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July 2024

MPC Models: 22″ Eagle Special Edition

posted by JamieH 1:28 PM
Tuesday, November 8, 2016

[UPDATE] The kit will not ship by the end of the year. Look for it towards the end of January or February. This is primarily due to misprints on the decal sheet. -JH

Okay, guys. Time to let a cat out of the bag. We will be offering a special edition of the 22″ Eagle. This release gets a few very special extra goodies thrown in for the Space:1999 aficionados out there.

It starts off with an 18″ x 24″ poster featuring the box art from the kit. Logos have been minimized to really show off the great art on its own. We have gotten several requests to offer this poster. So here is your chance.

Next, we are adding a big sheet of additional decals that feature some specific paneling arrangements that were shown on the filming miniature. It comes with additional marking and “weathering” to randomly spread across the model. This allows the builder to use no paint, or just use a base coat, then apply all these new decals to achieve a great look without additional masking and painting. This special sheet is has been produced by Cartograf of Italy, known world-wide for their outstanding quality.

Last, and best of all, this edition comes with a signature card signed by the Eagle Transporter’s designer Brian Johnson! This is not a blind draw, “chance” offering. Every kit will come with an authentic hand-signed card. Brian is a BAFTA and Academy Award winning special effects wizard with credits on films like 2001: A Space Odyssey, ALIEN, ALIENS and The Empire Strikes Back, not to mention his contributions to other Gerry Anderson productions such as Thunderbirds. This is a truly unique opportunity!

So… details…

If things go well, (and they are so far) the kit will be available before Christmas. We suggest it should retail for about $200, but you will need to check with your usual retailer. The kit will be available for a limited time and in limited number. Right now, we are looking at an edition of 500 copies, but if we get an overwhelming response, we may do more. When they are gone, they are gone.

I’m sure many will wonder if we will ever sell the add-ons separately. The answer is that we may offer the decal sheet later on, but not for a while and definitely not until we have sold out of this edition.

Click on this preview to see all the details.


Then, either click and print this form and fill in the info for your usual hobby dealer.


Or download a PDF here. Fill in the form fields and email it to your dealer to reserve your copy.




89 Responses to “MPC Models: 22″ Eagle Special Edition”

  1. Robert says:

    Any chance of just getting the decal sheet?

  2. Scifitodd says:

    This is going to be so cool, I wanted that painting the minute I saw it at Wonderfest. Thank you Jamie!

  3. Martin says:

    I’m in!!!

  4. Mark Belsom says:

    I can’t see these kits lasting long,you’ll have another winner on your hands.

  5. Jo says:

    Keep the 1999 releases flowing!

  6. Jim Raffae says:

    So let me get this straight, Double the cost for a poster, signeded card &, a decal sheet that was supposed to be in the original release? And you “May” offer the decal sheet later. After buying 2 of your kits and the aluminum accessory sets already, I won’t be buying anything else from you until I am able to PURCHASE the decal sheet that was supposed to be included with the kits to begin with. Spending almost $400.00 is enough. Offer the decals and sone additional pods as an accessory and you will get more money out of me.

  7. spock62 says:

    IMHO you should treat the new decal sheet the same way your handling the updated smooth TOS saucer, make it available at the same time as the “special” edition kit (or, in the case of the TOS Enterprise, the revised kit). That way people who have already bought the original release of the kit (and some people have more then one copy), and haven’t built them yet, can purchase the decal sheet without having to wait for you guys to move 500 copies of the “special” edition kit. Saying you “may offer the decal sheet later on, but not for a while and definitely not until we have sold out of this edition” is vague at best.

    • JamieH says:

      Okay. I’ll be less vague. We aren’t offering the decal sheet as a separate item. We have no plans to do that in the future. We hold the right to offer them at some point whenever we feel it is best.

  8. Rob says:

    Oh,this is nice…

    Now how about that Galileo?

  9. ron says:

    wow they want us to spend another 200 dollars for same kit to get decal sheet that was supposed to be included in original 22 inch kit thers going to be alot of upset fans and customers i love original 22 inch kit but really dont have funds to buy same kit for another 200 dollars already have 1o of them

    • JamieH says:

      The decal sheet in this special release was never intended to be sold in the regular kit. It is not required to accurately build the ship. It just aids in applying “weathering” and throws in some striping (which was not present on the ship that the standard kit represents) and a few other markings that were added in later filming.

  10. ron says:

    ok kool thanks jamie i preorderd one of these eagles

  11. ron says:

    was wondering if you know when the official release date is for this eagle

  12. ron says:

    how good of chance they will be by christmas

  13. ron says:

    i pre orderd from monsters in motion and cultman when do you think they will recieve special edition egle

  14. Gaz says:

    Can someone please point me at an Australian reseller that can supply these kits? Thanks!

