to wide for this truck. If they would just fix that problem, I could live with the rest of the re-engineering needed.

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