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July 2024

Model Kits: Forbidden Plastic

posted by BobP 8:00 AM
Wednesday, July 15, 2009

At long last, the ID Monster makes his styrene model kit debut! Here’s a sneak peek at part of our upcoming re-release of the Forbidden Planet C-57D Space Cruiser, which includes a few upgrades since the model kit was last seen on the market. The Id Monster is cast in clear plastic – which is the closest we can get to “invisible.” Included here are images of Jamie’s original turnaround drawings, the approved sculpt (a resin casting painted primer gray) plus a Photoshop simulation of the assembled monster, rendered as if tinted with a transparent red glaze (as if he is being made visible by the force field fence). At 1/72 scale, he measures a whopping 2” tall, which makes him 12 feet tall in “real life.”

Why a Photoshop simulation of the completed monster instead of an actual buildup? Well, it’s one of those weird cases where the packaging is due before we’ve even seen an actual test shot of the figure, as we just received approval from the licensor on the new sculpts last week. Our new packaging shows off a nice image of the buildup on the box bottom, so I felt it was important to have a semi-realistic representation on the package back. Tooling is commencing immediately, as the kit is due out in November – and that’ll be here before we know it!

8 Responses to “Model Kits: Forbidden Plastic”

  1. falcondesigns says:

    my first reaction was very under whelming,but I can see why it was done this way.alexander

  2. JamieH says:

    Hmmm. Okay. Not exactly sure how to take that but you are entitle to your first impression. I can say that these pieces aren’t much to look at until you consider their scale. Maybe you wanted to see the entire body of the monster. We thought this approach stuck more closely to his “appearance” in the film.

  3. Fozzie says:

    I think this is great! I like the sculpt and that it is done in clear plastic but most of all I love the idea of including this in the kit to being with. Cool! It has definitely raised my interest in this kit.

  4. mrdean56 says:

    I like it! It can be painted with transparent colrs and then lighted.

    It is what I had hoped for!

  5. Zakuformer says:

    Looks awesome to me!

  6. sprayray says:

    Looks great cant wait to see it in perosn !!!!!!!

  7. moebiuspolar says:

    Again…….I am Blown Away!!

  8. jgg1701 says:

    🙂 🙂 SO COOL! 🙂 🙂

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