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July 2024

Lindberg Model kits: Jolly Roger Series: Hex Marks the Spot!

posted by ChrisP 4:31 PM
Thursday, April 6, 2017

“Set adrift and drudges weak
 Pursuit of yer gold and sapphire lot
 What ye find is not what ye seek
 When a HEX marks the spot.”

Emerging from the depths of the Round 2 tooling bank comes a new addition to Lindberg’s Jolly Roger Series. Hex Marks the Spot begins a haunting lineup of 1:12 scale figural kits. This memorable kit from 1972 stands 6 inches tall and 8 inches wide.  It portrays a cursed pirate captain steering his “skeleton” crew in search of a deadly treasure.  The all plastic assembly glue-together kit nearly snaps-together.   The model is highly detailed and well sculpted, featuring realistic wood-grain and weathering  on the deck and crates.  The cannon features corrosion after spending years on the dicey sea.  Additional details like cannon balls, a skull and bones are included to flesh out the scene.  The model jumps to life when a second skeleton lunges from a crate with dagger in hand to pinpoint the location of the lost booty on the treasure map.  A BONUS pirate medallion and coin are also included.

Decals include a massive skull and cross bones, treasure map, blue or yellow lantern glass, stripe detail for captain’s vest, decorative band for skull cap, royal crest for stolen crate, chest designs, multiple crests for the cannon and decorations for the ship’s wheel.  The decal sheet even includes the poem above.  Be sure to tell your usual retailer to reserve your copy!









26 Responses to “Lindberg Model kits: Jolly Roger Series: Hex Marks the Spot!”

  1. Brian says:

    The MPC Pirates of the Caribbean kits is a series I’ve requested and hoped Round 2 would find a way to re-release. Thank you for finally bringing these fun kits back, (with the cool new feature of the decals), and look forward to what you do with the rest of the series.

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  2. David Dooley says:

    My sisters 2 grand sons will love these models.

  3. Randy says:

    Yes yes yes!!!!
    Thank you for finally finding a way to release this kit and the others too, I hope.
    As usual, you have done a fantastic job of bringing back some of the rarest kits in history.
    Thank you so much!!

  4. Jeff says:

    Great news! I know I had at least one of these when I was a kid and have been eyeing the occasional appearance on eBay for years! Happy to buy them all if Round2 can commit to releasing them?

  5. Randy says:

    Now that these kits are coming back, maybe we can also look forward to a re-release of that other MPC line of kits from around the same time as this Jolly Roger model line… know, the haunted house models, with the graveyard scenes.
    Love to see those come back too.
    Thanks again for all the wonderful kits you folks have re-issued.
    I’m having a great time building some of my favorites again!

    • Brian says:

      Ah yes, MPC did four Haunted Mansion kits as well, with the same ‘zap action’ feature. Here’s hoping!

  6. Eric says:

    I remember building this kit as a kid. So many memories. I might just have to build one again!

  7. Jeff says:

    I’m absolutely in for one, can’t wait to relive happy memories from years gone by. I have just bought the big Lindberg pirate skull to anchor the display. Hopefully sales will be great and you can issue more of the series.

  8. Denis McDougall says:

    Absolutely Fantastic News I’ve already pre ordered 2 kits….and I’ll do the same for the rest of these releases ! LOVE LOVE LOVE the Decals ! You guys Rock!!!

  9. Brian Drumm says:

    At first, I thought this was the same kit I built at about age 11 in the ’70’s, but searching deep in the memory, the one I had was called “Dead Man’s Raft” and featured one skeleton chopping the chain binding another skeleton’s shackles with a sword. I’ve poked around eBay off and on for years trying to find a decent copy of one of these kits that wouldn’t cost an arm.

    Now I can just start watching the local HobbyTown USA.

    The original packaging would have been nice, but I’m sure that IP is pricey. It’s about the plastic, not the box. Thank you in advance for bringing back a part of my childhood, making it better than before (decals) and for keeping the price reasonable.

    • Brian says:

      While ‘Dead Man’s Raft’ was the name of this kit under the first MPC pirates line, sounds like the one you describe was called ‘Freed in the Nick of Time’. It was one of two kits released after the initial five, using parts from the others to create a new scene.
      The original packaging would have been cool, but I can see where Round 2 had to change things.

      [edited by the moderator]

  10. TONY SALDANA says:

    what is the date of the release of dead mans raft?

    • Brian Drumm says:

      If you mean the release date of the original kit, I can’t say precisely when, but I had my copy in about 1975-76.

      If you mean the release date of a new re-issue, even Round2 may not know yet…

  11. DinoMike says:

    Ah, yes… the legendary Raft returns! I also remember the kit that Brian is talking about, “Freed in the Nick of Time”, with the skeleton on the raft being freed from his chains as the killer octopus attacks! I’m hoping that one also returns, along with the Mutineers (Skeleton sinking in quicksand, as his friend helps him to escape.. by pulling his arm off?) and the Condemned pirate, chained to his little island as that pesky croc tries to chomp on his leg! 😀

    • Chris says:

      DinoMike – I remember my parents bought my brother and I two of the Pirates of the Caribbean kits about 40 years ago(!) – and you called out both of them, as it so happens. . . The mutineers one is the one I got, but I don’t recall it’s official name. My brother got the other one you described, and I do remember its name – “Condemned to Chains Forever.” The zap action on that one was the pirate bringing his cutlass down across the alligator’s snout . . . I think there were five or six kits in the line – very cool to see they’re coming back!

  12. Saucerman says:

    Great to see the kit’s now released (hope it won’t be too long before it washes up on the shores of old England?!) – any news of the next one (Dead Men Tell No Tales please)?

  13. Tye G. says:

    Any Star Trek news Jamie…haven’t heard anything since the 1/1000 Defiant was announced? Was REALLY hoping for a 1/1000 D 🙁

  14. Arthur Cabral says:

    Wow! here it is again! Just when I put a plastic “black pearl” broken down playtime ship with a “Penn Plax” pirate remains at the helm into the aquarium! – These old kits were concurrent with the Aurora “Monster Scenes” recently re-released by Mobius! and the “Haunted Mansion” kits. Nobody under thirty probably remembers the plastic model kits so popular in the sixties and seventies, before the Commodore 64 and TRS-80 evolved into the handheld monstrosities of today!

  15. Hans says:

    I had 4 of these kits as a child back in the days. None left. Bought this one and hopes that Lindberg will do the rest too.

  16. Robert says:

    Got a couple of these new kits. Unfortunately they’ve already been discontinued. Disney get wind of this? So sad. Was looking forward to getting the complete set.

  17. Hans says:

    Any news about when Another kit in the Jolly Roger series will hit the market? Eagerly awaiting!


    • Dan says:

      I’ve seen “Dismay Be the End” (condemned to chains forever) and “Pinchers of Peril” (fate of the mutineers) available for pre-order; think they’re coming soon.

  18. SHIPKIT says:

    Ahoy there-

    I have been a scale ship modeler for well over 40 years and I have loved all of the old Lindberg Pirate ship models as well as the pirate pistols series and the pirate skull. I have also used the skeleton hand and foot models to model a life size diorama for Halloween
    with the hand clutching an old rum bottle and the foot sticking toes out from an old boot I took an ax to and lobbed off the toe section.

    I have always loved Pirate lore and the old pirate ships and ANYTHING pirate. Very happy to see the action “JOLLY ROGER” series revived for the next generation of scale modelers.

    ARAHHHH we having yet! You can bet your Pirate boots we are!

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