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July 2024

Polar Lights model kits: Romulan Bird-of-Prey progress

posted by JamieH 3:06 PM
Tuesday, November 25, 2014

We announced that we would be bringing out a new Polar Lights model kit of the STAR TREK: TOS Romulan Bird-of-Prey back at Wonderfest in May. We’ve shown around some of the preliminary 3D work, but we recently received the mockup of the kit. here is a first look.

Some may have noted that we showed an earlier version at iHobby in October. In many ways it was not up to our expectations, but this version is about ready to go. Some may be disappointed that we were not able to reproduce the saucer front/side windows due to tooling restrictions. I’m sure enterprising modelers will find a way to introduce that detail back into the model. Overall, the kit looks great though.

3D work was done once again by Angelo Bastianelli based on reference by Gary Kerr and Petri Blomqvist. Petri is a lifelong fan of this particular ship and the shape and proportions were painstakingly determined by building his wireframe over screen caps of the original filming miniature.



114 Responses to “Polar Lights model kits: Romulan Bird-of-Prey progress”

  1. Christian Aldo says:

    You forgot to mention what SCALE the ship will be in?
    HOPEFULLY 1/350 ???
    If your going to do it right, you might as well add to the 1/350 line.
    My Enterprise needs a friend!

  2. Darren says:

    What scale is this kit?

  3. jim sapp says:

    what????!?!?!? no chrome? you are going to make an accurate Romulan bird of prey after all these years and not have a cannon -exhaust tubes- globe dome rings or ports be chrome? people are going to want those lit up, why aren’t you making the ports with no clear posts running thru the hull inside them? please don’t make these mistakes, do it right the first time please….

    • ClubTepes says:

      I’m never a fan of ‘chrome’ parts.

      It never looks right for the scale.
      Being too glossy and due to the process, it softens detail because of the thickness of the coating. Which adds to dimensional fit issues.

      Try Alclad’s chrome and you might be happier.

  4. David says:

    If it comes with window decals then all one needs to do is apply said decals and drill out the windows using the window deals as a template.

  5. Christian Aldo says:

    What scale will this kit be in?
    I hope 1/350 ?

  6. David M. says:

    Looks great! I can’t wait until it’s released!

  7. ModelMan says:

    That’s great having the stand go in the aft instead of the bottom! The window panels on the bridge look very tall for the scale of it, though.

    Thanks for getting this one going, Jamie! Seems like you’ve tagged ~nearly~ all of your WF2013 list at this point. šŸ™‚

    With the Cut-Away 1701 later in 2015, are there many (or any) old kits left to repop or is it all new subjects and scales from here on out for you guys?

    Perhaps this leaves only the old 1/537 non-smoothie Refit? Can the 1/350 be scaled down to replace that? It’s a great size and scale for the subject. Would still love to have quality kits in a mid-range scale, 1/537 or 1/650.

    Thanks for all you’ve done for Trekkers everywhere! Happy TGiving to all at R2!

    • JamieH says:

      Everyone hopes for a re-issue of the 1/537 smoothie, but we investigated doing that before we tooled up the 1/1000 kit. For all intents and purposes, the kit would have to be retooled.

      • crowe-t says:

        As ModelMan said, can the 1/350 Refit be scaled down to 1/537? The 1/350 is an awesome kit but still quite a bit too large to display for a lot of us. The 1/537 Refit is still a nice size for lighting and detailing yet it is a more reasonable size for displaying.

        If files still exist for the 1/350 Refit, and it’s possible to scale them down to 1/537, that would save a lot of work and money over designing a whole new tool.

        • JamieH says:

          Sorry to say, but the existing development on previous Refit tools is only a fraction of the cost needed to cut the tools.
          That said, i just had an idea that I’ll have to chew on for a while…

          • David says:

            Food for thought, why not make a new set of molds using the current set only with out the imperfections??

