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July 2024

What’s a hanger shot?

posted by JohnG 11:32 AM
Thursday, July 24, 2014

In the late 1990s, Ertl began a tool sampling program. This was prior to the buyout by Racing Champions (RC2). The goal was to set up every model kit tool, one by one and create test shots of the parts. Then, a physical system was to be devised so that the test shots could be easily viewed and referenced. It did not matter if it was a large, primary body tool (which very often contains everything except clear parts and tires) or a smaller window or taillight tool, or even a tire tool. Sample shots were to be produced.

As many of the tools had been used to create alternate or updated versions of the respective kits over the decades, in some cases there were parts blocked off. Efforts were made to unblock the closed gates to allow all the parts cavities currently in the tool to be injected with plastic.

In the end, not all the tools got sampled. When RC2 bought Ertl the program was cancelled and tools started getting shipped overseas. However, an impressive number of tools did get checked and sampled and the shots thereof have proven to be a big help in finding and putting some old kit tooling back together!

The method that was developed to catalog and display the hanger shots was to sandwich them between two clear sheets of mylar, with a metal clothes hanger at the top. Now they could easily be hung up and viewed. Racks were built to hang them all on and they were set up in a dedicated portion of a warehouse room. The first time I visited that room, it was an overwhelming sight. Many of the shots represented kits that had been reissued in recent years, but many others were exciting models that have not been reissued in decades. For an example, one of those shots was the MPC Daytona Transport Truck. As most of you know, we were able to reissue this kit back in 2012 already! Seeing that hanger shot definitely help put things in motion.

With Round 2’s purchase of all the AMT, MPC and Polar Lights tooling, all the existing hanger shots were acquired. I’m happy to say we finally have these set up in Round 2’s warehouse and wanted to share a couple photos with you, to give you an inside look at a system that will help us to continue bringing you as many sought after kits as possible!

HangerShots3 HangerShots2 HangerShots1

112 Responses to “What’s a hanger shot?”

  1. Mach7 says:

    Thanks for the inside view!

    Have you found any interesting old kits?

    I see a few saucer sections in there.


    • JohnG says:

      There are plenty of interesting kits still left, depending on your modeling tastes! Being that you mentioned saucer sections, I’m guessing you are a sci-fi fan. I know Jamie hasn’t had a chance to comb through these shots yet, but he may ultimately be the best one to comment on kits of that genre.

  2. ModelMan says:

    What an excellent and creative methodology for such an oddball situation. Will you folks have the overseas tools done similarly so you can get as complete an inventory as possible?

    About how many hundreds of kits are represented in the photos and what kind of percentage is that of the overall catalog?

    Thanks for preserving the history, Round2!

    • JohnG says:

      There are actually decent records of what is overseas so I don’t think a program like this would happen over there.

      As to how many kits are represented in the photos, we haven’t actually counted yet and as some are in the current catalog and some are not, it would take some time to come up with an accurate percentage.

      We appreciate your support – there’s still so much to get organized and as we uncover things we hope to share it with you all!

  3. crowe-t says:

    That’s an interesting way to keep track of the inventory.

    I wish I had some of that on the hangers in my closet. 😉

    Thanks for posting these pictures and the history lesson.


    • JohnG says:

      Thank you, Mike.

      • crowe-t says:

        John, Will any of the MPC Pro Stock kits eventually be re-issued?

        Such as the Dyno Don or Gapp & Roush Pro Stock Pintos.


        • JohnG says:

          Mike, I’d certainly like to reissue some of them – again, piecing the tooling back together on these is tough. Or, major backdating of big parts like bodies is required. Still, I am very aware of how much interest there is in these kits. I’d love to see them again, too.

  4. JamieH says:

    Hi guys- John G. wrote this entry and he is out on vacation this week. Look for some responses to your questions when he gets back.

  5. Lou says:

    Interesting-The closeup is of the original 1964 F-85 kit!So the Funny car version did not destroy this mold!

