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July 2024

Round 2 Models: Wonderfest 2014 roundup

posted by JamieH 11:50 AM
Monday, June 9, 2014

Another Wonderfest has come and gone once again. I have to admit that though this year’s show didn’t sneak up on me it seems like the time needed for planning for it gets pinched more and more every year. In such great haste, mistakes are bound to happen. Luckily they were small and no one got hurt. (What is it with me and Star Trek ship name spelling…?)

More than anything else show attendees want to see what we have coming next. In light of recent events (which I’ll get into later) I’ve decided it is best to wait on getting too far ahead of ourselves with product announcements. So, we focused mostly on things that are coming very soon, but we still slipped in a few things that we feel confident enough to talk about.

On the Star Trek front, we had…

The U.S.S. Reliant 1:1000 scale snap kit which will be out very soon. I received production samples the day I returned from the show. This means the kit is about 4-6 weeks from hitting store shelves.

The next new kit on deck is a 3-ship Cadet Series set that focuses on Deep Space 9. It features the U.S.S. Saratoga, U.S.S. Defiant and Galor-class ships. As usual the set will include full decals for all three ships.

New to our 1:1000 scale ship lineup of will be the TOS Romulan Bird-of-Prey. The ship is a personal favorite of mine. We are just getting started on it, but we hope to have it out in about a year.

Also coming in 2015 will be a reissue of the U.S.S. Enterprise Cutaway. We are just now starting to examine the kit to see what changes we might make to it. I wouldn’t expect anything terribly extensive, but we’ll see if there is anything “logical” we should do to improve it from previous releases.

Lastly, though it may not look like much as far as our display goes, we’ve completed the overall plans for the Galileo shuttle kit. So we can now begin the mockup process.

Next, Space:1999…

We showcased our new reissue of the Moonbase Alpha kit. It features an all-new four-part vacuform base. I know dealing with the vacuform base in the past was kind of a hassle, so we’ve done what we can to make it as easy as possible to assemble and hide the seams. The new base was necessary to present the entire layout of the base including five all-new launch pads that feature optional docking extensions and new in-scale Eagle transporters. The travel tubes are included as separate pieces where the original release had them embedded as part of the base. New decal artwork rounds out the improvements. These are supplied for the launch pads as well as the computer terminals for the command center interior.

The next development for license is a Deluxe Eagle Transporter. This kit utilizes our existing Eagle kit, but now includes resin parts for the laboratory pod and booster pack.

For the Alien license…

We showed our RP of the resin XO Kane kit which was a little worse for the wear having been sent around the world and back. The #1 question we got at the show was “when will this be available?” We hope to announce a price and release date for the kit soon.

We also showed the CG work done by Angelo Bastianelli on the USS Sulaco. His work has since been approved by the licensor so we’ll be moving to the next step on the ship. I hope to get the kit to market in 9-12 months.

Best of the rest…

We presented our Back to the Future II Time Machine and all-new General Lee snap-together kits along with a reissue of the Hindenburg. All should be out later this summer. We gave a preview of new Lindberg reissue box art that shows our approach to using vintage art and design cues in a fresh way. Everything else on display is available now from your usual hobby retailer.

Along with the compliments on our product, we also fielded questions about a few projects that were conspicuously absent. After “When will Kane be available?”, the next most common question was “So, what happened to the Wicked Witch kit?” Please believe me when I say there isn’t purely one reason, but a pile of reasons that made us reconsider releasing the kit. The final decision was hotly debated here and was a painful one to make. Unfortunately the Witch wasn’t the only kit we have to talk about… Sadly, I had to inform those that asked that the King Kong kit which we’ve shown images will also be cancelled as will the Marvel Comics Thor kit and 1966 Batman & Robin 1:8 scale figures. None of these decisions was taken lightly and I can assure you every one was fought for to continue.