          • JamieH says:

            That is what we looked into back before we did the 1:1000 scale kit. The cost to do that was more than tooling the 1:1000 scale kit, and since our other kits at that scale proved to be so popular, we decided to develop most new kits in that scale to keep everything new in a common scale. Let me ask this (don’t read into it)… If we ever did a Refit in this “medium” scale, what would be the right scale? 1:537 is thrown out there because that is what was done before, but that was a box scale. Would it be best to stick to that “just because” or should we look at another common established scale even if that means the size of the model is different form the old kit?

          • Dan says:

            I remember when the refit 1:537 kit first came out, and I wondered why they chose not to do it in the same scale as the TOS kit. If they had done the refit, the TMP Klingon cruiser and the much later Reliant in 1:650, then we would have some kind of uniformity of scale. Modelers always want everything in the scale they are modeling.

            It would be cool all these years later to have a refit in 1:650, but then we’re just going to want everything else in the Star Trek universe also in 1:650. Or we’re going to want everything in 1:537. There’s really no end to it.

            The only common scale that really makes any sense here is 1:1000. You guys are doing a great job populating that scale. You are also doing a great job giving us some wonderful options for larger kits, too. My hat is off to Round 2.

          • JamieH says:

            Thank you very much. It’s great to hear that the thought and hard work that goes into our kits is appreciated!

        • ModelMan says:

          Thinking on the last points 2,3 and 4.

          The nicety of 1k is the bookshelf friendly nature, confining a number in a small area. (The cadet line even more so!) The nicety of 350 is the grandness of it, the volume.

          For many, the extremes are not satisfying for one distinct reason or another. Splitting the difference in the 537/650 range allows the 1k enthusiasts a ‘showcase size’ build on their shelf, not too big to be unreasonable. Whereas for the 350 crowd, 537 is their ‘1/1000 scale’ and simply aren’t interested in smaller.

          (Personally, my fave scale is the Cutaway 1701. However, the Refit in 537 is a very respectable volume as well.)

          There is no ‘just because’ for choosing a mid-scale at any given size as there are two established lines to work with; 537 and so-called ‘650’ (~635 is it?).

          AMT leads with three 650 tools. However, the 1701 and BoP should be modernized; i.e. new tools. That leaves the venerable D-7 as one 650 tool asset.

          The 537 scale gives KTinga (needs mods) and Reliant with its ‘recently paid for’ re-tooling. So we’ll call that two tool assets with one needed sprue of fixes.

          Side: 1/537 yields an Excelsior that the crowds who rankle for a 350 NX-2000 would be happy to have in lieu. And for the 1k crowd, their 1k NX will be more than enough. I also expect that a 537 Excel would count as your ‘big kit’ for a production cycle?

          There are also the 1/400 Defiant(shift to 350?) and the aforementioned Cut-Away 1701. That still leaves 537 with the biggest investment already sunk in to the various lines.

          I believe a robust mid-scale line allows the guys who want ‘all-350’ to have a better option to fill their fleet out, while the 1k scale folks will appreciate having a bigger scale to highlight their appreciation of a given ship or design.

          1/1000 scale ‘cheaply’ fills out the complete line of canon or even esoteric ships the fans crave. A mid-scale line could feature the common screen-seen designs. That leaves the 350 line to feature ‘signature’ designs only.

          Last I recall, a realistic 350 release likely boils down to Reliant v KTinga. While I love Reliant, KTinga allows the cad to immed. be transferred to 537 for a sprue of fixes to that kit; to be included with future full box releases and as ‘aftermarket’ pack for those already owning the kit.)

          Same as naval ships, a mid-scale line makes sense for many reasons. There will always be a market that draws from the largest pool of fans and hobbyists.


  8. Brad says:

    Looks good, Jamie!

  9. Mach7 says:

    It’s looking good Jamie!
    I’m looking forward to this one.

    One question, The “windows” on the cupola look a bit out of scale.
    Are they supposed to be extended so far?



  10. crowe-t says:

    This ship looks fantastic! The shape of the mounting rod looks very interesting.