    • JohnG says:

      Well, actually it kind of did – the body that you see in that test shot photo is the altered wheelbase funny car body. We’d have to reverse the changes or retool the body in order to reissue the annual kit again. But I’m happy to see that so much of the annual kit has survived.

  6. Lemble says:

    Does this include all of the molds now or just the addition of the new catalog?
    Just wondering if any of the early 60’S ford trucks have been found?

    • JohnG says:

      This is only a portion of the molds, but goes way beyond the latest catalog. Some tools were never sampled in this program. I can say without a doubt that the early 60’s Ford trucks are long gone, unfortunately.

  7. Larry C says:

    It is great to see some of the old kits being re-issued. Any chance for a re-issue of Dukes of hazzard,Cooter’s tow truck?

    • JohnG says:

      It’s not beyond the realm of possibility at some point, but the tooling was changed. We’d have to piece it back together.

  8. Any chance the old Dodge pick up trucks from the ’70s are in there?

    Baja Brute
    ’74 Dodge PU 3n1
    ’73 Dodge PU
    Lil Red Express
    ’75, ’76, ’77 Dodge PU

    I know most of these are the same parts in the kit, but would be huge sellers!

    • JohnG says:

      Pretty sure the Li’l Red Express tooling is still in tact as RC2 reissued the kit.

      • Scott Millican says:

        Yes, that would make sense, but these are quite plentiful on the open market.

        But that being said, if the Lil Red Express tooling is still around, then so is the Warlock tooling as it was essentially the same truck, just with 4X4 underpinning. Ditto for the Midnight Express, as it was the same as the Lil Red, just different markings, and black.

        Those 3 would/should be easy to do, however the other full size Dodge trucks are very sought after, and if the tooling exists, would be very lucrative for Round 2 to re-issue.

        • Joey Michael says:

          In fact all it would take is to add in the front drive axle ,two 4wd drive shafts and transfer case (the Transfercase cross member is already in the LRE Dodge truck kit) and the 4wd shifter for the interior (since the LRE kit already has the 4wd interior tub) .
          This is all it would take to make the Dodge LRE (Little Red Express) Kits really popular if it was rereleased .
          Further more if Round2 Models did re release the Dodge LRE kit at least offer a standard short bed verion or even put both beds in same kit . I know I would be willing to pay a little more for options I have said here . Thank you

  9. George says:

    That is definetly an eye opener. Is the MPC 68 Dodge Coronet R/T hanging in there as well?

    • JohnG says:

      Unfortunately as with most annuals the tooling was most likely updated or shared with other kits. MPC was notorious for sharing the smallest tooling inserts between various kits. There may be a couple of existing small inserts, but certainly not the entire kit.

      • George says:

        What actually happened a few years ago when the the 68′ Coronet was announced to be released and then was cancelled? Round 2 must have found something in their inventory of tooling. Was the tooling incomplete? What was actually found to make the announcement? If so, maybe they could have done a release of the drag version called the Feverbee which would not require all the parts that the annual would have require. Stock body, logghe chassis, hemi engine and racing tires is all that is needed for the drag version. Something to seriously consider as is would be a very good seller for us modelers.

        • JohnG says:

          We have no info on what happened back then, unfortunately. That announcement was made when RC2 still owned the tooling and we weren’t involved in any way. Even if we had the body, we’d still have to retool the interior tin to do the funny car version.

  10. fred says:

    i would like to know if there are any plans to reissue the mpc 73 vega customizing kit# 1-7327-225 in i/25th scale. this kit is in high demand and original ones go for very good money on ebay. unfortunitely above what i can afford to pay for a kit,i think a reissue would be very popular and have good sales, please reissue this kit!

  11. David says:

    I once had a late ’70s Dodge truck with 4 wheel drive and a bed that had no extended wheel wells, is it in there???
    Also the old MPC NASCAR kits from the late ’60s-early ’70s with a chassis that could be built in 3 different wheel bases???

