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Coming off the Shelf – Here’s to the New Year!

posted by ChuckZ 4:45 PM
Wednesday, December 28, 2016


Another  year has come and gone. I know, hard to believe, right? I’ve covered many of our 2016 model kit releases including; Super Bosses, Blazing Bisons, Corvette Convertibles, Ice Cream Trucks, Grand Slams and more, and will continue to do so through 2017.

As noted in the initial Coming off the Shelf post back on March 29th, we do what we do because Round 2 truly cares about the model kit culture. Where it’s been, where it is now, and where it’s going. We do this, in hope of giving all the faithful, veteran modelers out there a chance to relive their past experiences. To build what once was. To be young again. And to all the younger modelers out there, it’s an opportunity to build the same kits your father, or even your grandfather, built many years ago. The heart of what we do is take vintage kits that have been shelved for years, even decades, pull them “off the shelf”, then re-release them as accurately as possible (with added goodies)–for ALL modelers to enjoy. In other words, we’re into nostalgia.

So, in light of that, here’s to you, the classic modeler, and new modelers too. May you all have an incredible New Year, filled with happiness and youthful memories from days gone by.

See you in 2017. Thank you.

10 Responses to “Coming off the Shelf – Here’s to the New Year!”

  1. Mike cole says:

    Bring back more of your big rigs,AMT and ERTL.Like the TRANSTAR 2 come and others, I love them all , just like back in the 70s ?

  2. Mike cole says:

    The word come ,was COE.

  3. Tony says:

    Thank you! Happy New Year to you all and keep it up! 🙂

  4. William says:

    Thanks for all the wonderful kits that have been reissued, despite some of the criticism of some people who apparently do not understand nor have the patience of the older kits, I love them. The Super Boss and the Papa Truck were the kits I longed to have again and Now they are back better then ever. Will the Subaru Brat be reissued in the near future that kit has never to the best of my knowledge been reissued since it’s first release.
    Thank You again and keep up the Great work.

  5. Scott Jeffreys says:

    Thank you so much for what you do. I specialize in Lindberg and Hawk kits

  6. Al Loew says:


    Thanks for all the great kits released this year! I know it can seem unrewarding at times with all of the griping, but I know there are many modelers who appreciate what the folks at Round2 are doing! Looking forward to 2017!

  7. Rob says:

    ok, new year, let’s just do it..


  8. Rick Chupa says:

    Fix the tooling for the Kenworth W 925, including the torsion bar suspension, and bring back the mixer as well as the Alaskan Hauler, they are some of the most expensive kits on evil bay! They will sell! No way I would pay hundreds of dollars to buy the Challenge mixer kit!

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