  11. ClubTepes says:

    Look good Jamie.

    I also love the modification to the base, having it come out the back rather than intrude upon the BOP emblem on the belly.

    I also wonder about the ‘windows’.

    Eagerly anticipating this one.

    And, I add a hopeful vote towards a 1/350 version some day.

  12. KUROK says:

    I love it! Can’t wait to get one!!!!

  13. Bats says:

    Sometimes things happen with model kits that can’t be controlled by the design team. Scale, engineering, parts count and assembly patterns can all be vetoed by the bean counters. If a kit comes out in a way you don’t like, regarding clear parts,chrome or mounting peg locations you really can’t blame the design crew. Visible details? That’s another story. Just my 2c, but please keep this in mind and be happy it’s getting a new tool.
    Happy holidays everybody!

  14. Christian Aldo says:

    My Star Trek model kit dream would be the release of the ROMULAN BIRD OF PREY,
    KLINGON D-7 and the SS BOTANY BAY, ALL in glorious 1/350 sale!
    No more fooling around with anything less than the grandest starship scale!!!!

    • JamieH says:

      I’m sure many others share the same sentiment. I’d do everything in 1:350 scale if I could. šŸ˜‰

      • chuck brooks says:

        i can safely say from being in a few modeling communities online that almost anything in 1/350 scale would be a hot seller…hard to believe there is no Klingon ship in that scale by you guys. believe me,people want to see that happen

        • JamieH says:

          We hear all of the requests for that one. It’s just a tough cookie to bite into from the standpoint of the tooling investment. That said as often as we hear about it, I keep chewing on ideas to pull it off. maybe some day…

  15. David Weimer says:

    Cool model kit the ship looks fantastic Jamie I like to see more star trek models kit soon in 1\1000 scale keep
    up the work?.

  16. spock62 says:

    Can we assume that the kit will provide the saucer front/side windows as decals?

    Also, I agree with ModelMan, I really think you guys should consider “mid-range” (my pick would be either 1/500 or 1/600)Star Trek kits. The larger scale would allow more detailed kits that would be easier to find display space for. Plus, most of us grow up on 18″-22″ that AMT originally produced.

  17. Mach7 says:

    Hi Jamie,

    Do you have any insight on the windows extending so far on the top?



    • JamieH says:

      They might extend out a touch too far, but that could be remedied by using a little bit of sandpaper. Honestly, I don’t think they are too bad when you look at the thing in real life.

      • Mach7 says:

        Thanks Jamie,

        Any idea on the release date for this or the Deluxe Eagle?

        Also any luck on tracking down the Hawk molds?


        • JamieH says:

          I expect the Deluxe Eagles will hit store shelves before Christmas, but it might be tight. Unfortunately it seems that the Hawk tools have been lost. Maybe they will turn up someday, but at this point we all need to move on like there is no hope. šŸ™

  18. Tomh, Esq says:

    This looks great!

    I’m looking forward to getting my hands on a couple!

    Keep up the hard work!

  19. David Weimer says:

    Merry Christmas Jamie H I hope there is more models kits out soon in 2015 for Star Trek that would be nice like the USS Excelsior NCC-2000.

  20. David Weimer says:

    Like to see more USS Enterprise NCC-1701-D model kits.
    and SS Botany Bay 1000 scale kit and Klingon D-18 Gull
    1000 scale kits.

  21. Jeff says:

    Too bad about the Hawk molds, I have fond memories of that model.

    Also, just wanted to say thanks to all at R2 for all you do. I know we whine and complain (a lot) and never say thank you enough. Because of R2, I have about 6 Trek ships in the display case, and more on the shelf, and there would be none without you. The original PL Enterprise got me back into modeling after a 10 year hiatus, and it’s been non-stop ever since. So, thank you!

  22. Lee Staton says:

    Jamie, any status change on the Galileo?