I’m loathed to end a blog post on such a down note, so back to other aspects of the show…

For the past three years Round 2 has presented awards for the “Best Use of a Round 2 Model Kit” in the Wonderfest model contest. This year’s competition had a record number of entries with well over 600. As usual, the level of quality in the buildups was amazing. We present our award for three categories Adult, Teen and Junior. This year’s adult winner was David Lewis who used one of our 1:350 scale TOS Enterprises to build his vision of a TOS-era Miranda-class ship. It was a beautifully built model that featured lights as well as interior details like an arboretum and dual shuttle bays. The junior division winner was Alex Tabor whose diorama presented his vision of the TOS U.S.S. Defiant making waste of a mirror universe Enterprise era ship. Unfortunately, we ran into the same problem we had in the past two years as no buildup was entered in the teen division that had used one of our kits. We’ll have to reconsider next year’s awards and probably do one award for junior/teen. Alex walked away with both junior and teen prizes which featured three 1:1000 scale Star Trek kits (child award) and a pile of kits including the Man In Space rocket set, 1:144 scale C-57D and an Enterprise-E (teen award). David walked away with a $100 coupon for Congrats to the two of you. Also, I want to send a special shout out to Mark McGovern who we have build our own “amazing figure models” who took away the big award for Most Amazing Figure sponsored by Amazing Figure Modeler magazine. His work on the Absorbing Man was truly “amazing.”

As always, it is great to see everyone at the show. We always walk away with the clear message received that we are doing all right by everyone there. I personally have to say that it is my pleasure to be there. I always leave with a sense of renewed vigor for the tasks awaiting me when I return to the office.


91 Responses to “Round 2 Models: Wonderfest 2014 roundup”

  1. Jim Long says:

    Hey Jamie,

    What about the Alien queen?

  2. edge10 says:

    Looking forward to the Romulan and Reliant!

  3. Josh says:

    Will we ever see the Akira Class? Nebula? Constellation class? Intrepid reissue? Shuttles?

  4. Roger says:

    Sulaco in 1/1000? Wow… now where did my jaw roll off to after it hit the floor?

  5. B R says:

    That Cardassian ship is the same scale as the defiant? I call Shenanigans! I wish they’d focus on some more 1/1000 scale items… Enteprice C D an E anyone?

  6. phicks says:

    For the Eagle with lab pod, will the entire pod be newly moulded resin, or will we just receive resin side pieces to attach to the existing styrene pod? Looking forward to it either way.

    Please give us a Nostromo someday.

  7. Evan Wardwell says:

    Fantastic kits! Looking forward to the ALIEN Kane kit! Real excited about the upgraded Star Trek Shuttlecraft! Hope one day to see some affordable kits of classic ships like the Proteus from Fantastic Voyage, Airwolf, the 2 cars from the 60’s film The Great Race and some retro Flash Gordon ships! Just thinking outloud (Buck Rogers 1979 models re-release)!

  8. ALLAN YEATS says:

    Re: USS Sulaco in 1/1000 scale.

    What would be the approximate size of the model? I have an old HALCYON kit that was (if I remember right) 1/2500 and is about 10″ long. Does that mean the new kit would closer to 25″?. If so, woo, hoo!!!

    • JamieH says:

      We based our length measurement on the Colonial Marines Technical Manual which states the length as 385m. That gives us a model length of 15″ long including the forward antenna array. So, not 22″ but bigger than the Halcyon kit. If we can maintain the level of detail in our CAD file the kit should be pretty nice.

      • paul wickham says:

        i have the Halcyon kit & its a great model when built, however, Sulaco in 1/1000 is something that is long overdue & is not “Star Trek” in this scale by your company, this kit will sell like hotcakes! make it happen! please?

  9. Mach7 says:

    Thanks for the update Jamie!

    The Romulan BOP will be a great addition!

    I’m interested in the eagle bonus kit, any idea when it will be available?
    any news on the hawk? Any chance of a new eagle tool in the future?



    • JamieH says:

      The Deluxe Eagle should be out by the end of the year. No news to report on the Hawk other than we’ve reached out to Airfix about it. A chance of a new Eagle tool? There is always a chance.

  10. Jason Eaton says:

    I was sad to hear the Sealab III is a non-starter, but heartened to hear the Sealab III “studio scale builder bags” idea might have legs, and I am gathering feedback on what to possibly include. Thank you for listening to the fans at such an intimate level!

  11. Randal says:

    Can’t wait for the U.S.S Sulaco

  12. BatToys says:

    I wish you would reconsider the 1966 Batman and Robin 1/8 kits. Those are a sure thing. I wanted to buy King Kong.

    Those should have been higher priority than the Space 1999 kits. I have zero interest in the 1999 and Alien kits.

  13. Alex Tabor says:

    Thank you very much.

  14. Tomh, Esq says:

    Super excited about Reliant coming out next month!