  15. ron says:

    is their a chance a labpod will be for the 22 inch eagle

  16. ron says:

    any news on special edition eagle

  17. ron says:

    whats scoop on special edition eagle

  18. ron says:

    is special edition eagle going to be shipped by xmas

  19. ron says:

    any news on special edition eagle for shipping

  20. ron says:

    any news on release of mpc 22 inch special edition eagle is it still january or before xmas

  21. ron says:

    ok im beginning to wonder if this special edition eagle is being released

  22. ron says:

    also wondering why all of sudden again there is a delay with special edition 22 inch eagle

  23. ron says:

    its same kit with autograph and decal sheet and poster how is there delay

  24. ron says:

    frustrated customer very frustated

    • JamieH says:

      Hi Ron. I’m sorry we don’t check for blog comments more than once, maybe twice a week. I’m here to answer that there was a problem with the decal sheet and the job had to be reprinted. This will push the release back into 2017. I’m very sorry to report this, but that is where we stand.

  25. ron says:

    ok thanks how far in

  26. ron says:

    is this kit goin even be released

  27. ron says:

    why the delay this long its just decal issue

    • JamieH says:

      The entire batch of decals had to be remade. the re-run had to wait its turn in the production job batting order. The re-run couldn’t simply butt in line if you get my meaning.

  28. ron says:

    cant wait for this kit

  29. ron says:

    i got email from monsters imotion there shipping special edition eagle now finaly

  30. ron says:

    im excited for this eagle with autograph mine shipped this morning woo hoo thank you jamie for this edition

  31. ron says:

    mine will be here friday want to see these new weathering decals

  32. ron says:

    got mine today

  33. ron says:

    hi jamie whats percent of chance there will be a lab pod or a 12 retool eagle

  34. ron says:

    wow not very good chance at all

  35. fortress says:

    100% in with all the Space:1999 subjects that you have produced thus far
    Many thanks to Round 2 for all the efforts on the Eagle 1\48 model kit!

    In regards to the larger ship subjects from the show without question at some
    Point a larger 1\48 scale Hawk IX fighter would be idea for this kit series!


  36. ron says:

    heres an idea maybe a 1/144th scale eagle and hawk those are really nice scales any possibility for those jamie

  37. ron says:

    jamie howa about 1/144th eagle kit

  38. ron kalcevic says:

    so is there chance for 1/144th eagle

  39. ron says:

    well that dosnt sound promising

  40. ron says:

    i think everyone is waitin for lab pod and weathering decals sold sepratly

  41. ron says:

    what would be the smallest scale eagle would you release

  42. ron says:

    i was meaning an actual kit

  43. ron says:

    are you goin to release decal sheet sepratly

  44. JamieH says:

    Maybe someday.

  45. ron says:

    are you goin to do a new tool 1/72nd eagle

  46. ron says:

    can we purchase extra sheets of weathering decals for 22 inch eagle

  47. ron says:

    if we can purchase sheets how much will they be each

  48. ron says:

    have you thought doing eagle 2 thats my favorite eagle

  49. ron says:

    are you planning to release weathering decal sheets sepratly soon

    • JamieH says:

      No, not soon. We still have stock of the special edition kit. When those are gone, we will give consideration to scheduling the decal sheet on its own.

  50. ronnie kalcevic says:

    what is next pod for 22 inch eagle after cargo eagle

  51. ronnie kalcevic says:

    that would be kool i bought an after market labpod its ok very heavy and the pod doors that go into front and aft section arnt right same as regular pod so now i have to sctratch build each end which will be easy but i would rather have pod that goes with kit

  52. ronnie kalcevic says:

    what about releasing seprate weathering decal sheets

    • JamieH says:

      We can’t say for sure when the lab pod will start development at this point. Paneling decals will probably come out some time next year.

  53. ronnie kalcevic says:

    when do you think lab pod will be released

  54. ron says:

    we want lab pod

  55. ron says:

    a nice retooled 72nd 0r 1/144th eagles whats chances of that

  56. ron says:

    whats next on for space 1999

    • JamieH says:

      Our pre-built 22″ Eagle is in produciton now and will be available by Christmas. We are working on finishing up the Nuke Area 2 set now and it should be available just in time for Christmas to if all goes well.

  57. ron says:

    any news on release of weathering decals for eagle

  58. ron says:

    when will 22 inch labpod eagle be released

  59. ron says:

    when will labratory eagle be released

  60. ron says:

    could the 1/72nd eagle be in the works

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