    The Romulan ship looks great! It’s especially cool for me, as I provided film clip reference for the original kit in 1975 that AMT did not follow. There’s a nice illustration in their catalog that shows it correctly, but when they sent me the test shot I was SO disappointed! You got it so right this time. Can’t wait!


  23. David Weimer says:

    I like to model kit of star trek Klingon D7 movie 1/1000 scale and USS Excelsior NCC-2000 star trek 6 movie 1/1000 scale I like to see more USS Enterprise NCC-1701-D 1/1400 scale kits star trek 3 USS Grissom NCC-638 1/1000 scale that would be nice to see will be the first time.

  24. Chris Jackson says:

    I’d love this in 1/350. Also a Klingon ship in 1/350 from The Motion Picture would be a dream come true.

  25. David Weimer says:

    I like to know will be a model kit of the Prometheus starship from Alien before the movie from director Ridley Scott movie Prometheus I like to see the model kit soon or not. Have A Happy New Year Jamie H

  26. Peter Hicks says:

    Diamond put coal in my stocking! The Previews catalogue that came out Dec 24 contained the RBOP, the DS9 Cadet set, and the Lab Pod Eagle. All of which will be available in the USA only! Jamie, any reason that Diamond could not supply these kits to comic stores in Canada?

  27. Tomh, Esq says:

    I just picked up the Deep Space Nine-Cadet Series kit from my LHS.

    Another great release from Round 2! Keep up the hard work!

    I was really impressed by the Cardassian Galor! And it’s great to see a model of the Defiant with the correct nacelle angle!

    Let’s hope that sales are strong enough to justify the release of a 1/1000 Defiant kit. That would be a great one to see!



  28. Rob says:

    I’m working on my Bridge Set build, but the Galileo is what I would like to do next. (I’ve got a theme for a diorama in mind) Do you have any updates you can share yet? Perhaps a tentative release date?

  29. D Scott says:

    This looks great! Angelo Bastianelli should do all your 3d masters. Really looking forward to this one.

  30. David Weimer says:

    I like to see USS Defiant 1/1000 scale kit soon that would be nice I cannot wait for Galileo model kit soon
    thank you Jamie H for model kits.

  31. David Weimer says:

    I would like to see the new USS Enterprise NCC-1701-D
    1/2500 scale model kit with Saucer Separation that will be cool to see so far I have not see one yet.
    I like to see 1/1000 scale model kit as well.

  32. Tomh, Esq says:

    Hi Jamie,

    There’s a poll over at SurveyMonkey which is claiming to be from Round 2:

    Any chance that it’s official?

  33. David Weimer says:

    I like to see more models kits of USS Enterprise NCC-1701-D 1/1400 scale I never got one yet so please bring them back. I like to see 1/2500 scale of USS Enterprise
    NCC-1701-D with Saucer Separation that would be cool to have for the first time.

  34. David E. says:

    I like what you’ve done with the Romulan Bird of Prey, I look forward to getting one.
    So… any other updates? Any new Trek news? How about news from Lindberg or Hawk? Will you re-issue the Lindberg Space Station?
    It has been a while since you last updated, please let us know how things are going. Anything would be fine.

  35. Mach7 says:

    Thanks For all the info Jamie.

    I just picked up the deluxe Eagle. Great job on the resin. The deluxe parts
    look really well done.

    Thanks for getting this one out and I hope to see a new, accurate eagle
    in the future.


  36. jim says:

    ok, so im putting the ”no chrome” on my plate and eating it and trying to smile. what about the clear pegs for the port holes? any idea when this is coming out? great job on the model by the way, have waited what? 46 years to get one that was correct……is there anyway to get at least indentations on the front sides rim for the ports? thank you for doing this project, along with all the other kits you have done. any kind of Jupiter 2 lost in space kits in the future, or is this now an impossibility?

    • JamieH says:

      The portholes are too small for clear pegs. none of our other 1:1000 scale ships have clear windows either. Clear parts are usually included for nacelle vents, impulse engines and navigation lights. The front windows will be indicated on out decal sheet. Tooling them into the surface was cost prohibitive and would have caused other concerns. We don’t currently have the license for Lost In Space.

