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July 2024

Polar Lights Models: More K’t’inga goodness

posted by JamieH 2:18 PM
Friday, March 9, 2018

It has been a great week. Thank you for such an overwhelmingly positive reaction to our K’t’inga kit announcement. We knew Star Trek modelers everywhere would love it, because you’ve made it perfectly clear how badly you wanted it. But still, the reaction was better than we could have predicted. A set of test shots for another kit did not show up this week as expected, so we’ll share some more images and info on the K’t’inga kit.

First, let’s answer some questions.

How long is the model? – In our excitement last week, we neglected to mention the length of the model. It will be 24″ long and nearly 18″ wide. Some have suggested that seems small, but the length was based on existing information that was widely accepted. Could one debate that it should be longer? Sure, but in process of developing a kit of this stature, weight has to be given to tooling space and the cost that incurs. So, it comes down to A) we can make an argument that at 1:350 scale the ship would be 24″ long and B) we can afford to tool up a 24″ long K’t’inga. We can’t afford to do a bigger one. If you disagree with the scale, you can call it what you want. No hard feelings.

Yay! Now when can we expect a 1:350 D-7, Reliant, 1:1000 Enterprise-D or 1:32 Galileo? – Your guess is as good as ours. Our history speaks for itself. So, don’t expect them soon. But, let’s consider this… what would there be interest a Galileo without a full interior? Deleting the interior would make it an affordable option at some point. No promises one way or another, but feel free to offer feedback on that notion.

It looks like the white parts in the mockup represent the clear parts in the kit. Is that how you plan to address the windows on the bulb? – For the most part, the unpainted resin parts in the mockup represent parts that are to be included as clear parts in the kit. However, part of the purpose of doing a prototype is to see what you think will work actually works in practice. After seeing the cobra head windows knocked out, we are considering knocking windows out in the bulb. Those windows will be tiny. A clear backer will be included, but if you want those portholes to filled to present a flush face window, we will be suggesting liquid window maker to fill them.

Is the hull plating symmetrical? – On the kit yes, on the filming miniature not so much. It mostly was, but not 100%. We are going to KISS it. (Keep It Simple Stupid)

What will prevent neck sagging? – Good engineering. The mockup had no locators whatsoever. We will be sure we have accounted for the possibility of the neck to sag or break at the bulkhead. It is a lot like the pylon issue on the 1:350 TOS kit. We know well enough to figure it out.

Will ALL the detail be maintained? – Yes and no. The work in the mockup had not fully taken into account tool drafting. In some spots details might be compromised, or we will break parts up a bit differently to get as much detail as we can. In some instances we aren’t satisfied with the result and we’ll see if the factory can find a way to do better. I predict we will be able to maintain about 95% of the detail by the time it is done.

The photos below will show some “behind the scenes” shots of the mockup in various states of assembly. They should provide a decent sense of scale. It also gives a preview of how the light kit will look. A thin coat of primer wasn’t enough to hide the light, but we needed to install as much as we could to be sure we had enough light where we needed it and adjust as needed.

Lastly, you’ll see an image with yellow arrows pointing to some parts on the filming miniature. As most people realize, many of these details were pulled from plastic model kits available during production of the film. Our consultant team identified nearly all of the “greeblies” that were used. This is the most noticeable piece one has evaded our attempts to identify the kit (or thing) it originally comes from. If you know, please let us know. We used the limited reference we have to draw up the part. If we can make it more accurate, we would like to.

77 Responses to “Polar Lights Models: More K’t’inga goodness”

  1. Eric Longstreet says:

    LOVE IT!

  2. Those greeblies with the yellow arrows look like bomb racks from a WWII American bomber. Like a B-25

    • Mark Belsom says:

      I was thinking the same.

    • JamieH says:

      Thanks for the assist! We dug up a 1/48 part and that is indeed what it is. Comparing it to the part in the mockup, the factory part is fairly accurate, and they were only working from the photos I posted.