    • JohnG says:

      I’m not sure about the Dodge truck, but if the chassis is the same one I’m thinking of, we just recently restored it for the upcoming reissue of the Donnie Allison Mercury Cyclone stock car (MPC796 – November release). It’s also used in the 1975 Pepsi Chevelle stock car kit which should be out anytime now, if it isn’t already (MPC808). Over time, if we can piece back together any of the other old MPC stock cars that used this chassis AND get the licensing, you can pretty much bet we’ll try.

      • David says:

        The Pepsi chevelle does have the very same chassis and engine set up as the old NASCAR kits of the ’70s as well as the interior!!!

  12. Bob Ellis says:

    It looks like it is a real possibility to re-issue the 64 OLDs Cutlass kit; if the body is the only change. So as to not confuse the original issue with this one, maybe an option would be re-issuing it as a first year ’64 442 instead of the Cutlass. Wouldn’t harm the value of the old kits, and would put a demand of collecting a first time issue ’64 442 kit. Separate roof like the ’65 GTO might be good unless you plan to alter it again both versions. Very interesting information.

  13. Chris Brame says:

    John, I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your your willingness to give us this info. Along those same lines, are there any molds turning up for some of the other kits that were last seen in the late ’60s Flower Power, Baja, etc. series? The ones that weren’t converted to modified stockers, in particular the ’62 Galaxie and ’59 Buick hardtops, and the ’61 Galaxie and ’60 T-bird convertibles? Or any of the other promo tools for the Craftsman series?

    Thanks again!

    P.S. Also looking forward to getting the 1/32 All Stars again!

    • JohnG says:

      Hi Chris, unfortunately, to my knowledge, all the items you mention are long gone. I have not found any evidence of those particular items still being in existence. I’m quite sure they would have been reissued by now and I truly wish we still had them!

      • Chris Brame says:

        Oh well. Put me down for an All Stars (now Scale Stars) Avanti, plus a ’40 Ford sedan, ’32 Ford 3-window coupe and ’61 Ranchero if all those are still around. Thanks again!

  14. Walter J Tuss Jr says:

    Hi guys

    I was surprize to see the hanger shot. I hope that will find some useable kits to resisue. Any word on the 34 Ford Pu yet? I have three of the orginal kits now and would be glade to send you a copy of the ins. if you would like.

    Hope this finds all well


    • JohnG says:

      Hi Walt,

      We hope to reissue the ’34 Ford pickup eventually as an original AMT kit but the Lindberg version is a current item with one of our vendors, so it could be some time before it all happens. We have original instruction sheets but thanks for the offer! Hope you are doing great.

  15. Mark Moore says:

    This type of idea just shows when a company is actually interested in & concerned about the products they sell & their customers. Although Ertl started out as primarily a diecast & toy company, they wound up being excellent stewards of the AMT & MPC brands.

    Round2 is proving to be even better at it, taking the idea Ertl started & completing it. I really appreciate all the old kits you guys have resurrected & the reproducing of the vintage box art & restoration of the vintage parts that you do. I purchase several different ones every month.

    Speaking of restoration of vintage parts, is there any chance we’ll ever see the 57 Ford & 57 Chevy kits get all of their “Trophy Series” era custom parts, (that were in the kits up to around 1970), brought back? I have original issue versions of each kit, & would love to have more to build all of the custom variants that were possible back then. Also, (& please don’t kill me for mentioning a competitor’s old product), I have an old reissue of the Revell 57 Nomad I want to build a custom El Camino style pickup out of, & that original Trophy Series front end option would be so perfect for it.

    How RC2 handled the model end of the business? Well the less said about them the better.

    • JohnG says:

      Mark, I can’t say for sure, currently on the ’57 Ford/Chevy kits – I would love to reintroduce the original parts as always but I’ll have to see if any of the original inserts still exist for any of those parts.

      • Mark Moore says:

        That would be very cool, & can I recommend another much desired reissue that RC2 did release for a short time before basically killing the model division?

