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July 2024

Round 2 Models: And the winner is…

posted by JamieH 10:21 AM
Monday, August 20, 2012

Believe it or not, I’m still here working away on Round 2 Models of all kinds. Just like you I wish I could have posted sooner than this. Many people have been clamoring for a 1701 Club update. Of course so much time and work has gone by that I have a lot to write about. So much so that as I’ve been writing it, I’ve come to the realization that I will probably have to find a way to break it up into two reports. Besides the 1701 Club, many people are waiting with baited breath to hear what ship won the poll I talked about in my last blog post. More on that in just a bit…

I have a sliver of time this week where I think I can write up several blog posts showing progress on some of the projects I mentioned at Wonderfest. I’ve already got some test shots on the Motion Picture Cadet kits, a few versions of the Wolverine kit digital files and I’ve have reviewed he mockup for the Robby the Robot kit featuring Altaira. I should also be seeing the 1:144 C-57D mockup soon. I look forward to sharing some behind the scenes looks at these kits similar to what I’ve been sharing in 1701 Club updates. I’m not sure I’ll have time to get quite as in-depth as those reports have been, but there will still be plenty to share. Once I get them written, I’ll schedule them to release once or twice a week.

Back to the poll results… as you may know, we recorded video footage of this year’s Wonderfest presentation just like we did last year. We had hoped to get it finished and posted some time ago (like before the poll went live) but as things usually happen, other fires got in the way. That isn’t to say we haven’t been working on it all along. Modelman Tom is well known for his Youtube model kit reviews and he has been putting in all kinds of time on our video to make it extra-special and much more entertaining than last year’s edition. As production on the video has wrapped up, the poll has also come to a close. So like a Reese’s peanut butter cup, two great things have come together. So as they say… WITHOUT FURTHER ADO… Check out the 2012 edition of our Wonderfest presentation video to find out the poll winner!

After you’ve viewed it, give us some feedback and let us know what you think.

26 Responses to “Round 2 Models: And the winner is…”

  1. ModelMan says:

    It was a pleasure to be involved on this project, Jamie.

  2. zysurge says:

    Wow, I’m excited by the results! That’s what I voted for, but I didn’t expect it to win. I can already think of at least two versions I’d like to build. Thanks guys!

  3. Fraley1701 says:

    Awesome video and Model Man Tom did a great job editing and putting it together! I also voted for the winning model and was surprised to see it win as well! This just makes me feel like there are a lot of Trek modelers that share a common desire to see an accurate kit of the classic ship produced; long overdue IMHO. 🙂 Thank you to Jamie, Gary Kerr, Jim Small, and Mike for all the work that has been going in to bringing us the Ultimate 1/350 scale TOS Enterprise as well! I so can’t wait to get mine!!!

  4. spock62 says:

    Excellent video. The info on the new Enterprise kit was great and gave a good insight as to just what it takes to produce a kit. Glad to see that we’ll finally get an accurate kit of the old gal. Just about jumped out of my chair when the Galileo (which I had voted for) was announced as the winning model! Looking forward to this kit. As for which DC kit to produce next year, I hope you guys go with Dark Knight Returns Batman and Robin. Been wanting a kit of that since the graphic novel came out. Thanks to you Jamie and all the gang at Round 2 for continuing to produce kits that this kit builder looks forward to buying and building.

  5. jaws62666 says:

    Amazing video Jamie. Hey is it true, I read in the articles in Sci Fi and Fantasy Modeler, that the big E will be molded in several colors, helping the less active painter. Is this true, and if so , installing a light kit would show through the unpainted plastic wouldnt it.

    • JamieH says:

      Hi jaws- The big E does come molded in two shades of gray plus metallic copper for the deflector dish. True, if the plastic is unpainted, the lights would show through. But, I’m thinking the unpainted plastic and the light kit are kind of meant for opposite ends of the spectrum experience-wise. While the light kit has been engineered simply enough for anyone to install it, I think anyone going through that much trouble will likely want to paint the kit anyway. The simple fix would be for the modeler to mask off the outside and give the inside a coat of primer. That’s enough to block most if not all of the light. It isn’t as simple as not painting it, but it would require any precision painting skill. (any runs would be hidden if the inside was painted)

  6. RossWaddell says:

    I just want to say a big ‘Thank You’ to Jamie and R2 for producing this kit and for giving us modellers such terrific insight into the making of it. Of course, it wasn’t done by one person and I’d also like to thank Gary for his exhaustive (and exhausting) research and work and Mister X for his construction/design suggestions. This is absolutely the most wanted kit of mine – ever – and it looks like its going to be fantastic!