    And I’m glad to hear that you’re continuing with the Cadet Series – It’ll be great to see some DS9 ships produced. Especially the Defiant for those of us who didn’t buy the reissued DS9 kit.

    I enjoyed getting my hands on the MPC Eagle kit, and I’m looking forward to the 1/1000 Sulaco. But I really would like to see a 1/1000 Nostromo kit. The Halcyon model has been out of production for a long time, and besides, it was made of vinyl.

    BTW – Would you consider a 1/2500 Alien set which would include the Sulaco, Nostromo, and the Crashed Derelict Ship?

    Anyways, keep up the hard work! I’m glad Round 2 is out there catering to us crazy bunch of sci-fi modelling geeks.

  15. Denis McDougall says:

    I was very much looking forward to the Witch kit…Cancelled.
    I was even more interested in the King Kong Kit…also cancelled.
    I have zero interest in Star Trek, 1999 and Alien kits…These have been done to Death…
    Thank God Monarch and Moebius Models are making Monster kits…
    Round 2…sad…just sad…Time for me to move on… good luck and goodbye…

    • Tomh, Esq. says:

      Dennis, you’re a troll.

      Some of us actually are sci-fi modelers, and do care about Round 2’s Star Trek and Alien releases.

      Jamie – Ignore this piece of dren, and keep up the hard work!

      • JamieH says:

        Each company uses a different business model. I approve every comment out of fairness to everyone unless someone really becomes insulting. No hard feelings towards Denis. I hope he finds the products out there that he is interested in.

        • Denis McDougall says:

          Tomh, I am not a Troll and I apologise if I upset you. I know there is a large group that Love Star Trek etc . I’m just very frustrated and disappointed that these kits that were announced are now cancelled. No hard feelings Jamie, I know it wasn’t your call.
          Cheers guys!

  16. nicholas says:

    Great to meet you @ WF Jamie!!

    • JamieH says:

      You too, Nick. Sorry we didn’t have more time to chat. Always a lot to see and do at the show. 🙂 Congrats on the Iron Modeler win!

  17. Rob says:

    Shame about the cancellations, but still excited about what you’re going forward with. I can’t read the text on the Galileo graphic. Can you post a higher resolution image?

    • JamieH says:

      I can’t post larger pics here, but I’ll try posting a larger one on our FB page when I find a minute. I have more pics from the show that I plan on posting there.

  18. RB says:

    Jamie, has there been any thought about going smaller with figure kits, ala’ the gone-but-not-forgotten AEF 1/35 Aliens line? I’m not an expert on tooling costs but such figure sets might be more cost effective to produce, be more attractive to young modelers, and also appeal to gamers.

  19. Jade says:

    I’m keeping my eyes open as you say, when it comes to Space 1999 as there was rumor that a 22″ Eagle may come out depending on the sales of the reissue
    kits (Moonbase, 12″ Eagle and moonbuggy).

    However, it came both as a surprise and a let down that you’re re-issuing the same 12″ kit again but with a different Pod. I don’t think most fans wanted the re-issue of the 12″ in the first place other than to support the possibility of the 22″ Eagle. IMHO, I don’t think adding a new Lab Pod to the already inaccurate Eagle would promote sales. Why venture that route when I think you know what fans want??

  20. Brad says:

    Hi Jaimie and thanks for the update! I’m pretty excited about the items you have in the pipeline. I’m looking forward to the 1/1000 Romulan ship and I will definitely be up for a 1/1000 Sulaco (though I do wonder if the stated length of the Sulaco is too short in the Colonial Marines Technical Manual).

    Is there any chance we might see other bigger ships such as the 1701-E or D (or even C) in 1/1000? I know we’ve had those in 1/1400 but it would be great to have them in the same scale as the other 1/1000 kits! 🙂

  21. David Weimer says:

    what about 1/1000 scale of Klingon D-18 Gull Class and
    1/1400 of USS Titan and 1/1000 scale and the USS Grissom 1/1000 scale of USS Enterprise New movie ship
    and the 1/1000 scale of USS Vengence star ship from
    2013 movie and the USS Excelsior NCC-2000 and NX-2000
    and the 1/1400 scale of USS Enterprise NCC-1701-D
    three engines.
    1/1000 scale of USS Equinox and USS Voyager.