      • Brian Drumm says:

        I stand in awe of people who identify model parts from tiny sections of reference photos. Occasionally I can form a rough guess (In this case, I thought a structural ladder or staircase, such as from Plastruct) but when the correct answer becomes known, I nearly always find I was *WAY* off.

        I was a little proud of myself when I spotted the part from the original 1:535 K’tinga kit used in the medical Feinberger that McCoy put on Chekov’s forehead in Star Trek IV. But that was probably pretty obvious to anyone who ever built that model…

  3. Mark Belsom says:

    I’m quite happy to have a kit that is 95% accurate. Regarding the TOS shuttle I’m not fussed about an interior,I’m sure some after market company would make one at some point. Also the parts you can’t identity look like bomb bay parts from a B-25,maybe.

  4. David E. says:

    When it comes to the future of large Star Trek kits, your guess is MOST DEFINITELY better than mine.
    I have little or no idea of things like sales numbers, company finances, or production costs. All I can do is buy the kits I like (and can afford), and provide some small amount of online feedback.
    That being said, I will purchase a 1:350 K’tinga, the 1:1000 Defiant, and the 1:1000 Grissom and Klingon Bird of Prey. I would be happy to buy a 1:350 Reliant, 1:350 Grissom, and a 1:1000 Enterprise-D if they become available.

    However, as one astute modeler on an online forum I frequent pointed out, the core group of Star Trek modelers is old and getting older. If it takes 10 years between the production of large kits, then some of us simply may not be around to purchase more than another one or two (if we’re lucky).
    So… don’t make us wait too long.

    • Daniel B. says:

      Not all of them. I’m 34 and a Trek modeler. There are probably more like me.

      • Brian Drumm says:

        Wow. Straight from “hurry up, I’ll be dead soon,” to “take your time, I’ll live forever.”


        I’m 53, but I eat right and exercise regularly, so I figure I have some time. But all bets could be off if I cross paths with a dump truck driver trying to tweet behind the wheel…

  5. Edge10 says:

    Very nice, thank you for sharing. For me at least, this kit did live up to the hype, but don’t tease us like that again!

  6. Peter Hicks says:

    If Charles Adams does not know what the greeblies are, we mere mortals won’t know either.

    I would actually PREFER a Galileo without an interior. It’s a model, not a doll house. Glue the roof on!

    I am very excited to buy this kit, and the lighting kit. Congrats on a great choice R2!

    • Ha! I’m flattered, really, but I didn’t worry too much about the source of each “greeblie” detail. I was very lucky to have help from quite a few friends who put a lot of time and effort into finding most of the original parts. Many of them are credited on my Facebook page. 🙂

  7. John Payne says:

    To your question, would I accept a 1/32 Galileo without an interior to cut costs…. YES! ABSOLUTELY!!
    BUT! I would also like one WITH an interior, if sales are good – even an interior-only update kit would be good.

    • Ron Goad says:

      Maybe make the interior an option?

    • James Grant says:

      I agree. I’d buy one without an interior, but would love either a deluxe shuttle with interior and figures or as a separate add on Same with a lighting kit for the shuttle. While I’d like a $35-$50 price, I’d be willing to pay in the $100-$150 price range for a shuttle and interior together. Lights should always be separate in my opinion.

    • Rob says:

      Yes – I would also accept an exterior only Galileo.

      I’m thinking ParaGrafix could pick up the slack on making a forced perspective interior kit, or we could get a “garage kit” option from someone out there, or screw the correct scale and just throw some chairs in there!

      That way you could keep the price and tooling down and I’m sure it would still sell. And if the sales were good enough, you could then release an interior kit.

      I’d even entertain a pre-order option and pre-pay!

  8. John Payne says:

    As for the other Trek kits you mention, well, it’s nice to know that YOU know what we want. Can I just add a depressing thought to maybe spur you on? I’m 60 years old. When PL started the K’Tinga project the first time, with Tom Sasser in 2004, I was 46 years old. If you take that long to come out with a 350 Reliant or 1k 1701-D, I’ll be 76 with no disposable income. And probably too blind to model.
    Your customer base for TOS/Movie era Trek models in aging out! Please don’t take too long!