    Jamie – as it seems like the kit is nearly ready to be released, how do the grid lines look now?

  7. phicks says:

    Jamie – Do you mind telling us how many people voted? When we do fun polls like this on Starship Modeler, we only get “dozens” of voters. I’m wondering if you got more, or if its the same bunch of guys.

    To echo other comments, I would buy any of the Star Trek kits in your poll, so please don’t count out the Reliant, Ktinga, or Akira as future possibilities.

  8. edge10 says:

    If you are inclined to do this again, please have a run-off if no choice gets over 50% of the vote. The capital ship vote was split between 3 great choices, which almost assured their defeat.

  9. spock62 says:

    Jamie, based on what you wrote, I’m assuming the deflector dish is molded in metallic copper plastic not plated, correct? Is the base of the dish, ringed area on the secondary hull, molded in copper too? I think molding the big E in several colors sounds like a good idea for the paint challenged among us. But, are these colors a match to the original E filming miniature?

  10. JamieH says:

    Ross- Stay tuned for upcoming 1701 Club reports.

    phicks- I’ll just say we got more than dozens but less than thousands.

    edge10- the candidates presented themselves. I actually wanted less candidates, but I ceded to the demands of the crowd. 🙂

    Spock- Everything in the kit is injected in the color that it should be except for the smaller colored clear parts which are all plain “water” clear. BUT if you buy the light kit, we even through in properly colored clear replacements for those.

  11. fortress says:

    Well I am looking forward to both getting my 1/350 1701
    and awaiting the next Trek 1/350 kit release, I would have
    to say that the bigger kit subjects really are exciting
    I have no doubt that the 1701 with big a hit for Round 2

    So for me I would have to say in that 1/350 scale type
    you really had to consider these Trek subjects;

    *U.S.S. Excelsior-Comes in two versions NX-2000 or NCC-2000
    Nice box art example;'s_Sulu_USS_Excelsior_NCC2000_freecomputerdesktopwallpaper_p.jpg

    *U.S.S. Reliant

    *Klingon Bird of Prey


  12. fortress says:

    Sorry folks I meant under U.S.S. Excelsior this
    guy here.

    Man typing and cafe lattes do not mix at all.


  13. Rocketfin says:

    The video is great, there was a lot of information in there. I am glad the Shuttle won, that was my first choice, and now I am looking forward to it more than ever. A big Thanks to all of you at Round 2 that work so hard for us. 🙂

  14. R.D. says:

    I’m as happy as I can possibly be about the winner, really excited! Hopefully, no gridlines. 😉

    In all seriousness, thank you Round 2 for letting the modelers decide the outcome; here’s to your continued success.

  15. Mach7 says:

    Hey Jamie,

    2 questions if I could.

    1. When will we be contacted about sending payment/delivery dates for the 1701 club?

    2. Can you elaborate at all on weather MPC owns the tooling for the old Space 1999 kits?



    • JamieH says:

      1. Soon. Until now, we haven’t had a process to accept pre-orders. A system is being installed so we should have it all nailed down soon.
      2. We don’t usually say exactly what we do and don’t have because even if we we know we have something, we don’t necessarily know what kind of shape the tool is in.

  16. Tomh says:

    Hey Jamie,

    When the shuttle is released next year, please consider including decals for not only the Galileo, but also the Galileo II and the Copernicus.

    Figures would also be a nice addition, if possible!

    • s larkin says:

      wow, has it been 4 years already, and still no shuttle craft. I would think you could put together a flat ship with a rudimentary interior by now. well I guess that is engineering for you. all substance and not much to show for it.

      • JamieH says:

        If you would like “a flat ship with a rudimentary interior”, you can find an old AMT kit on ebay for pretty cheap. I can promise you any new Galileo kit won’t be that.

  17. jaws62666 says:

    Jamie , are we close to seeing the next club update. Perhaps for labor day

  18. Opus_Penguin says:

    Jamie, any news on the club update? Many club members getting antsy for some word.

  19. jaws62666 says:

    I’ll gladly pass on the next club update if I instead get the email that tells me it’s time to pay for my club kit shipping in Sept

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