  22. David Weimer says:

    What about a model of the Damnation Alley 12 wheels on the vehicle. Model kit of StarGate ships.
    I like to see model kits of AirWolf one and the AirWolf two.
    I like to see of model kits of Death Star one and
    Death Star two from star wars movies.

  23. Lee F says:

    Id really love to see a new tool dropship some day. Surely its on your radar? 😉
    PS Keep up the good work – super excited about all your releases on the way

  24. Tony says:

    Is it just me, or does it seem like a 350 scale Reliant, or a 1400 scale Nebula Class would be a no brainer. You already have parts for these done… with the Nebula it’s just a new hull. The dish and nacelles are identical to the D.

    I’m still waiting for a decent sized Excelsior. It’s such a beautiful ship. It’s a shame that nobody has been able to do her justice.

    • JamieH says:

      After researching the Reliant in-depth for the 1:1000 scale kit, it becomes apparent pretty quickly how different it really is from the Refit. So 1:350 wouldn’t be as easy a job as it might appear. 1:1400 or 1:25000 Nebula is something we can consider. We’ll get around to retooling parts for the Excelsior one of these days.

      • Tony says:

        thanks for the reply Jamie.
        After the 350 scale Enterprise, Refit, and NX-01. Was hoping for you guys to knock it out of the park with a big kit announcement from WF.

        As for the Nebula, I’d even pay for just a parts kit. If I had to buy a Galaxy class kit, and a conversion kit to make a Nebula, I’d gladly lay down the cash for both kits.

        I know the big kits are expensive to produce, but I’ll just say that a big Excelsior, that you could hit the $125- 175 price point would be a grand slam. It seems like a wide open kit suggestion as there’s not even any garage kits filling that niche.

      • fortress says:

        The Nebula Class, Constellation Class, and Oberth class have been on my wish list for kit subjects that I would like to see produced for quite some time, going forward with new Trek tooling I would to see those subjects kitted in either 1/1000 or 1/1400 scale.

        Cla, and

  25. Phil says:

    Do I spy a reissue Hindenburg?!? YES! Will this soon be followed by the Akron/Macon kit?(Please?)

  26. James,

    Just saw your mention about my award at WonderFest, thanks for that! I was disappointed by the loss of the figure kits also but, as I’ve said before, it’s hard to believe that a modeler has his or her entire stash of kits finished so that he or she HAS NOTHING LEFT TO BUILD but the Wicked Witch, King Kong, Thor, etc. History shows that it’s best never to say never, and who knows what changing circumstances may bring Polar Lights back to making figures again? In the meantime, may I suggest that we all keep whittling down our backlogs of unbuilt model kits and see what develops.

  27. edge10 says:

    Any update on when Reliant will reach the stores?

  28. RoyB says:

    Love what you have coming out but are you release the TOS Miranda Class Starship. Looks like a TOS Reliant. Thanks

    • JamieH says:

      No plans to do a TOS Miranda right now, but the Wonderfest contest just goes to show that a skilled modeler can create one of their own from our other kits.

    • JamieH says:

      No plans to do a TOS Miranda right now, but the Wonderfest contest just goes to show that a skilled modeler can create one of their own from our other kits.

    • JamieH says:

      No plans, but Wonderfest shows what can be done with our other offerings to create just about anything you can envision.

  29. Michael Dudley says:

    Very excited about the deluxe Eagle — but this looks to be a new, accurate version not a reissued inaccurate version we’re familiar with but with pods and boosters attached. Is this the case? Thanks!

    • JamieH says:

      Well… um… no, not quite. It is the original MPC kit with new lab pod and booster pack added to it. The image we displayed was just a quick pic from the show that best served to show what we were going for.

  30. Mach7 says:

    Hi Jamie,

    Do you have any update on the 1/1000 Romulan?
    Or the deluxe Eagle?

    I know you had said they are for later in the year,
    I was wondering if you had been able to refine that
    at all.


    • JamieH says:

      Deluxe Eagle will be out late this year. I’ll post pics of the buildup as soon as we have it completed.
      The RBoP digital sculpt is currently being reviewed by the licensor. As soon as it gets cleared, I’ll show some images of the digital model we’ll be sending to the factory. The RBoP will be out probably in the 1st qtr of next year.

  31. Andrew L says:

    With the cancellation of the figure kits, there is some concern about the Galileo. Is there still a good indication it will be out later next year?