        It’s the MPC 60 Corvette. While MPC did reuse the inaccurate for 1960 interior from their 57 Corvette, along with an inaccurate air cleaner for the dual 4 BBL option, the rest of the kit is chock full of greatness. Working front suspension with real metal coil springs, (which RC2 actually replicated, & a multitude of building options, (the kit was a 6in 1 kit, stock, custom, road race, rally, Modified Production drag car, & a Bonneville version), this is a great kit. When RC2 did reissue for such a short time I only managed to grab one of them.

        I’d also love to see the 1968 Indy 500 winning Rislone Eagle reissued. I know that most of the tooling existed as recent as 1995/1996, as that’s when Ertl reissued the Dan Gurney/Denis Hulme Olsenite Eagle, which was virtually identical, The Rislone had a 4 cylinder turbo Offy, & an external oil cooler, where the Olsenite Eagle had a Weslake/Ford V8 & a Ford 4 cam V* as it’s engine options.

  16. charles Hartranft says:

    I would like to see a new mold made of the “Time Machine “AWB-65 chevelle -because it was altered into the modified sportsman car–and “The Mr. Speed” 53 Stude with the Piranha chassis and engine-Also the Chezoom Funny car -Corvair with the Hemi under glass -chassis under it-has never been reissued–Drag cars are Hot–!!!–The 64 Olds AWB car would be neat to have along with the Edsel -AWB car–

    • JohnG says:

      Charles, you’ll be happy to know the CheZooom Corvair funny car is slated for reissue this December! It’s going to have a bonus set of tinted windows as an option, too.

      • Mark Moore says:

        Yeah the news on the site of the Chezooom Corvair FC had me doing the happy dance when I saw it!

        If you include a set of accurate Yenko Stinger decals in the stock kit, I’ll have to get a couple of those as well, but other than that, I bought a case of the stock 69 Corvairs back when RC2 reissued it & I haven’t worked through all of those yet!

  17. Scott2675 says:

    Very much looking forward to the Chezoom,,I cant find a Corvair kit of any type,,let alone a drag version,,way cool. And the 70′ AMX is on my get list also,,nice!

    • JohnG says:

      The 1969 “annual” kit will also be reissued in December – that’s what we’re shooting for anyway. It will have vintage box art, too.

  18. charles Hartranft says:

    I had that kit in 69-chezoom -when I was 13-That’s Great news-about it being reissued -whatever happened to the AMT 68-69 AMX mold –/ that was another great kit–Slowly more great kits from the old days are coming back–thank You-!!!

    • George says:

      Would someone at Round 2 be able to check on the 68′ Dodge Coronet R/T tooling to see what’s actually there? 3 versions of that kit was done in 1968. Hardtop 3 in 1 kit, convt kit and the Feverbee drag version. This kit in any of these 3 versions are in very high demand by kit builders. What would it take to get this going for a future release?

  19. William Chun says:

    Hi JohnG Is there any chance the Tyrone Malone “Super Boss” and the other trucks be reissued?

    • Tom Zerbe says:

      Hello JohnG,
      I too wish to inquire about the Tyrone Malone trucks. And the possibility of parts pack engines with those cool Detroit Diesel v-12’s. It seems theres a pretty good interest in these trucks considering the bidding attention they get on a certain auction site.And even just the engines in parts listings too. Thanks

  20. ron says:

    Any chance we’ll see the old Aurora Sea Lab re-issued?

    • JamieH says:

      So far as we know, no tooling still exists for this kit. If it does, it isn’t something we have access to so the entire kit would need to be retooled.

  21. phil g. says:

    I too would like to see the old Dodge trucks ,(MPC), back in production. I would especially like to see a short bed Wideside pickup as well as the old “Emergency” rescue squad 1 ton truck. The Corvair funny car will be a welcome return. It would also be nice if the logghe chassis ,(funny Hugger Camaro, Mach won mustang), could be reissued as a “parts pack” with both the Chevy and Ford engines. I would also like to see the 68 Elcamino ,(AMT/Ertl), reissued as a 69 Elcamino. I think this would only require a grill, interior and fan belt retool. It would be nice to see it as the soap box derby version with the original box art. Thanks for returning all the old models back to production. I look forward to seeing more in the future.

