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Round 2 Models: 1701CLUB T-shirts

posted by JamieH 2:58 PM
Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The delay has been inexcusable, (sorry, it was out of my hands) but the 1701CLUB T-shirts started shipping out this week. Something was discovered as they were being packed up though. It turns out that we received 500 blue shirts from the printer instead of 250. I’m not sure why, but it is obviously too late to go back now. So congratulations to members 101-600 on getting the blue shirt. The last of the blue shirts will go out today and bundles of red shirts will be shipped out daily until we get caught up with the most recent members.

We’ve still got slots open for anyone who hasn’t signed up yet. We haven’t reached our goal of 1701 members yet but the number of people who have indicated they want duplicate kits is getting within striking distance of a sell out. We will continue to take memberships until we have 1701 members though.

I am planning on sending out the next club update in early September. We’ve got some exciting news to report.

23 Responses to “Round 2 Models: 1701CLUB T-shirts”

  1. BatToys says:


  2. kehrer1701 says:

    How many 1701 newsletters are there now? I think I missed one..
    Congrats on the shirts!

  3. edge10 says:

    I did receive a blue shirt but the name on the address label wasn’t mine (obviously the address was and I did sign up). How do I straighten this up?

  4. JamieH says:

    edge10- We are looking into the matter. Thanks for letting us know.

    kehrer1701- We’ve only issued one update thus far.

  5. JamieH says:

    It looks like about 150 names got mixed up from their addresses when the blue shirts were shipped. Our mailing list had been separated by color and shirt sizes were maintained with the shipping addresses. So ultimately, you should receive the right shirt but you will have someone else’s name on the shipping label. It looks like we had about 20 people that will receive extra large blue shirts that had request larges. We just did not quite have enough of them.

  6. section9 says:

    I signed up near the end of May, but haven’t received any of the newsletters. Do I need to re-up? (Is this even the proper forum for such things?)

  7. Alpha8 says:

    Gola and beautiful, baby…gold and beautiful…my wife is not impressed…HAHAHAHAHAHA!

  8. JamieH says:

    section9- Thanks for letting us know. We’ll get you taken care of soon. Be on the lookout for an email.

  9. Tomh says:

    I was surprised to learn that Round 2 has yet to fill all 1701 slots (this does not seem to bode well for the success of the kit…)

    I only ordered one kit. Is there a way to reserve a second kit?

  10. Fraley1701 says:

    I have noticed that on Starship Modeler’s forum, some folks are trying to contact other members thinking they have received someone else’s shirt. Some are offering to forward these shirts to the person named on the mailing label. Perhaps word of the mailing label incident isn’t getting out to everyone. Maybe an e-mail to all 1701 club members would be more effective?

  11. jgg1701 says:

    Just want to say thank you Jamie. 🙂

  12. rowdylex says:

    Just wondering what is the situation with international customers and the shirts?

  13. jaws62666 says:

    I am in South Jersey, and I still haven’t seen my shirt yet. I got the first email from the club , so I know my info is good

  14. Fraley1701 says:

    I just received my shirt in the mail today! Thank you very much and I can’t wait to get the model!

  15. Max says:

    I got mine today, it was addressed to “1701 club member”.
    But I don’t like the color, and would like to swap for a red in the same size.

  16. BatToys says:

    I got my blue shirt today after I asked the post office about it.
    They did not deliver it because it had another person’s name but it had the right address. Luckily I got it before they returned it.
    Happy with it and the Enterprise on the envelope is a nice touch.

    So if you haven’t recived yours yet, ask your post office to check.

  17. psytce says:


    Thanks! I got a Blue Shirt (XL)! but wanted to let you know that my label didn’t have any name on it. It was just like “Max”, addressed to “1701 Club Member” …

    You also stated that members # 101 – 600 got the blue shirts, where do we find out our member numbers?

    Any news on the poll you guys took a few months ago about which ship you would be coming out with in 1/2500th ???? Still hoping for a 1/1000th Voyager ….

    Thanks for all your hard work Jamie, and thanks to all at Round 2!!!!!

  18. JamieH says:

    Once the name mix up was discovered, we marked remaining shirts with the generic “1701 Club Member”. We won’t be disclosing member numbers.

    The shirt is a gift welcoming you to the club, so one per member.

    I’m not sure if we will be talking about what we will be doing with our Cadet Series additions by iHobby in October, but we’ll definitely have something to say by Wonderfest. Everything is still in the planning stages at the moment so we don’t have anything set in stone.

  19. Sector1001 says:

    Received my shirt(Oh to be a dreaded RED shirt,Hope Im not next for an away mission)
    But thanks for the shirt and cant wait for the kit to release.

  20. Tony says:

    Received my RED T-shirt today! Even had my name on the mailing label!! Thanks so much…look forward to the kit!!

  21. Tony says:

    Received my RED T-shirt today (I am in Canada)! Even had my name on the mailing label!! Thanks so much…look forward to the kit!!

  22. dsscse says:

    Well I am in Australia and I “signed up” when the link became available near the end of the con and heard from friends that the Golds were all gone before anyone outside the con had a chance to sign up. As I said I did sign up MONTHS went by without a word except the mail bot response to my sign up, then I discover through Cult TV man that people were being given info via the 1701CLUB that I thought I was a member of as I was very quick to apply on the first version of the application/news page. I assumed that as I was outside the USA I was ineligible. Now I read that there are people from places outside the USA in the 1701CLUB I really wanted the Deluxe version of the enterprise But I have had put my name down for the standard one, with a hobby shop, I would like this matter cleared up please! As I want the Deluxe version.
    Thanks in advance
    David Stapleton

  23. JamieH says:

    Hi David-
    We are not allowed to ship the Premiere Edition kit to any address outside of the US and Canada. We have no addresses on our list outside of those two countries. As we have said before, we regret that this is the case.

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