  9. Hunk of Junk says:

    Can’t. Wait. I’m so happy to see you asking for our help in identifying kitbash donor parts. Having parts that are accurate representations of what was on the studio model makes all the difference. It shows that you guys get it — that sci-fi modelers are just as passionate about accuracy and detail as military or car modelers. Really good job. Take my money!

  10. Rachel says:

    Will the kit be molded in color?

    • JamieH says:

      We will need to decide whether to inject it in green or white. Green may help a little bit with light blocking and with guys that like building, but don’t want to worry about painting.

      • Rachel says:

        Yeah, I’m one of those who can’t spend $100 trying to paint a 1/350 scale kit, so I’d love it in Green.

  11. Fozzie says:

    I would be happy to get an accurate shuttlecraft without an interior. The old one with an interior sits on my shelf with the top on and all that interior detail hidden 99.9% of the time.

  12. Jerry Conner says:

    The large scale kits are really nice, and I have one each of the 1/350 Enterprise-A, NX-01, and will be adding the 1/350 K’Tinga to the set, as well as a 1/48 Eagle transporter. I also have both versions of the big Seaviews and the big Flying Sub from the other guys, and their USS Franklin on pre-order.

    On the other hand, I live in roughly 1000 square feet, so it’s unlikely most of them will ever get built. Fortunately, I have multiples of all the 1/1000 scale starships, the 1/350 Seaviews and the 1/128 Flying Sub. I also plan to order multiples of the Defiant, and the Grissom/Bird of Prey set

    So, while I love the big kits, reality is forcing me to think about available volume, and budget reminds me that just as you can tool four small kits for every large one, I can afford small ships at about the same ratio.

    All that said, I’m still salivating at the idea of a big K’Tinga, but I’ll be buying 1/1000s to sate my appetite in the meantime.

  13. Joshua says:

    I agree with making the bulb windows cut out on a solid piece rather than a clear plastic piece. That approach is very effective on the command deck. Also, if I may add an observation , would it be possible to make the bridge a solid piece rather than having it segmented as the mockup is? That’s sort of an awkward gap to fill.

    I’ve never seen those photos before, that’s impressive, where did you obtain those of the studio model? Can more be made available for color accurate painting?

  14. Ed Bailey says:

    A Galileo model without an interior appeals to people who:

    1. Want to build it closed up,
    2. Want to buy an aftermarket interior, like for the runabout, or…
    3. Want to scratchbuild their own interior.

    So don’t let the interior stop you! Bring it on!

  15. Al Goetz says:

    Add another modeler interested in a 1/32 Galileo without interior – aftermarket will take care of that!

  16. Kinley says:

    Yes, a large scale exterior-only Galileo would be perfect. I’m in for 3. Like so many new kits, we NEED that one. Just like the big Eagle. Please produce that one!
    Thank you!

  17. Griffworks says:


  18. Oggie Gonzalez says:

    Wow…the attention to detail here is outstanding. Looking forward to this kit. I would love to see an accurate Galileo model even if it came without an interior. There no doubt would probably aftermarket kits that one could use to fill the void. Just look at what people have done with the Space 1999 Eagle. So yes…a nice Galileo kit would certainly be welcomed.

  19. spock62 says:

    This kit looks like it might be one of the best Trek kits Round 2 has produced to date!

    Regarding the Galileo, I say yes, release it without an interior. Personally, I’m more concerned about the exterior. Maybe release the interior as a separate kit? If you do release it with no interior, would you consider bumping up the scale, say to 1/24? At 1/32, it won’t be much bigger then the original AMT kit, which IMHO, was always too small.

  20. RB says:

    Jamie, regarding the Shuttlecraft, why not:

    A – Do a small run of a resin cast interior kit with figures for those who want an interior. Or…

    B – Design an interior for 3D printing and place it on Shapeways or a similar site. Modelers could purchase a printed interior if they want.