  22. Mark Moore says:

    While we’re on the subject of potential reissues, with the purchase of Lindberg/Hawk, besides the ex-IMC kits that Lindberg reissued, (Mustang II concept car, Cougar II concept car, Dodge A100, Dodge L700, flatbed, box & tanker trailers), do you have possession of any of the other old IMC tooling? There’s the VW Beetle, Lotus 38 Indy 500 winner, Ford GT40, GT40 MkII, J-Car & MkIV, Chaparral 2E & Lola T70 & 46-48, (could be build as all three years), Ford coupe & convertible kits. Besides the ones Lindberg reissued Testors reissued all but the J-Car. VW & Lola, & Union in Japan reissued those & all the Fords other than the concept cars & Lotus.

    I’d love to see all of those return.

  23. Tim Ridout says:

    Hi John, Does any of the old 1/43 series tooling still exist I would like to see them again I love kitbashing the ones I have with diecast parts to make street machines.

  24. Michael Anderson says:

    That is a really cool idea.
    Its one thing to have simply a catalog of existing tools, box art, or whatever.
    But to be able to go to a rack and go ‘shopping’ for a cool kit that hadn’t been released in a long time – seeing the parts (3 Dimensionally) is a great idea.

  25. Kyle says:

    Awesome! I wonder if/hope there is a Novacaine hanging in there!

  26. Andy says:

    Are there any of the old go cart or motorcycle goodies still around? I know that they were issued with early 60’s kits but do not know if they were in the same molds . Is there anyway that we could see more parts packs from these older goodies?

  27. Andy says:

    Thanks John .

  28. Arthur Simms says:

    How can i order a book. Or an address to the company

  29. Arthur Simms says:

    Im looking for the amt657 Drag-U-La model

  30. RossH says:

    Glad you guys are keeping these kits alive! Now that you have all the AMT tools, Please tell me the Mark Donohue AMX Javelin will see the light of day again.

  31. Andy says:

    Is there a chance a Pinto/Vega/EXP kit may come back out? I would think they would sell well seeing the prices they go for at the show and Ebay. Also John has anyone had the idea of selling parts from kits that only some of the mold is usable . I know this seems far fetched but old glass and interior or some custom parts are as good as a new kit if you have an old body. A good Buick Nailhead would be nice.

    • JohnG says:

      Hi Andy,

      As with all things, I can’t promise, but I am indeed looking in to what I can reissue for Pintos etc. As for the idea on selling partial kits, I have thought of this also, and might experiment with the idea in the future. But I tend to have this drive in me that pushes me to try and get the complete kit(s) back in action.

  32. David says:

    Are the molds for the American LaFrance fire trucks there and if so will R2 be reissuing the kits any time soon??

  33. RTBeuke says:

    Do the molds for the ’65 barracuda still exist?

    • JohnG says:

      No, they were updated into the 1966 Barracuda which was then repurposed to make the Hemi Under Glass ’66 wheelstander kit. I truly wish we still had the ’65 as it’s one of my two all time favorite 1:1 cars!

  34. DLMatthys says:

    Now that is impressive!!!
    Model archeolegy.

  35. Chris Brame says:

    Hi John and Jamie,
    Any truth to the story that the ’59 Buick molds survive in England in the hands of a small firm that was going to make a limited run? And were there any other old AMT molds sent over there when the company was tied up with Matchbox?

  36. David says:

    You say you would need a licensing agreement?? I was afraid of that because as of this past January 2014 American LaFrance is out of business. You could always make new cabs of a different make of fire trucks.

  37. mbaltes says:

    Great to see see these hangers have survived and are still providing usefulness. I know the person very well who worked at Ertl back in the day who was responsible for most all of the kit mold cataloging and directing mold sampling of the old kits you see on these hangers. Keep up the good work!

