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Round 2 Model Kit Preview- iHobby

posted by JamieH 10:37 AM
Tuesday, October 20, 2009

If I said our workload here at Round 2 is unbelievable right now, that would be an understatement of epic proportions. I barely have time to write this blog entry. I promised myself it would get done last week. Anyway, here it is now.

I just have minute to tell you about the Round 2 model kit preview we have going on at iHobby. We will be releasing our plan for the first half of next year. We’ll be bringing out around 50 kits by the middle of 2010. Around 20 kits will be genre (sci-fi/ pop culture) kits. Some have been mentioned in passing before and of course many have not. This just sets us up for a great 2010 with many more high profile releases to come later in the year. We’ll also be releasing our first print catalog showcasing all of our model kit brands.

Amidst our display, we will have a built mockup and hopefully a built test shot of our new 1/1000 scale Enterprise Refit. I hope to see everyone come out and take a look. To add to the incentive of just coming out and taking a look, I’ve got something special for a lucky sci-fi modeler- a test shot to take home of the new Refit kit. The only catch is that you have to write a review of it here and everywhere else on the internet that sci-fi models are discussed. So how will I know who to give it to? Just reply to this post. I’ll draw one of the names from the posts. Cut off for sign up will be Friday morning (when I leave for the show- no hard deadline so sign up sooner than later) You must be present to win Sunday at 1:00cst at the show.

I’m showing some pics of our finished mockup. It turned out well for being cast in all opaque resin. The decals you see are prototypes and will be tweaked to lighten them considerably. Notice the strongbacks are greenish gray, that’s why we keep calling this one the “Refit”.

21 Responses to “Round 2 Model Kit Preview- iHobby”

  1. edge10 says:

    That looks awesome! Can’t wait to find out what all the surprises are. Come on Enterprise C re-pop and 1/1000 Reliant!

  2. krako says:

    Looks great! I’d love to take a crack at that test shot!

  3. derric1968 says:

    Wow! Just….Wow! That looks fantastic.

    I can’t wait to read about all your iHobby announcements.

  4. zysurge says:

    Outstanding! She really looks great. Thanks for posting the sprue tree photo – it’s good to see that you’ve adopted the pylon mounting method from the 1/350 kit. That should help with alignment and preventing droop.

    I’d love to take a shot at that test shot. Would be fun.

    Also looking forward to your iHobby announcements.

  5. Nomad says:

    Beatiful. It’s great that you take so much care over getting these kits right – a far cry from the “it looks something like this” AMT days.

  6. Colors_By_Dave says:

    I look forward to seeing it and the rest of the display at iHobby later this week!

    Dave C

  7. crowe-t says:

    WOW, it’s beautiful! Finally a kit that I don’t have to make a stand for.

    The ‘sprue tree’ picture looks like the 1/350 at a quick glance.

    I can’t wait to get one of these.

  8. eimb1999 says:

    I’m currently working on improving the decals even further than shown here…. the buildup of one or two of the test shots will be displayed at the Comicon in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada on Halloween weekend for those interested… I’ll be there myself with other models on display as well.

    Maybe I’ll see some of you there! 🙂

  9. alehtola says:

    FANTASTIC!!!!! I am so going to have to buy me several of these!!!

  10. Fraley1701 says:

    I think the model looks great! I love the stand with the swivel as well. I am glad to hear the decals are going to be improved; not that they look bad; just the aztec looks a bit dark. I am not complaining though and can’t wait to pick up a couple of these! Great job to everyone involved!!!


  11. Tomar says:

    nice model can’t wait for it to come out.

  12. msspurlock says:

    Yeah, the swivel is the bomb.

  13. eimb1999 says:

    Yeah, the stand actually works, too, unlike previous attempts by other companies in the past. I found this out quickly when I needed to position the model for the photography needed. It’s strong with an indestructible plated steel rod and the rest is made from super-tough black ABS plastic so you don’t have to paint it.

    The nice thing about it too, is, that if you want, you can just use some standard 3/16″ rod or tube of whatever material you want to make it higher or shorter than the rod included in the kit. With some thought, you’ll also be able to find cool ways to modify it further to suit your needs.

    Oh, one more thing…. the stand’s base is a perfect spherical cap, so creative people can paint it up to look like a planet which would look really cool!

    Round-2’s idea of making this type of stand is a real “it’s about time someone did this” in the industry IMHO.

  14. hamlet3k says:

    Sign me up for the drawing!

    I’m in love with the base. It looks simple and sturdy, two oft-overlooked qualities in out-of-the-box bases.

  15. Gouf says:

    The Aztec decals are a little too saturated, they need to be more subtle.

    OUtside of this, the kit is a SOLID 10. I already have a case on pre-order.


  16. jonhcox says:

    I have to admit- I have been making sacrifices to the Gods for quite a long time just to get my hands on the kit. I can’t wait to see how well it goes together. I love the scale- it looks fantastic in plastic!

  17. eimb1999 says:

    Don’t worry Gouf, the oversaturated aztec decals will be fixed to be made a lot more subtle and realistic than shown in these pix of the one-off prototype. My own printer isn’t the greatest at doing subtle shades, but the production decals will be perfect. You’re gonna LOVE this kit! I already do!

  18. JamieH says:

    If anyone came to the show please let me know.

  19. JamieH says:

    I didn’t have anyone show up at the show at 1:00. So the test shot is now up for grabs over on Starship Modeler. Go check out the thread in the Star Trek section.

  20. jamesironwolf says:

    Kit looks good , plan on getting 3 or 4 and saving one to merge with a Reliant when it comes out. was looking over the online catalog and wondering about the fate of the 1/1000 Thunderchild? I heard it was delayed but wondering now for how long or if it may be canceled?

  21. JamieH says:

    James- The Thunderchild is on indefinite hold. We still intend on doing the kit at some point but we can’t say when. Financing of tooling is the major issue.

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