    Either way, it would be a branded R2 upgrade kit that R2 would profit from, and modelers would be able to have an interior that is specifically designed to go with the styrene Galileo hull. The resin cast option would cost R2 far less than a styrene tooling, the 3D print option even less.

    And thanks for such a stunning K’tinga! It’s going to be great year for SF modelers and R2!

  21. J.o says:

    Looks fantastic. I’ve got one or two questions if you don’t mind though Jamie.

    First of all as far as I can see all the windows and other transparancies will be in clear plastic. Is that correct?

    Also like many people I want to light this kit up but also like many people i don’t have the skills to use aftermarket lighting. I’ve got other kits I’d like to light up but it’s just too daunting to even try. I hate soldering etc and I hate fiddling about with electronics and wires.

    Will the lighting kit be easy to install and easy to repair etc if it goes wrong? I want something that I can just put in there wihout much or preferably any hassle.

    Another thing is I see a lighting kit was released by R2 for the refit Enterprise. I don’t know what it was like but I’ve read it was hard to get hold of especially outside of the US.

    Will the K’Tinga lighting kit come out the same time as the kit and will it be widely available?

    • JamieH says:

      Thanks for asking about the lighting kit. We strive for “plug and play” which means soldering is not required. Modelers that know how to solder and want the piece of mind that everything is connected know how to modify the parts as necessary to solder them. The K’t’inga light kit will be considerably simpler than the one we did for the Enterprise. That one required motors to turn the Bussard collectors, make lights flash, etc. This one will have a couple flashers and a few lights that could be optional for the modeler to install. That said, as simple as it might be to install there is little that can be done if a factory-applied solder joint or other contact gets disconnected on accident and found after the model is finished. Replacing a bulb in a finished nacelle for instance will take considerable work to repair. We instruct modelers to test everything as they work to do as much as possible to prevent those kinds of situations.

      • J.o says:

        Thanks Jamie and glad there’ll be no soldering. Also glad to read it will have some flashing lights which I should imagine will be the navigation type lights seen in the film.

        I also hope the lighting kit for the refit Enterprise can be released again as again it was hard to get out of the US and I’d like to do the refit to go with the KTinga now.

        it would be cool too if that could be made even simpler to install for us electro-phobics than the previous release.

        • JamieH says:

          We did not produce the light kits that were available for the Refit. As you say, maybe the interest in this kit will inspire others to fill that hole in the market again.

          • J.o says:

            Forgot that kit was for the original series Enterprise. To be honest though Jamie I’d prefer it if R2 could do a plug and play kit for the refit too. I know the aftermarket lighting guys might not be pleased but they’ll always find something else to do. as I said I really haven’t got the time and inclination to be messing about with those aftermarket lighting kits and I’m sure I speak for many other people in that regard.

  22. Jason says:

    The K’tinga is gorgeous! I can’t wait. I’ve been waiting my whole life for a 1/32 Galileo. You could do an interior upgrade to be purchased separately (Aftermarket would pick up any photoetch slack). I’ve been doing cutaway scratch builds and that would be amazing. Even better: A series of shuttles, Galileo 5 from ST:V, 1/32 Surak shuttle from ST:TMP, travel pod, work bee, Matt Jeffries concept shuttles… I’d buy them all.

  23. david dooley says:

    If R2 does go with an exterior only kit for the Galileo you could always include 7 seats for any one who would want to scratch build their own interior, seeing as the seats would be the most difficult parts to make from scratch I would think.

  24. Daniel P. Britton says:

    I have the Galileo & enhanced the interior to the best of my ability. With todays LEDs,there is enough window & open side door to see the interior just fine. Interior could be sold separate. But,the rear is the big issue. It needs reworking to be accurate but, I scratch built the corrections from the Starfleet technical manual. I would love to see a reissue of the Galileo even as is. There is a lot to start with if you wanted to redo some of the parts & add newer parts. I would purchase a Galileo on sight! Wouldn’t even hesitate.

  25. Daniel Lee Swink says:

    K’tinga looks fantastic!! This will make for a fun build. 95%?? Well I would like to ask for a possible retooretooling for a 95% Accurate Refit Enterprise. The refit in my opinion is by far the best design of all trek ships. “CHEERS” To all of you at round 2 for a truly impressive klingon model kit.