  38. Daniel says:

    Is Ruond2 coming out with the old drag combo?

    • JohnG says:

      Which one? There were several…

      • Daniel says:

        cal-Drag combo?

        Chevelle drag team?

        Indy Drag combo?

        Shelby Drag team?

        • JohnG says:

          Cal Drag Combo: not beyond the realm of possibility but the trailer would require some backdating at the very least.

          Chevelle Drag Team: can’t reissue as the Chevelle Time Machine AWB was modified into the modified stocker. The AWB chassis used under the Chevelle, Olds F-85 and Edsel “funny cars” was not found.

          Indy Drag combo: can’t reissue as the Nova wagon was modified into the Boss Nova drag vehicle.

          Shelby Drag Team: some comments on trailer, ’68 Shelby missing several original parts.

  39. Matt Weller says:

    What about the MPC 1968 Impala? It was never re-issued or re-tooled, so if the tooling still exists presumably it would require no mods to run.

    I read recently that the hardtop version is the most sought after kit by collectors, with prices up to $300 for good original kits. I think the “most sought after” is a subjective opinion, but the pricing is bang on…I watch these on eBay all the time. You can’t even get a messed up glue-bomb for less than $100

    Re-release that and I will buy a case!!! So will many, many other people…John can you comment on the status of that tooling?

    The ’69 Impala would be #2 right behind that, with the same comments in terms of popularity but, I believe that tool was modified to produce the ’70. Although I have both kits, only change is the body itself and those changes were not extensive. Any chance to see a revised tooled ’69 in the future? Sure would make a lot of folks happy!

    • JohnG says:

      Hi Matt, the list of suggestions and wants we have from modelers is a mile long. The ’69 Impala is an interesting idea but I can’t say at this time whether it is something we would do. It’s not beyond the realm of possibility, sometime in the future, but that stands for many other projects as well.

      • Matt Weller says:

        Thanks John!

        Yeah, I can only imagine how long the list is! What about the ’68 Impala though, is it known if the tooling still exists? Is it a remote possibility to see a re-issue? (however that fits in the the already mentioned long list?) that was never re-issued or modified into another year, so presumably it would be a straight shot (less any restoration needed to the tool due to age) to re-release a VERY hot and sought after classic.

        • JohnG says:

          To my knowledge, the tooling no longer exists for the ’68 unfortunately.

          • Matt Weller says:

            Well, it was worth the ask. Thanks for the info!

            If you ever decide to revise the 1970 Impala tool back to 1969, keep in mind the AMT version is far superior to the MPC for detail accuracy. AMT got the rear window curve, front door jamb/fender jamb, front and rear marker lights and front bumper side details all correct where MPC failed. MPC however had a better stock hood and rear bumper.I have an AMT ’69 Impala Promo I’d gladly donate to the cause if you ever elected to reverse-engineer it! I see the 1970 is being re-released again, which is 90% plus of the original 1969 kit less body changes.

          • Matt Weller says:

            Well, it was worth the ask. Thanks for the info!

            If you ever decide to revise the 1970 Impala tool back to 1969, keep in mind the AMT version is far superior to the MPC for detail accuracy. AMT got the rear window curve, rear wheel opening profile,front door jamb/fender jamb shape, front and rear marker lights and front bumper side details all correct where MPC failed. MPC however had a better stock hood and rear bumper.I have an AMT ’69 Impala Promo I’d gladly donate to the cause if you ever elected to reverse-engineer it! I see the 1970 is being re-released again, which is 90% plus of the original 1969 kit less body changes.

          • JohnG says:

            Thanks Matt, we’ll take you up on that if such a project comes to light in the future.

  40. Andy says:

    Do the International 1466, Plow or Farm Wagon molds still exist ?

  41. Todd says:

    I was disapointed to read the above post that Round 2 doesn’t have the Ertl AG kit tooling. Hopefully Ertl still does?
    At any rate? do you have all the tooling for the old Ertl International trucks and Scouts and the Mack trucks that have never been reissued?

