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1966 Batmobile Model Kit: Wonderfest Count Down. 1…

posted by JamieH 8:00 AM
Friday, May 14, 2010

Whew! Wasn’t this year’s Wonderfest a great show? I can’t wait to see you again next time.

Wait… what… I dreamed it all? Well at least it wasn’t a nightmare like Bobby Ewing coming back from the dead. (That was a great Family Guy episode) All right. I was going to tell you about the 1966 Batmobile model kit.

First, we’ll be showing our 1:32 scale 1966 Batmobile. It looks like some retailers at the show will have the basic kit available for sale there. Feel free to ask me about the delays in the kit. It turned into quite an epic story.

We’ll also be displaying our Classic Batmobile™ Collector’s Edition tin version of the kit. I’ve tried describing the kit but any explanation falls short. You truly have to see it to appreciate it. I know not all builders care about anything that says “collectible” on it and I’m not going to try to convince you otherwise. I just know that this product really turned out nicely.

Lastly, if the stars align (and UPS cooperates) We’ll be showing the full mockup of the 1:25 1966 Batmobile glue kit that will be out next spring. A simplified snap version that uses some of the same parts will be out before the end of this year. I’ve really done my due diligence on this model to make sure the details are done right. The mockup is dialed in at about 90% complete. I’ll be reviewing the mockup for the factory to see if there is any work left to be done before proceeding. Stop by and take a look to see what you think.

This week’s previews only touch on some of the high points of the show for us. Feel free to stop by and ask questions about these and other projects like the Star Trek Movie: New Enterprise, Enterprise 1701B and the 1:350 Enterprise (like I need to give you permission to ask…). We’ve got these kits and more in the pipeline.


17 Responses to “1966 Batmobile Model Kit: Wonderfest Count Down. 1…”

  1. edge10 says:

    Is that link to the 1/350 going to the right page? We are pretty familiar with the Refit kit at this point. 😉

  2. futurabat1 says:

    The body lines are looking good! A little criticism tho…The beacon looks a little small, and the rear canopy’s leading edge has too much cant to it. I would love to see some other angles of it (without the mascot please). And once again would like to offer my services if ANY research materials are needed.

    At any rate I can’t wait to hold one of my very own, keep up the great work!!

  3. Bats says:

    Well one of the guys over on the 1966batmobile board posted a comparison pic and I have to take back what I said about the canopy. The cant of the leading edge is okay, just don’t give us a canopy like the one on the Mattell car that tapers the wrong way and gets wider as it rises the rollbar! Excellent work so far!

  4. Bats says:

    I’m baaaa-aaack! Now i’ve seen a third pic of the car from over head. Along with everything that’s so right about the body, you’ve done the same thing as Mattell. As I described above, the taper over the bridge of the canopy is WRONG.
    This is the main sticking point that everyone hates about the mattell car.
    [IMG][/IMG]This is a replacement canopy I have been working on for the Hot wheels car. As you can see (modeled from vintage photos) the taper gets narrower as it rises the rollbar as opposed to getting wider like the Mattell.
    There are alot of things we can replace on a model as experienced builders, but the general concensus is we’d ALL like to stay away from large clear parts. I hate to be such a pain about this but this car is my passion. Expect me to keep coming back until you kick me out! (nervous chuckle) I’m…i’m really not trying to get kicked out, just so you know):D. As always, e-mail me if you need reference of ANY kind.

  5. falcondesigns says:

    As everyone is pointing out,the rear canopy is wrong.I hope you will revisit this important detail and correct it before production.Thank you for your great efffort.

  6. JamieH says:

    New image added. This was the table card we showed next to the mockup at the show.

    Never fear. The issues have already been caught. I couldn’t change the mockup myself though. If you know anything about us or our products, it is that we are as thorough and accurate as injected plastic (and other materials in some circumstances) will allow us to be. Unlike the folks that created the Mattel version, I actually care about this car. As I mentioned at Wonderfest a few times, it is my favorite vehicle in the entire universe.

  7. Bats says:

    Whew!!! You have just taken the weight of the world off my mind. As long as those canopies are right I can deal with anything else. I just couldn’t stand the thought of putting vac-formed windows on another Batmobile.

  8. ModelMan says:

    Will there be a wonderfest recap for your POV?

    Would like to see what these questionaires look like, even if you can’t create a ‘radio button’ version we could submit here. Would like to hear the recap responses like last year too.

  9. fortress says:

    I am glad that RC2 came out with this kit!
    It was a smart choice, no doubt about that.

    Aurora was way ahead of it’s time,I am pleased
    to see how well it is being honored today. As far
    as Batman goes, how about a kit of the 60′ TV show
    Batman Batcopter? That would be very very cool.

  10. JamieH says:

    MM- yes I hope to recap soon. Just catching up to do. We have talked about posting a pdf of the survey for folks who want to fill it out and mail it back in.

  11. crowe-t says:

    Jamie, I like that idea of posting the pdf of the survey. I’ll fill one out and mail it in.

  12. falcondesigns says:

    Thanks for taking the time to respond to my request.alexander rivera

  13. iamweasel says:

    My favorite car that ever rolled down any road. No new kit has me as jazzed as I am for a new Batmobile. We all appreciate the headaches you all will live through thanks to the many insane fans. You guys rock!

  14. Opus_Penguin says:

    Please make that 1/350 TOS Enterprise!!! I heard it may get delayed another year!! Please … no more delays!!!

  15. chris731 says:

    While I already have a 1/25 of the Batmobile, glad your working on this. Any chance of a 1/25 Black Beauty in the future? With the new Green Hornet movie coming out and all.

  16. Bats says:

    I too would love to see a Black Beauty kit as long as it’s based on the television version. My opinion of the “new” Black Beauty is unprintable in this forum.

    So Jamie…how did the liscensor like the kit? Will we get a sneak peek soon????

  17. I’ve checked eBay for model car kits like this from the 60’s and they’re not easy to find. Really, wanted to get me the black bat-mobile. What a great model that would make!

    I’ll keep my eye on 1960’s model cars:

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