  26. Andrew says:

    I am glad you are including the “flare” lights omn the hull. This will look fantastic when painted.

    As for Galileo, I can go for just an exterior one if it means beig able to release it.

  27. Amy O'Neil says:

    I would like a shuttle to scale with the bridge model. Looks like that’s where you were going from the figures. I would be willing to pay extra for an interior.
    I would also like to have the figures offered as an add on so that you could put more on the bridge and customize them more.
    While we’re making a wish list, I’d also like more figure kits to go with the Spock one. A Kirk and McCoy. Then some aliens like Gorn, Muguto, Klingon. I like doing figure models 🙂

    • James Grant says:

      Ditto the separate bridge / shuttle figures. While we’re talking bridge add ons, a release with clear walls for lighting and a partial ceiling where the lights go would be great.
      Also include me for a line of 1:8 figures!

  28. Joshua says:

    I would like to see Round 2 produce a series of “set” models to compliment the bridge model kit. Interlocking set pieces that would be an homage to Matt Jefferies model of the studio sets of the original Enterprise. Corridor, briefing room, sick-bay, engineering, briefing room, transporter room , Jefferies tube etc.
    Also, it would be neat to have a series of medium size models of subjects that weren’t produced in the 70’s with the vintage 70’s art box style :

    Botany Bay
    Tholian ship
    U.S.S. Antares from Trek remastered
    A guardian of forever diorama

    The only kits that have yet to be re-released are the DS9 Runabout, the classic 3 piece set from the 70’s, and the Galileo shuttle. Im trying to think of a Trek subject that hasn’t been offered in model kit form yet that would be worth the tooling costs that isn’t a previously released model in a different scale?

  29. Vince M says:

    I’m fine with getting Galileo to market with less design hassle and expense by not having an interior. As many have said, aftermarket will step in with a resin kit. However! we need windows. Please don’t make us cut out the front windows. That would be a pain.
    Also, sharing figures with the bridge kit would be great but having it in a common model scale like 1:32 is better. Is the bridge 1:35?

    • RB says:

      Maybe they could include two sets of windows – smoked clear for the regular kit with no interior, clear windows for those who want to install a separate interior.

    • J.o says:

      Does the Galileo have to be in such a big scale as 1/32? What about 1/48? Maybe at that scale it could have an interior too.

      The KTinga needed a larger scale as it’s a huge ship and needs the details but the Galileo is only a small ship.

  30. Alan Kelly says:

    This is going to be such a great model .You can tell the designers have put a lot of attention into this kit . I like the idea of the K’tinga keeping as much detail as possible . I ,personally, would prefer to be able to glue on the detail parts that have space between them and the model, such as those bomb racks , rather than have the detail molded on the model .

    • J.o says:

      Same here. Like Fine Molds did with the Millenium Falcon. I know this won’t have anywhere near the amount of parts as that but quite a few glue on styrene greeblies would be nice.

  31. engecurso says:

    Thank you so much 😊💓

  32. Daniel P. Britton says:

    If any new Galileo were tooled & molded, go bigger not smaller. 1/48 would make diorama projects fun. After market in cahoots with AMT is the easiest way to make the Galileo they have a gem. It would be a task to cut the lower rear out to install a correct “resin” stern maybe. We need a McKay to do the leg work to 3-D print some additions. Seats, those sphere do-hickeys on arms at each side of the control console. I’ve seen some after market decals for the console. I thought the seats that came with the kit were right. They just needed different bases with knobs on the sides. I cut the door open. LED’s were not around when I built that. I want another crack at that shuttle. With the figures from that episode. Standing & sitting

  33. Roger S says:

    I did the math with the K’tinga dimensions given on the TMP blueprint sheets from Pocket Books. 214.3 meters / 350… 24″ is the correct length.

  34. J.o says:

    Jamie one more question. At the moment the area on the bulb just above the main torpedo port opening is like a band which will be a clear plastic insert. Obviously this area is supposed to have quite a few windows.

