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July 2024

MPC Model kits: 22” Space:1999 Eagle update #2

posted by JamieH 9:00 AM
Tuesday, August 11, 2015


Continuing the look at our upcoming 22” Space:1999 Eagle from MPC… You may recall that we received the kit mockup just days before Wondefest. I was swamped with show prep, so it stayed in the box it came in until Jim Small did his repairs to it the day before we left.

Eagle blog 14

After displaying the prototype at the show, we found very few substantive errors when we gave it our thorough review. In a case of the 1:350 TOS Enterprise kit we probably had between 50 and 100 points to change between the first prototype and the end product. For this kit, we found about 10 things that needed to be corrected and a handful of other things had to be addressed like the cockpit wall and areas where tool drafting hadn’t been fully resolved.

Eagle blog 17 Eagle blog 16 Eagle blog 18 Eagle blog 19 Eagle blog 21 Eagle blog 20Eagle blog 22

D:DessinEAGLE22 inch model kit - 3d modelTooling versionRou Eagle blog 11 Eagle blog 13 Eagle blog 12

For the most part, what you saw in the Wonderfest mockup is what the end kit will be. I give all credit for that to my development partners Jim Small, Daniel Prud’homme and Chris Trice. Their research, data and their mindfulness of how the kit should be parted out, etc. really made a huge difference that took months off the development timeline. The differences were actually so minor that I didn’t require the factory to implement the changes to the mockup and instead reviewed them digitally only. Photos of the mockup were submitted to the licensor and it has been approved!

17 Responses to “MPC Model kits: 22” Space:1999 Eagle update #2”

  1. RB says:

    Jamie, thanks for sharing all this with us. This is, for lack of a better word, heartening.

    I remember being around 12 or so when I got the first release of the original MPC Eagle back in 75/76. And being so bitterly disappointed at the extreme shortcuts that MPC had taken. How great it is today that you’re ensuring so much accuracy even while making sure that it will be affordable to tool. It feels like a great hobby wrong is about to be righted!

  2. Michael Scarola says:

    It’s great to see this kit coming together so fast!

  3. mark Belsom says:

    I like the improvementts your making,you seem to have thought of everything. Might be a bit early but any idea what the decals will be like ?.

    • JamieH says:

      We know what the contents of the decals will be, but we have to take some patterns off the test shots before we can finalize all of them.

      Btw, in regards to decals… We’ll be announcing some big news about our decals very soon and it will pertain the ones we will include in this kit.

  4. David says:

    Got any views for the underside of the mockup???

  5. andy says:

    I’ve never really been a fan of the Eagle (just “Meh” for me).
    However, this model is sexy as all hell.
    Might, “MIGHT” just have to pick up one.
    Great job Jamie, Jim, & gang!!!


  6. Robert Cass says:

    I noticed one of the RCS thruster bells on the forward starboard side landing pod has broken off. If you send me the model I will fix it free of charge! I’ll even do a review for you and umm….send it back…

  7. jimsam says:

    This is the most exciting kit I’ve seen in a long time! You and your team are AMAZING! I can’t wait to buy one (or two).

  8. spock62 says:

    Yet another grail kit I’ve always hoped for is finally being made. This kit looks like it will truely do justice to the original design. Thanks Jamie and everyone that worked on making this kit a reality!

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