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December 2022

Model Kits: Countdown to Wonderfest T-6

posted by JamieH 8:00 AM
Sunday, May 10, 2009

jh-wf-blog5Again, returning to a preview of our display for Wonderfest ’09 model kits.

1/350 Enterprise 1701A- We’ll have our iHobby buildup with prototype decals on it. Hopefully, we will also have at least a section of the ship built up using the production decals. We’ll also have a sample copy of the kit open so everyone can get a good look at the changes to the kit, the new decals and the accompanying instruction sheets.

Everyone that’s been curious to see the decals and revised base, this is your chance to check it out. The kit will be available very soon. I think the first shipment will arrive in our warehouse this week!

5 Responses to “Model Kits: Countdown to Wonderfest T-6”

  1. ModelMan says:

    Thanks for this string of updates! Wish I could make it to WF. I look forward to getting Robby when I can.

    In the case of the Refit, all the pictures have blue decals. Is green an option?

    Much thanks again!

  2. ClubTepes says:

    Can’t wait to see it.

  3. JamieH says:

    We got the first shipment in our warehouse last week. That’s only about 1/4 of the inventory though. We’ll be getting an entire container load soon. The kit is available for sale through our website but kits should be making their way through the distributors to retail soon.

  4. uando says:

    Have you discussed offering your new Aztec decal sheets as a separate catalog item? I’ve got one of the PL Enterprise Refits, and just don’t have the time to paint up the Aztec properly. Being able to buy your new decals would be a great option.

  5. JamieH says:

    The second bigger shipment arrived today. A full 40′ trailer packed with 1/350 scale goodness. I helped unload it by hand which is how we do things around here. All(heh, most responsible) staff help unload the trucks when they come in regardless of product. It took 6 of us about 30 min. to unload it. Wasn’t easy hand carrying out 26 lb boxes.

    Word is 90% of our first order has sold through to retail so a second production order has been placed. Get ’em while they are hot, folks.

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