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May 2024

Coming off the Shelf – Big Summer Mack

posted by ChuckZ 8:06 AM
Friday, July 6, 2018




As we’re headed into the heat of summer the folks at MPC are proud to offer, for the first time in quite a while, the “King” of brawny highway haulers. The Mack DM800! Packed with big rig quality—like a detailed interior with air conditioning, the turbo-charged 865 Maxidyne engine, two extensive chrome trees, a fully functional butterfly hood, and a steerable front end, the heavy duty Mack DM800 is worth the build. And if that is not enough, we’ve also expanded the decal sheet, so you can add even more detail to your build, and taken the packaging back to its original glory.

So get ready Mack builders, cause the DM800 is just around the bend! Available soon at many of your local hobby dealers or online.

5 Responses to “Coming off the Shelf – Big Summer Mack”

  1. Rick Chupa says:

    I am happy to see this one coming back and am certain that it will do well ! I do hope we see the mixer variation as well! As happy as I am to see all the reissues I think some new or updates to existing tools are in order . You are doing well by the science fiction models but don’t forget about the car and truck modellers!

  2. Brian Drumm says:

    This is the about last of the old truck kits I’ve been awaiting as re-issue, except for the IH CO4070 and F4270 (No. 1 and No. 2 in the old “Blueprint Replica” series). Any chance of those? I’m suspecting a licensing roadblock since Moebius has IH trucks in their line at this time…?

  3. Christopher Adamko says:

    It’s great that Round2 is releasing kits that haven’t seen the light of day in ages.I hope that the GMC Astro 95, GMC General, and the Chevy Bison will be released soon as well.

  4. Rick Chupa says:

    Nice to see another classic make a return! All you truck modellers let’s snap this up and Round2 this a good one but let’s do some updated trucks as well . We might be a smaller segment of the model market but I am certain that with the right subject choice a good return on investment is waiting! Even parts packs of different truck bodies, ie mixers ,dump boxes , garbage compactor, wreckers, wheel and tire sets , decals. All could be done with minimum investment on all new tooling.

  5. Mark Moore says:

    MPC only did a few big rig kits back in the 70s, but they did nice ones. Interestingly, MPC then sold off the tooling for their big rigs to Ertl, who issued them with slightly modified artwork. Even after Ertle purchased MPC in 1986, the kits were never rissued under the MPC banner until now.

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