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December 2022

Model Kits: Countdown to Wonderfest T- 7

posted by JamieH 8:00 AM
Saturday, May 9, 2009

jh-wf-blog4Starting in earnest, a preview of the cool sci-fi model kits we’ll be showing at our Wonderfest booth.

Robby the Robot- He’s a cool classic of sci-fi. With this release, we have included a new base that better reflects the distinctive detail of Altair 4. Come take a look and see the cool build Jim Small did for us. You can see first hand how he used magnets to make the figure poseable and easy to plug in alternate parts.

The Witch- Man, isn’t she a BEAUTY!?! Well, at least the buildup is. Be sure to take a look and see all of the detailed parts included in the kit. Also, make sure to check out our open box of the kit and check out the optional glow in the dark parts including glow in the dark CLEAR parts.

Enterprise 1701E – If you haven’t landed one of these kits yet, come see what you are missing. We’ll have a buildup featuring the new base. We’ll also have a sample of the new decal sheet to show the additions we’ve made.

3 Responses to “Model Kits: Countdown to Wonderfest T- 7”

  1. eimb1999 says:

    Hi all!

    First, full disclosure. I’m the guy Round 2 hired for some of their build-ups, including the witch kit. Just putting that on the table to be fair when I say…

    …I must add this tidbit of information about the Witch kit which I found out only after I opened the box of my newly delivered kit… You get a lot of added value with this new release because you get DUPLICATES of 4 complete sprues that allow you to build TWO witches and many of the accessories!! Here’s a shot of the entire kit’s plastic parts contents:

    Even the “glass” parts are duplicated with luminous transparent plastic!

    Anyway, the nice thing about this kit is that you can have your cake and eat it too. You can build and paint the witch that’s molded in the regular plastic, and you can ALSO build the glow version (looks great if you just give it a light black paint “wash” after assembly to bring out the details!), or mix and match the parts in almost unlimited combinations for a real personal touch!

    TIP: The glow parts are also activated by black light (always use the cooler and safer fluorescent tubes, not the very hot incandescent bulbs), so it’s a great kit to display for Halloween and at those midnight parties if you want to relive the psychadelic seventies in your rec room! Break out the smoke generator and have a ball!

    Way to go guys! You did it again! GREAT value in this new release!!!!! 🙂

  2. glowinthedark says:


    I love the glow witch kit.
    I would like to see the other monsters done in the glow in the dark kits.
    You could do the Forgotten Prisoner as a glow kit that would be great.
    Also the Addams Haunted House.

    What about MPC releasing the Haunted Mansion and Pirates of the Caribbean kits.

    Always looking forward to new kits coming out!

    Thank you

  3. JamieH says:

    glowinthedark- We like the way you think. Keep your eyes pealed. Some may come sooner and some may come later.

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