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May 2024

New Don Greer Art For AMT’s Reissue of the Sunbeam Tiger

posted by Ken Holewczynski 8:57 AM
Tuesday, April 12, 2016


As many of you may have noticed, we’ve recently been fortunate enough to once again work with one of the original Kats from AMT – Don Greer. Don’s art graced many of the original AMT releases and we had him help us with the new release of the Sunbeam Tiger. With two new beautiful paintings, one stock and one in racing form, along with illustrations of the kits features (along wth all new decals), this new version will be one hot import!


13 Responses to “New Don Greer Art For AMT’s Reissue of the Sunbeam Tiger”

  1. Don Fluet says:

    I would be interested to purchase one of these kits, and a 1967-68 Mercury Cougar also

  2. Mach7 says:

    Nice! I haven’t seen that kit for years!
    Can you share any timeline on availability?

  3. Walt Tuss says:

    I hope that you will be able to find more of the old kits to do. Walt

  4. I sure would like to know who or what determines which kits are to be re released? Many kits have not been in production since the year they were introduced. Go back to 1950’s when Amt was not a plastic producing company. Aluminum productions for Real Auto Manufactures. I have a short list. MPC had annual models of Cars. Like the Pace Car. 1968 Torino Convertible has not been out for close to 50 years. One time. That was it as I recall. Same with the Shelby Turbine # 70 in 1/20 scale. If a kit is found & is complete? I would have to re mortgage my home to afford one? So as I watch my years tick past. Not sure I will have another 48 years to wait for my favorite kits to finally get re released. At least Revell O gram has released the Tom Daniels Cars. Not all but the good ones. You can quit the Lindbergh line. It was junk then & is still Junk now. Ollie’s is giving the models away for prices that is still more than the plastic resurrections of horrible models.

  5. Andres Cue says:

    por faaaaavor hagan otro mustang 2016 o 2017 el que sea pero el snap es muy feo gracias

  6. Neil Lambie says:

    How about a 3 in 1 kit of a 1965 Chevy Novas SS? Not the first Funny car versions/modified versions. Just a stock version with the SS option. You did enough of the ’66 version. So much that it made me sick to see the wasted plastic. You talk about bringing back old kits? Bring that one back!

  7. John Zizolfo says:

    And for you nostalgia buffs, one of the vintage packaging variations of this was as Maxwell Smart’s car from “Get Smart”. So if you have a “TV/movie cars” shelf like me (Ectomobile, BTTF DeLorean, General Lee, various Batmobiles, etc.), this is another one to add to it.

  8. Herb Iske says:

    Who develops the artwork and where and how are the decals printed for your kits?

    Thank you!


    • JamieH says:

      The majority of the decal artwork is developed by in-house designers. In some cases, we have trusted outside consultants create the art. We have a few different vendors that manufacture the decals depending on the brand.

  9. Floyd Tatro says:

    I would like to chime in and apologize if this isnt the right place to do this…I speak for many not just me in wishing Round2 would pop a 67 Shelby GT500 in 1/25 to create the Eleanor Mustang. having typed that would also state we understand its not as simple as that!! Much has to go into the right direction before considerations are made and tool making starts..licensing is costly especially with a movie car, I imagine the thought has crossed the desk of those who make decisions and well if nothing else we wish to staple the possibility of this kit being produced to said desk(s) so they get sick of seeing it and if for no other reason put it in production in all its glory…you HEAR …Thank You sir(s) and or Ma’am ..carry on and Hurry please we arent getting any younger

  10. Mark says:

    One kit that would be a blessing to have restored to its former glory would be AMT’s 1966 Buick Skylark GS. The original tool of this kit was butchered back in the early ’70s for the AMT “Dirt Track” racing series. Another once wonderful AMT tool that was butchered in the ’70s is the 1965 Oldsmobile Dynamic 88. Having that kit back with its tooling restored to its former glory would be spectacular. AMT produced a 1965 Oldsmobile Dynamic 88 convertible but as a dealer promo only. If the whereabouts of that promo tool are known, man that would be nice to have that one reissued.

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