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July 2024

AMT Model Kits: James Bond Moonraker part 2

posted by ChrisP 1:06 PM
Thursday, July 23, 2020


Are you in need of thrillers, spills and something OUT OF THIS WORLD? AMT will transport you to another world the James Bond 007: Moonraker Space Shuttle!

The 1:200 scale space shuttle kit includes rocket boosters, fuel tank, operating bay doors, a top secret payload and a dome display base. When assembled the model stands at over 10.5″ long. The kit also includes colorful packaging, assembly instructions and full color decals to do Moonraker 1 thru 6 or the U.S Marine version featured in the classic 1979 sci-fi spy film. Packaging lid shown above. Tray and decals are below.

9 Responses to “AMT Model Kits: James Bond Moonraker part 2”

  1. Joshua says:

    This is an intriguing , engaging release and repurposing of a pre-existing model kit akin to the F-104 Starfighter for Star Trek. Are there any other model kits in the AMT/MPC/Lindberg library that could be reworked for a James Bond collection of kits?

  2. Richard Martin says:

    Hi Jamie are you reissing more star trek kits if you are can you do the AMT 1,537 Klingon k’tinga again and the 1,1000 klingon D7 with romulan decals from 6animation series hope a 1,1000 k’tinga will come soon

    • JamieH says:

      I would not expect to see the 1/537 Ktinga reissued again any time soon. I’m sure we will reissue the 1/1000 D7 again at some point, but it is not currently on our schedule.

  3. Joshua says:

    Jamie if possible the DS9 space station model is kind of needing another reissue. Apparently alot of people are re-discovering DS9.

    Also, is there any DS9 subjects that would make good new kits? The station, runabout, Galor and Defiant were amazing kits, what about a variation on the reliant as “Saratoga” as DS9 kit? Or Jem Hadar fighter craft? There was a pretty neat Federation fighter craft though the name escapes me also.

  4. Richard Martin says:

    HI jamie can you do the 1,1000 enterprise refit
    as a undiscovered country edition with battle damage decals are you doing more new star trek kits

  5. spock62 says:

    From the many reviews I’ve read about the STD Enterprise, one of the many things people like about the kit is it’s size, at 18″ lg it is basically the same length as the original AMT TOS Enterprise.

    Has any thought been given to adding another standard scale, say between 1/500 and 1/600, in order to do accurate, new tool kits of the TOS/Refit Enterprises? The original AMT kits are long in the tooth, inaccurate, poor fitting and are not setup to light for the most part.

    IMHO new, 18″ to 22″ TOS/Refit Enterprises would be big sellers. Let’s face it, the original TOS kit is 54 yrs old, the original Refit is 41 yrs old, it seems that new kits, in a scale between 1/500 and 1/600 are long overdue.

  6. Richard Martin says:

    Hi jamie hope the 1,1000 Klingon k’tinga is on the list of new star trek kits coming

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