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June 2023

Space: 1999 Models: New 1/72 scale Eagle kit Pt. 1

posted by JamieH 5:13 PM
Monday, June 3, 2019

We hope sci-fi modelers had a good time this past weekend at Wonderfest USA 2019 or at least heard from friends that were there and saw their pictures, etc. We had a blast ourselves. We will post a report later this week, but first we are going to start a series of guest blogs by Jim Small focusing on our brand-new Space: 1999 1/72 scale Eagle Transporter. It grabbed a lot of attention from everyone who stopped by our booth. We sent a set of test shots to Jim just before leaving for the show and we didn’t want to hold anything back. So here we go…

Eagle Hatchling! 

By E. James Small 

As you all know by now, Round 2 has recently announced their new release of a proper 1/72nd scale Eagle kit. At about 14” long when finished, this kit is perfect for people who don’t have the room to display the larger 22” model, and is made in the popular model aircraft scale. Here is an up-close and personal look at the test shot sprues of the new kit.

The first pic shows the entire contents of the kit minus the decal sheet and instructions which are yet to be developed.  The rest of the pictures show both sides of each type of sprue contained in the kit. Obviously most are repeated. This kit has all the details present in the 22” kit with the added bonus of being able to be mounted on a stand via a replaceable plug on the bottom of the passenger pod. Those who wish to forego the stand can cover the mount with a hatch detailed to match the hardware that is normally in that area. Also like the 22” big brother, the passenger pod is affixed to the spine with screws so it remains removable. Gosh… I wonder if maybe other pod versions will be made available? [Don’t get me in trouble here, Jim. -Jamie] Windows for the passenger pod and nosecone will be represented by decals. Fun fact: on the original 44” studio Eagle models, the Passenger Pod windows were actually not clear but painted over black, so decaled windows in this case are perfectly authentic. Because of its size, articulated landing gear oleos struts were not possible, but you have the option of two positions of struts: landed/collapsed or extended/flying positions.

Enjoy this first detailed look at all the great parts contained in this fantastic new kit!

Heck of a far cry from that old 1970’s version, eh?  This is the kit we’d always wished had been done at the time!

26 Responses to “Space: 1999 Models: New 1/72 scale Eagle kit Pt. 1”

  1. Phillip Peterson says:

    Looks great. I would like to see some interior detail but that gives us something to make on our own or for the aftermarket companies to help out with.

    Will be nice to have an accurate one in my favorite scale.

  2. Ed Bailey says:

    Gentlemen’s Scale! Yeah, baby!

    This’ll look fantastic next to all the 1/72 stuff from SW and BSG, the B5 Starfury, all the mecha from SBY, Macross, etc., and of course the Hawk.

    And don’t forget the Runabout, either, though this scale is underserved for Trek fans. R2 was working on a Type F shuttlecraft in 1/32, so how about it? Wink, wink!

  3. Matt Gilmore says:

    Some pretty clever parts layout – this is really exciting, looking forward to it!

  4. Joshua says:

    Has Round 2 considered any additional classic Trek kits of subjects that weren’t produced in the 70’s with the vintage box art style of the re-releases? The concept is smaller 7-10 inch “small box” scale models akin to Spock, Romulan Bird of Prey, Klingon Battle cruiser, Galileo shuttle, K-7 space station , etc.

    Some of the never before produced subjects could hypothetically be

    -Nomad space probe
    -Tholian Webspinner
    -U.S.S Antares
    -Botany Bay
    -Guardian of Forever diorama
    -Kirk in command chair to compliment Spock kit
    -Various set pieces to compliment the bridge kit – Engineering, corridor, Medical Bay, Transporter room, etc
    -Starbase diorama with illustrated painting cardboard backdrop
    -Preservers Asteroid Deflector diorama

    The concept is what Round 2 did with the repurposed “Tholian web edition” USS Enterprise kit with the vintage packaging but with new subjects.

    • JamieH says:

      We’ve got someone on staff here that has been championing a Nomad Probe for years. He will be glad to see someone making that suggestion. You offer a lot of good ideas and some have been considered. The idea of putting them in vintage style boxes is great too. We’ll see what we can do down the road.

    • Tchail says:

      Along with these diorama ideas, I would suggest the Guardian of Forever, and also Vaal, from the TOS episode “The Apple.”

  5. Steven Goldsmith says:

    This I will most definitely be buying. Do you have any plans for the laser tanks or Ultraprobe?

  6. spock62 says:

    I’m onboard with Joshua’s ideas. Always wanted to see the other TOS set pieces and diorama’s from various TOS episodes. Guardian of Forever, with a Guardian that can be lit and other scenes like Kirk fighting the Gorn would be great. The Nomad probe in a diorama with a clear stand so it looks like it’s floating would be a winner too, at least to me. Love the vintage packaging idea too. Like another Enterprise captain was fond of saying “Make it so!”.

  7. George Belknap says:

    Thank you Jamie and Jim for posting pics of the parts layout. Now that I’m done drooling over the photos I can hardly wait until it’s released. I’m thinking this will be another hit for Round 2.

  8. Frank says:

    Please if anyone is listening. A new accurate Galileo Shuttle craft model!!!

  9. Joshua says:

    Yeah if possible the next re-issues of the “Interplanetary UFO ship” and “Tomorrow is Yesterday” F-104 Star fighter put them in the smaller vintage style box and add them to the “collect them all” photos on the side of the box.

  10. MattG says:

    Saw the first Eagle test-shot at Wonderfest and I’m SO excited for the kit, looks fantastic!

    As far as new classic Star Trek subjects go, I have wanted a good Tholian ship for ever.

  11. James Small says:

    How did we go from a Space:1999 Eagle to a Star Trek thread? 😛

  12. ron kalcevic says:

    does eagle kit have the 16 L shaped brackets for spine dindnt see them on sprues

  13. Tomas Ponce says:

    Cannot wait! Laboratory eagle pod?????? How about for 22″ model??? I assume (HOPE) after the pre assembled 22″ Eagle 2 comes out it will be available unbuilt as well? With Lab pod and Rocket boosters??? Thanks

  14. Phil B. says:

    This is definately on my ‘must buy’ list.

    So what are the odds of picking up the U.F.O. license as well? Having a good quality SHADO interceptor would be great.

  15. Nick says:

    Absolutely awesome! I am so looking forward to this and so glad I preordered so many!

  16. Charlie D. says:

    Very Cool!

    You guys ever going to do a blog update on the Star Trek Discovery kits? 2nd kit is almost on the market, and its been all crickets here! Is it a licensing issue? Not that I don’t enjoy the Space 1999 entries, but I Always look forward to the blog entries on the new Trek kits.

  17. finally a decent eagle kit at a great scale too…can,t wait for this beaut to arrive in store,s.

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