    • JamieH says:

      Though we are shifting away from figures our commitment to spacecraft, especially Star Trek, remains as strong as ever. We are currently evaluating exactly where the Galileo will end up on our schedule.

  32. Andrea says:


    With the Lindburg and Hawk licenses that you have now, are there any plans to release any of their space kits? Like the Covair Atlas, or the satellites? The Star Trek kits are great, my husband has me build them for him, but I like more concept space kits, like your great Pilgrim Observer.

  33. Scott2675 says:

    This may be off topic a bit{it came to mind when I saw the Batman/ Robin figures},,but Im not sure who made the kit back in the day,,but it was a Batman figure ,,looked much like Bruce wayne from the TV show{standing, w/cape blowing in the wind a bit} and it was approx 12″ or so tall,,it had a base of some type,,and it must have been in the late 60’s,,or early 70’s when I built it,,and Ive been looking for it ever since getting back into building in the mid 1980’s. Any ideas who/where it might be today? Id love to get another,,thanks.

    • JamieH says:

      You are likely thinking about the Aurora Batman kit that was produced back in that timeframe. It has since been reissued a few times in different boxes. They can usually be found on auction websites and hobby shows, etc.

  34. fortress says:

    Round 2 clearly has upgraded it’s communications to modelers and it seems has geared up production of new subjects for modelers for that I a pleased, looking forward I hope they continue to push forward their efforts in keeping the modeling industry alive, right now Round 2 is on the front line in the war to keeping modeling alive for our time and that is a big job!

    JamieH, I was wondering have you checked out this made for podcast series STAR TREK AXANAR if
    not please check it out…STAR TREK is alive and well in many forums and still has a pulse!

  35. jack keele says:

    dear lindberg @ amt I am a regular builder got a collection of little over 700 models standing been building for a while I have been wandering if you guys have thought of releasing more classics like maybe some more pre- war autos like from the 20s on up to the mid 40s and may autos that the factory no longer is around like Packard ,Studabaker , Kaiser, maybe more from the 70s and early 80s like le Sabres ,bonnivilles,and a few station wagons few more of the big sedans from that time period basicly a lot of the cars and trucks that people has forgotten about would be nice to see a lot more vintage racecarsand maybe some of them small autos like chevetts or pintos defintly more from the 50s like desotos and henry js maybe more vans @ pickups more ww2 machines would like to hear back from you

    • JohnG says:

      Hi Jack, that’s a lot of subject matter you list there! All I can really tell you is that if we have the tooling for it, we’ll work towards getting it reissued someday. Much of what you are asking for would require all new tooling and, for the most part, we are focusing on resurrecting the tooling we already have to produce kits that haven’t seen the light of day in decades, such as the Piranha Spy Car and others to come.

  36. I saw an article and some photos about a new version of the Marvel World play-set. To be sold at Toysrus. What happened with that? I build custom action figure displays for clients using recycled materials and custom designed computer graphics.

    • JamieH says:

      Unfortunately a great many factors conspired to prevent us from bringing that product to market. In the end the omissions we were being told to make would take it too far away from the contents of the vintage product.

  37. Captn Tommy says:

    Do you at Round 2 have any Forecast on when or if you will think about producing an “Enterprise” Klingon D-4 battlecruiser? Of course in 1/1000 scale to go with the NX-01.

    I have all the Klingons you produce, and they are nice (actually all the ST ships, but one needs to specialize).

    And thank for bring back the Lindberg line.

    Captn Tommy

  38. Ray Lawson says:

    Just curious , if any of the fun dimensions six million dollar man kits might be reposed , for fun?

  39. Brian says:

    Is the Executive Officer Kane Figure model ever coming out?

  40. Brian says:

    Does Round2 not have the license for Star Trek Voyager? I would love to see a 1/350 scale of Voyager.

  41. Daveran says:

    Jamie can you please confirm whether the sulaco is cancelled or not. I have heard that it was indeed cancelled.

    • JamieH says:

      Yes, the Sulaco was (painfully) canceled. We won’t be doing anything beyond the Kane figure with the Alien license unfortunately.

  42. Dennis says:

    Choose one? you need your mouth washed out with soap!

    1. His name is Venus, as in Venus Fly Trap
    2. A and D
    3. B
    4. E
    5. C
    6. A
    7. B
    8. A
    9. C

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