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July 2024

Coming off the Shelf – A Hot Classic

posted by ChuckZ 10:01 AM
Thursday, June 29, 2017

A few weeks back the kats here at AMT told you, “something hot is coming your way”. For those who picked up on the subtle hints/clues of that message, here it is. Another great kit for all the fire truck fans out there! The American LaFrance Custom Pumper. With well over 300 parts, including more than 100 chromed parts, the Custom Pumper is guaranteed to test your building skills—offering potentially great results you’ll surely be proud to display. Originally scaled from American LaFrance official factory blueprints, the assembled Pumper measures out at over a foot long! This latest release packs in all the familiar details you’ve come to know and love from years past: authentic siren, bell, horns and flasher lights, two suction hoses, a two-stage “twinflow” pump, hollow vinyl hoses, three ladders, a supercharged Detroit Diesel V-8 engine, authentically detailed decals, vintage packaging art, and more!

So get your glue and paint ready. The Custom Pumper is headed your way. Available for purchase at your local hobby dealers, or online, later this summer!

6 Responses to “Coming off the Shelf – A Hot Classic”

  1. David Dooley says:

    What are the chances of creating a tractor drawn ladder truck??

  2. Rick Chupa says:

    I’m surprised that this one took as long as as it did fo reissue! This will be a big kitbash hit with fire truck fans , even I can see a couple of projects with this one! Keep them coming !

  3. Anonymous says:

    Is there any chance the Olds convertible altered wheel base or Chevelle altered wheel base AMT kits will ever be released again. I know a few of the altered wheel base cars where released a few years back, and many parts were re-used with the kits.

  4. Joe Porche says:

    Was hoping that like many of the re-releases you currently are marketing that this re-release would have some new decal options. Looks like you did the smae old decal sheet.

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