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Round 2 Models: It’s Time For A NASCAR Update

posted by ChuckZ 4:00 AM
Friday, April 30, 2010

Round 2 Models is so excited about the progress of our NASCAR 2010 Chevrolet Impala Snap it model kit – that we just had to share it with you!

Over the past month our staff has made leaps and bounds, seeing assembled and unassembled test shots of this “Car of the Future” AMT model kit, which overall, look great (check out the photos and see for yourself). Our assessment thus far: the model feels great, has a crisp detailed body, chassis and interior, and it rolls beautifully. However, just like any new model kit, there are still tweaks to be made in order to meet our high expectations and yours too. For instance, we’ve conducted our “assembly review” of the NASCAR Snap it kit, checking for parts that need slight adjustments (and there’s always a few that need tweaking) in order to make sure everything snaps together precisely. Once all the test shot corrections have been made, we will pass on our feedback to the factory, where the proper adjustments can be made. Once that’s completed, the factory will send us pre-painted bodies and sticker/decal sheets (we are offering both options with this kit) to review.

The same process basically holds true for our packaging. The initial layouts are developed by our creative staff. The designs are then sent to the licensors for any changes to be made and final approval. Once all the changes are made and approved, we send the electronic files to the factory to be printed, assembled, filled with product, then wrapped up and sent back to us for distribution.

On the creative side of things, we have been making great strides on our packaging for the NASCAR kits as well! So far, both the Jeff Gordon and Dale Earnhardt Jr. package designs have been licensor APPROVED, and are already at the factory to be printed – with instruction sheets soon to follow. In fact, we’re so happy about the progress – we’ve included a couple “sneak peeks” of the packaging and instruction sheets for you to check out! The Jimmie Johnson and Mark Martin package designs are also well on their way and looking good.

We should be wrapping things up soon and can’t wait for the NASCAR Snap it kits to hit the shelves. Thanks for all your support, and happy modeling!

7 Responses to “Round 2 Models: It’s Time For A NASCAR Update”

  1. Elm City says:

    Are you guys still going to offer these kits as a “glue” kit later on down the road? Or if nothing else, a non pre-painted body for those of us that want to do something other then the Hendrick gang?

    Also something you may consider as an addition to the glue kits down the road, is adding the spoiler, as the wing is no more on the COT cars

    Scott Millican
    Elm City Hobbies

  2. DaveVan says:

    Kit looks good! Can’t wait!

  3. ti2blegrr says:

    I agree with Scott, at the very least have an “unpainted” car available to those of us who don’t want Hendrick only cars or guys like me who also sim race so they can have models of their cars like the real guys.



  4. Ensign Eddie says:

    As Scott Millican mentioned, the wing is no longer going to be used in NASCAR. I hope you consider adding the spoiler to the kit.

  5. Bats says:

    These look 500 miles ahead of the Petty Charger kits. In detail and execution. Kudos on the growth your company has had in recent years.

  6. ChuckZ says:

    Hey all you NASCAR fans, not to worry the “spoiler” version should be coming out sometime in the near future(we don’t have a specific time nailed down yet, but it’s definitely in the works). As for the “unpainted” car that Scott mentions, I think that’s a GREAT idea. We’ll definitely have to check into it! Thanks for all the compliments and your support. We really appreciate it.


    Chuck Z.

  7. rickc says:

    Couldn’t find a better place for this. Hope this is ok.
    Wondering if you could consider a ‘hybrid’ of sorts. Tiny models that could be built as small display models, or by using a mod kit that would be included, build the car as a slot car body to use on a thunderjet or other HO scale (and ok, larger would be fine too, just not my interest) Maybe include two per set, one for the model, one for the HO chassis. Hum-vee’s with little military figures, trailers with helicopters or tanks, Nascar and pit crews. 40’s vintage filling station with two ‘period’ cars and attendants.
    Yes, models would break more easily than normal race bodies. I don’t think most racers/detailers would really care, and would love the kit options. And after all, HO needs taxi’s and Limo’s.

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