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June 2024

MPC Space:1999 Models: Announcing 22″ Cargo Pod Eagle

posted by JamieH 3:39 PM
Thursday, December 8, 2016

Since our 22″ Space:1999 Eagle hit the market, modelers have been clamoring for more and continue to ask what is coming next. Here is our official announcement that the next Space:1999 kit will be a 22″ Eagle with Cargo Pod! I don’t have much time at the moment, so I’ll dive right into the details as we know them right now.

Of course it includes the flatbed “cargo” pod, but comes with a couple options. It will come with a full winch assembly along with the magnetic hoist. Yes, magnets will be included. The kit will also come with four nuclear waste canisters. You can rig one up to work with the magnetic hoist or use all four to fill the flatbed.

The kit will be a full Eagle kit. We will be swapping out tooling inserts that replace the tools that injected the passenger pod parts for tools that will inject cargo pod parts. I say this to be clear that it will not be possible to produce separate pod kits for our 22″ Eagle. Doing it this way keeps both the tooling investment and production costs lower in order to deliver the kit at the lowest price possible.

We haven’t announced the pricing or release date yet. Due to using one sprue of new parts and including things like the magnets, expect it to be a bit more expensive than the standard 22″ Eagle. It will probably be available in mid-summer. The development of the new parts so far has proceeded at a brisk pace, and we will be tooling the parts soon. Expect to see our buildup at Wonderfest in May, 2017.

While I’m mentioning Wonderfest, let me remind everyone that we offer a substantial award in the model contest for the best use of a Round 2 kit. We give prizes to both the adult category and the best to come out of the junior & teen groups. Historically, we like to see either pristine builds using one of our kits OR the significant use of one of our kits in a creative new design or kit bash. They hope to set a new record of 700 entries this year. Sounds like an amazing opportunity!

I also wanted to mention that due to an unexpected delay with the Special Edition Eagle that spotlights Brian Johnson, we are not certain at this point if the kits will ship before the end of the year. There is a chance, but it is slim. If it doesn’t release by the end of the year, it shouldn’t be much further than a week or two into January.

Anyway, on with the pics of the Cargo Pod Eagle!



cargo-pod-blogcargo-pod-blog6 cargo-pod-blog2 cargo-pod-blog5 cargo-pod-blog7




15 Responses to “MPC Space:1999 Models: Announcing 22″ Cargo Pod Eagle”

  1. Steven Lee says:

    SWEET! Looking forward to this!

  2. Kenny says:


    I just got the “regular” 1:48 Eagle Transporter kit. Fabulous kit! I look forward to building it.

    This Cargo Pod version should be a fun addition.

    Keep up the great work with Space: 1999 stuff! All us sci-fi model building fans appreciate it! 🙂

  3. Todd Morton says:

    Wonderful news Jamie, thank you for another fantastic 1999 kit.

  4. Jo says:

    I’m sure everyone’s been expecting more pods but great news all the same!

    Especially the nuclear pod option which Product Enterprise never did for some bizarre reason.

  5. Ian Crawford says:

    Great news – a Medical Eagle next please and how about a Hawk…..?

  6. Peter Hicks says:

    Great to see this variant announced! I already have the standard kit, and hope to see a lab pod one day. I would also open my wallet for the Hawk, Ultra Probe, Meta Probe, Gwent, or anything else Martin Bower ever made.

  7. Dale Thelander says:

    This IS wonderful news!Thanks, Jamie!

  8. Andrew Prentis says:

    That is very welcome news, looks like I’ll be building another Eagle next year in that case!

  9. John Nelson says:

    Great news Jamie,Looking forward to the new cargo Eagle, as well as the Special Edition Eagle. I see an Eagle 3 and Eagle 4 being added to my fleet!

  10. Jorge Carmo says:

    Most excellent news! Looking forward to add this one to my extensive 22″ collection! 🙂 To Jim Small, I feel another commission heading your way! 😉 Thank you Round2, Jamie, Jim and to all involved in this exciting new venture! Best wishes

  11. Dan says:

    Looks great, guys. I’m in. Keep up the amazing work.

  12. Laters says:

    Fantastic news.
    Will look great on display next to my eagle transporter.
    Cant wait. 🙂

  13. René says:

    Great news that more versions will be released. I hope a Lab pod and extra booster packs will be next.
    How about offering the pods as seperate kits? People with limited shelf space could swap pods from time to time to give their Eagle a new look.

  14. crowe-t says:

    The cargo pod is my favorite of all the pods. I can’t wait till this one hist the shelves.

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