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Star Trek Model Kits: Wonderfest Count Down. 5…

posted by JamieH 5:09 PM
Monday, May 10, 2010


Ok. I’m crammed for time but I promised so I want to deliver. We’ll be setting up our booth once again at Wonderfest and we will be showing off some plans for upcoming Star Trek Model Kits. Today, I’m going to give a quick review of our plans for bringing back some classic AMT kits.

First, we’ll be showing off our buildup of the K-7 Space station. (Don’t mind the kitty cat induced battle damage- feel to ask me about it) Jim Small went through the added step of adding lights to this great little build. We’ll be posting a how-to article on the Round 2 models website to coincide with the kit’s release. The kit is basically a pressing of the old jalopy from AMT. It reminds us of the K-7 but don’t get too picky about the accuracy. The new release includes our standard dome style stand and a small sheet of decals that includes some alternate numerals so you can make it any space station you wish.

Next, we’ve got the Romulan Bird of Prey. Again, this is a re-release of the vintage AMT kit. We’ll be including the stand as well as optional parts to add the weapon on front and adding nacelle domes. This is personally one of my favorite TOS ships. Many have requested it and we’ve listened. You could have one of your very own by the end of the year.

Both the K-7 and Romulan Bird of Prey will be released in their standard retro-style packaging. The K-7 gets a new illustration while the Bird of Prey will get its classic box illustration. And both will also be released in collector’s tin editions to go along with the others we’ve already brought out. The K-7 will come with a bonus Tribble while the Bird of Prey will get a print of the box art.

Speaking of tins, we have special plans for a couple 2011 releases of the AMT Enterprise. Come see me at Wonderfest and we can talk about them…

9 Responses to “Star Trek Model Kits: Wonderfest Count Down. 5…”

  1. ModelMan says:

    Thanks for adds to the BoP!

  2. edge10 says:

    Can we assume that the BOP will have decals for all the bird elements (upper wing and tail)?

  3. lostspacefan55 says:

    Oh, YES!! The Romulan ship in its original configuration! THANK YOU!
    (And thank you for not messing with the tooling and turning this sweet little retro kit into something way too overdetailed.) I can’t tell you how glad I am that this kit is coming back.
    As for the AMT Enterprise – well, my dream would be that you made a new tool from an original ’66 kit and that we’ll have the old AMT Enterprise back, complete with correct radar dish, original stand and saucer with grid lines. Oh, please, please, please!
    No matter what the surprise is, thank you for bringing all the great kits back. Your efforts are very much appreciated – and yes, I do buy the kits!

  4. derric1968 says:

    Excellent news! I was hoping this was going to happen. Thanks!!!

  5. Mach7 says:

    Great news! I’ve been wanting to build another for 30+ years!

    I hope the sales of the old AMT kits are good, I would love to see all of them again.

    Maybe you can shed some “light” on the plans for the old AMT Enterprise?

  6. arahfeks says:

    I, too, would like to see a 1/350 model of the original TV Enterprise. But only if it has the same level of detailing as the 350 rifit Enterprise. I would also like to see a 350 original Klingon cruiser and Romulan Bird of Prey.

    On another note, I’m not too crazy about the “Star Trek Enterprise” ship. I never thought that series really fit with the other Star Trek series. And I definately do not like the Enterprise from the new Star Trek movie. Especially the interior. Some of the interior sets looked unfinished to me. And the ship itself should have looked like the origanal TV Enterprise. But these are just my opinions.

  7. traindriver98 says:

    Do you have a date yet on the release of this kit, something better than by the end of the year?

  8. JamieH says:

    RBoP? probably November barring unforeseen issues.

  9. Carl Hardric says:

    I hate to go off track, but why does one of the Romulans look like an escapee from “Planet of the Apes”?

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