  37. Mach7 says:


    Is there any news on the Project Vanguard satellite?



  38. jim says:

    ok, so now I have more questions. first tho, my thanks and appreciation to Angelo for all of the hard work going into this model.
    so, the cloaking ports. what colors are they? does anyone know the original lighting scheme? the nacelle domes and exhausts?
    those questions have been nagging me for years. and also who would YOU recommend buying this kit from when it comes out?
    thank you,
    looking forward to being a satisfied customer.

    • JamieH says:

      Okay… cloaking ports…? I must have missed an episode. What do mean?
      For the colors of the ship, I would refer you to one of my favorite sources for Trek reference, where you could find this…×14/balanceofterror105.jpg
      As most of us know, we don’t really get a better onscreen overall view of the ship than that. What can we see there? It looks like the domes are clear and the exhaust ports are chrome and the main hull gives off a shimmer that implies a silver finish. We can’t see close enough to see lights coming from the windows.
      Then we find images like this online
      which shows that the nacelle domes should light with an slight orange tinge and we can see all the lights on.
      So it kind of depends on what you are going for. If you want an on-screen look, leave the nacelle caps clear. If you want your model to look just like the miniature did when lit, frost the domes and hit them with a dash of orange.
      Where would I buy the kit? I tend to support local dealers as much as possible, but when none are to be found in your area I like dealers like or because they focus so much on the sci-fi market and offer great discounts. Then there is our online store, but ordering through us offers no savings in time or funds over other retailers.

      • james says:

        cloaking ports, I don’t know what to call them, but they are all over the dorsal cabin and dorsal deck in a ”U” shape run. like portholes.

        I would have to agree with all your statements. but I was wondering if anyone knew the original model’s lit up colors. they seem to be lost to history.

        the actual length and width of the model would be of interest to me, but I can wait until it comes out. I agree about who to buy them from, but also Micheal’s hobbycraft store seems to keep you models in stock.
        thank you for all this information. and wonder if the date of release has changed. also if someone makes a resin mod for your models, do you carry them? what is the procedure to have a mod be accepted by you and included in the kits? I think that you have done this once with the bird decal for a Romulan D-7, but I could be entirely wrong about what went on.
        thanks again,

        • JamieH says:

          We don’t endorse or carry “aftermarket” parts. On a few occasions, we have found that someone has already mastered certain art, plans or physical parts which we would like to produce. In those cases, we work out an arrangement with that person to take ownership of those assets which we would produce parts from.

  39. Cass says:

    Jaimie, I heard a rumor that the “cutaway” TOS Enterprise is coming out sometime this year from Round 2. Is this true? If so, do you have a timeframe when we might see it? Thanks!

  40. Andrew says:

    Any chance this and the Galileo will be on display at Wonderfest this year? With. maybe, an announcement on the release date?

    • JamieH says:

      I’m at a point where I don’t want to discuss any upcoming kit without something physical to show for it. With that said, I intend to have “something” to show at WF.

  41. Mach7 says:

    With Leonard Nimoys passing I decided to pick up the old AMT Spock TMP kit on ebay to go with the R2 re release of the backdated classic Spock kit you released a few years ago.

    I’m appreciating how much work you guys had to do to the molds to bring back the old kit. I remember reading one of your blogs about the condition of the molds and what you had to do to them but I think they are too old to be on the site.

    Is there any chance you could re post the blog?

    Also I see that the classic Spock kit is out of stock. are there any plans for a new run of it?



    • JamieH says:

      The passing of Leonard Nimoy touched a lot of us old-school fans. I’m not sure if it is a fortunate fact or an unfortunate one that the heartbreak of such passing fades over time. With that in mind, we don’t think he recent passing would spur enough interest in a release that wouldn’t come out for say… six months at the minimum. There is also the threat of being accused of trying to benefit from the event of his passing. Still, the 50th anniversary of the show comes next year. I’m sure there will be something we will do to commemorate that and Spock will always be a part of that.

