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July 2024

Round 2: Everyone’s 2 favorite words… “Container Arrival”

posted by JamieH 12:41 PM
Friday, June 12, 2009

When our staff at Round 2 receives and email with that title, cheers can be heard rising from every corner of the office. Oh the joy of a new container arriving. (Tongue planted firmly in cheek here) While it is actually good news that model kit product like a Robby the Robot reorder or brand new stuff like the huge 1/350 Enterprise 1701A has arrived, it throws a wrench in the works from a productivity standpoint. No, we don’t all just run out with mouths watering and dive right into a trove of new model kits Scrooge McDuck style. We actually have to got to work for an hour or more.

You see, we’ve only got a dozen people give or take on staff that handle more than half a dozen brands. We all wear many hats. Brand managers have to handle their own customer service issues for example. On those great days when a container arrives, we cobble together enough able bodies to go out and unload the truck by hand. Usually it takes a minimum of seven people and usually nine when we get the truck pretty fairly unpacked. Trucks used to be a rare thing, coming every couple months but it’s getting to be a weekly thing. We’ve even had a couple trucks in one day. It gets to be tough work when you are unloading 500 25lb boxes of Enterprise from the front (back) of a 45 foot trailer. Throw in 25 degree winters and 100 degree summers and it really becomes quite a treat. Ultimately, it is all done out of love.

One Response to “Round 2: Everyone’s 2 favorite words… “Container Arrival””

  1. Wolvster says:

    Looks like hard work to be sure, but as you say
    it’s also a labor of love when you truly ENJOY what you do !

    { Oh, and don’t tell me driving the fork lift ISN’T fun !
    I used one at my old Factory job and they can be a blast ! }

    Ahem, now back to work..:)

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