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July 2024

Everyone just stay calm… and build a model…

posted by JamieH 9:33 AM
Tuesday, March 17, 2020

The world is a crazy place these days, but if you have to stay home… why not dig out that kit you’ve been meaning to get to…? Jump over to our Facebook page and show us what’s on your bench right now.

Round 2 wishes the best for modelers everywhere in the unprecedented situation we find ourselves in. Take care everyone!

7 Responses to “Everyone just stay calm… and build a model…”

  1. Tom says:

    Keep calm and model on.

  2. Henry Schmitt says:

    I am building and painting a 1/1000 TOS Enterprise kit and staying calm!

  3. Richard martin says:

    HI Jamie are u doing the 1/1000 klingon D7 again can you do romulan decals with it again is a 1/1000 t’kinga coming for the new line of ships

  4. Steve says:

    Obviously Coronavirus is a terrible thing, but here in the U.K. one of the few good things about having to stay indoors and isolate (apart from going to work) is being able to work on my stash of wonderful Round 2 model kits! Currently working on my 1/350 TOS Enterprise, and the refit.

    I hope all of you guys, wherever you are in the world, stay healthy and safe

  5. Richard martin says:

    im doing the 1/1000 enterprise refit wrath of khan good decals HI jamie can you do the 1/350 klingon bird of prey again from the undiscovered country and the 1/1000 klingon D7 battle cruiser with Romulan decals from the animated series for 2 ships the survivor and the practical joker hope your keeping well and good luck with all your new star trek kits hope for a 1/1000 k’tinga soon thank you

  6. joshua says:

    Apparently this was created by the art department of “Star Trek- Picard and shared by Michael Chabone the executive producer , how amazing is that?

  7. Joshua says:

    The work has already been done for you Jamie any chance of that model kit?

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