    Will the finished kit have little windows molded into the clear plastic [which can then be masked off before painting]?

    • JamieH says:

      The plan right now is for all of the windows in the cobra head and bulb to be clear openings in the opaque parts. they will have a clear backer, but that will not fill the window openings. It will be provided to help diffuse light. If you want to fill the windows, we will be suggesting that you use liquid window maker available at most hobby retailers.

      • J.o says:

        Thanks Jamie. So I think I’ve got it right. It’ll be like the recent Revell kit where all the windows are openings in the opaque plastic but instead of the clear plastic windows actually slotting into the openings [like the Revell kit] there’ll be bands of clear plastic that will fit snugly behind the openings instead of filling them?

  35. chuck says:

    what is the difference between a D7 and big K besides detailing and size

    • JamieH says:

      Pretty much everything. They only share the same basic silhouette.

    • James Grant says:

      I wouldn’t say not that much. The bulb on the head is more bean shaped. The windows are a little less and larger. A few minor changes. I would think if you sanded the detail down and added a few parts, you’d have the D7. Hopefully there will be an after market conversion kit. Hint, Hint.
      If fact, it has been suggested in newer Trek shows that the D7 and K’tinga are the same ship, only we didn’t see all the detail in the original series.

  36. Leonard says:

    I would definitely buy a Galileo without an interior. Like others said an interior could be offered as an option. You didn’t do an interior on for the Eagle, so there is no need for one in the shuttle. Please go for it!

  37. The Dirty Shorts Cowboy says:

    I can honestly say without any hesitation or exaggeration whatsoever, I have never seen anything quite like this!

    It looks like a fantastic kit, and congratulations and thanks to everyone at Round 2 for realising this kit…

  38. Jafo says:

    The shuttle would be most welcome with or without the interior. If you go with the interior you could include the clear roof for viewing like my friend suggested at Wonderfest a few years ago. The K’t’inga looks fantastic. I would bet those unidentified parts can be found in Mr. X’s stash….

  39. Craig says:

    The parts indicated by the arrows look like they could be sections of track from a 1/35 scale German Sd.Kfz 251or similar, sandwiched/framed in a section of HO scale Plastruct or Evergreen stair.

  40. David says:

    Hello Jamie, may I ask when we might see the 1:1000 Defiant model kit hit the shelves here in the States? Thanks.

  41. Mark Bernero says:

    Is Round2 planning release of kits from Star Trek:Discovery, and if so what scale?

  42. Dan says:

    The K’t’inga looks incredible and I will definitely be getting a couple. Thanks for continuing to bring out these great kits.

    On the subject of the shuttlecraft – has there been any thought about doing it in 1/48 scale? Would a kit in that scale be affordable with an interior? I know I would prefer a shuttlecraft in scale with the fabulous 1/48 scale Eagle. Maybe others would, too.

  43. RB says:

    Just watched a review of the new 1/1000 Defiant over at hpiguys Workshop on youtube, It looks to be a stunning kit, along with the new Space: 1999 Hawk, also reviewed there. Jamie, you guys are knocking it out of the park – Congratulations! These new kits are really going to increase the mouth watering for the K’tinga!

  44. Jun Auric Cu says:

    Please issue a 1/1000th scale of this K’tinga.

  45. Edge says:

    Over two months since the last blog entry. Hope all is well with you and the company.

    Nothing new to share or just that busy?

    • JamieH says:

      Just busy. 🙂
      I’m not sure if I will have time to post anything before Wonderfest which is the weekend of June 1 & 2. I’m sure I’ll post a show recap either here or on our facebook page.
      One thing I will say about the K’t’inga and its appearance at WF. Unfortunately, we will not have test shots in time. They will be here in mid-June. The good news is that the factory sent us a second mockup just for the show that was generated from the CAD that is creating the tooling. So for the most part, what you see there will be it. We’ll have buildups of all of our other new kits though including the 1/1000 scale USS Grissom and Klingon Bird-of-Prey.

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