    • JohnG says:

      Some tools we may have and some we definitely don’t. In most cases, our concern is more about the condition of the tools and whether they can be used. That’s the kind of thing we have to dig into and investigate and it takes a lot of time and resources.

  42. Bill B says:

    Hi John:

    I was wondering if you folks are going to continue with your reissuing of the old AMT, ERTL semi truck and trailer kits. I love these and hope to see more of them reissued in the future for sure!

  43. Chris Brame says:

    Hi John,
    Just bumping this question up:

    Any truth to the story that the ’59 Buick molds survive in England in the hands of a small firm that was going to make a limited run? And were there any other old AMT molds sent over there when the company was tied up with Matchbox?

    And a new question, re the ’63 Nova wagon – are any of its other molds (interior, chassis, engine) still existing? If so it seems that the body could be saved in the same way the ’65 GTO was by restoring the rear wheel wells and re-engraving the door lines and trim. Just try to get one of those wagons now for less than $100!

    • JohnG says:

      I have not personally heard the story about the ’59 Buick being in England and have no info whatsoever. So, I can’t really comment one way or another. With the tooling changing hands several times over the decades, not a lot of info has survived to be passed on.

      Unfortunately, we’ve looked but haven’t found any inserts for the ’63 Nova Wagon. It’s disappointing because I really like that kit too.

  44. Daniel says:

    does the mold still exist for the 67 chevy pick up truck?

  45. 1. Do you know if there was ever a kit made for the 73 Dodge Polara? Or is there a list of all the annual cars ever produced?

    2. Is there any activity going on designing ‘new’ tooling for amt or Ertl kits (that type or style of kit), or do you guys ‘only’ make models from old tooling? I ask because I’m a Mechanical Designer with over 15 years experience and would LOVE to design new tooling for NEW big-rig kits. They stopped making new kits in what, late 70’s? It always said ‘see our growing line-up of trucks’ on the vintage kit boxes, and again on the “retro” deluxe re-issues,,, but it sure would be nice to start that “line-up” back up!!! I have many ideas for new trucks that were never made, and I am currently out of work, because this economy is so bad from shipping everything overseas that I’m not working in my related field. I have been building models from AMT, ERTL, MPC, MONOGRAM & Lindberg etc. since I was 7 years old, and have been for 37 years now; It’s always been a dream of mine to design new truck kits (or cars) for “amt” or ERTL,,, but since they are no longer a company, it’s probably a vain dream huh?

    lastly, I want to thank you all at Round 2 for making the old kits again!!! I am so happy to be able to buy and build the kits I was never able to get once I really got into them. I invite you to check out my truck line on my Google+ page (found in my profile). I actually feel like I do allot of advertising for you and have some of my trucks posted on as well.

    Thanks again!!!

  46. Bob Ellis says:

    Are the inserts still in existence for the MPC 1971-1972 Impalas? I know the chassis, engine, dashboard and a bunch of other parts are in the last issue of the 1976 Caprice. Is this a possible project or is the mold too modified to back date?

  47. Rick Chupa says:

    It is a very exciting time to be a model builder, Round2 is to be congratulated for the the work you have done in bringing the excitement back to the hobby! I am curious as to the status of the Kenworth W925 molds,It’s common knowledge that the molds were altered to produce the T600 truck but are the changes irreversible,? The W925 as well as the Alaskan hauler, Movin’ On truck and Challenge/Cooke mixer versions are all very pricey in the collector market would do well for Round 2. Jut my two cents worth!

  48. Jesse Talmage says:

    Hi there!

    Thanks for reissuing all kinds of cool kits from a time that I was not around for! I love building all of those old kits!

    Any chance the old ’65 Ford Fairlane 500 Sports Coupe will be reissued at some point? Last I saw, it was a “modified stocker” with virtually no usable stock parts left in the kit.

    Also, any of the MPC stock body ’77 Mustang II tool left out there? Or, was it forever changed when it became the Firefighter drag car? I always liked the MPC body over the AMT body.



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