  42. RB says:

    Jamie, I was wondering if there’s any news on the “Kane” resin kit. I read March release in the latest SF&F Modeler, but of course things change.

    Just wanted to mention I was on the fence about buying Kane until I received my deluxe 1999 Eagles. The quality of those additional resin parts just blew me away, and convinced me that the Kane kit would be something special. So you can thank the deluxe Eagle for at least one Kane pre-order…

    • JamieH says:

      Kane is darn near ready to ship out of China. Look for it on store shelves in about a month.

      I’m glad you liked what you found in the deluxe Eagle kit. Two things to be clear on though. 1) Kane will be coming from a different factory. 2) That doesn’t really matter, because the parts look amazing. I have to say, the product has lost very little fidelity from the original 3D sculpt through the prototype process and finally into the production parts. if you’ve liked anything you seen so far, I doubt you will be disappointed. Look for a special article in the next SFFM that shows the process that was used to build, paint and light our display model that was used on our packaging and will accompany our show displays this year.

  43. Warp8 says:

    Any word on when the re-release TOS cutaway Enterprise will be coming out?

  44. David Weimer says:

    How about releasing 1400 scale for the USS Enterprise NCC-1701-D and 2500 scale of USS Enterprise NCC-1701-D
    saucer separation that would be cool to have for the first time I have not see one yet.
    I like to see the USS Excelsior NCC-2000 and the model kit of 100 scale Klingon D7 movie.
    Please let me know soon I like to know.

    Thank you for models kit. Keep up good work JamieH

    • JamieH says:

      The 1:1400 version of the 1701-D should have everything you need to build the saucer separate from the lower hull. I know we don’t currently stock that kit, but any old kits that you find should have that same capability.

      Excelsior, uh…? Hmm…

  45. Edge says:

    What is the latest estimate on the 1/1000 Romulan release?

  46. Tomh, Esq says:

    Is there any chance of an update?

    I know all of you are swamped, but it’s been four months.

    Last I heard, the 1/1000 Romulan Bird of Prey is due to hit store shelves at the end of April. Is this still the case?

    I’d also love to hear about the progress of the 1/1000 Sulaco.

    • JamieH says:

      Sorry for the long delay in responding to blog posts. Where you (not you specifically, Tom, but anyone out there reading this) work, do they ever do computer system or server changes or upgrades or things like that? We’ve been working through some of the pains that come from doing that recently and one of the things that happened was that I no longer received notifications of blog comments. Then I realize the other day… I haven’t received notifications of blog comments in a while. So thought I should look into it and here I am. Responding to about 20 comments that had gone unnoticed. I’ll check back regularly until I can get the notification problem fixed. Why haven’t I posted anything new in months? “Swamped” goes a long way towards summing it up. Still love to throw out updates to you guys. Believe me, if I could have made posting a priority above everything else I’ve got going on, I definitely would have by now. I can’t promise I’ll have anything soon, but I want to post something soon to keep this blog alive and relevant.

      RBoP is on the water. There is a slim chance it could land by the end of April.

      Sulaco… Iā€™m at a point where I will no longer be announcing or discussing a kit without something physical to show for it. Too much heartbreak (for both you and me) comes from doing that. This means it may look like we have less to “announce” at Wonderfest this year, but I do have a few announcements that will come as a bit of a surprise I think… if the prototypes are done in time to show…

  47. David Weimer says:

    I cannot wait for more models to come out I hope maybe 1\1000 scale of USS Enterprise NCC-1701-D with the saucer separation and I like to see USS Excelsior NCC-2000 1\1000 scale I know I keep asking about it you guy came out with the USS Enterprise NCC-1701-B.
    I like to see 1400 scale to return of the USS Enterprise NCC-1701-D agin think about it of the USS Titan NCC-80102 like they said it in Star Trek NEMESIS.

  48. jim says:

    noticed on the round 2 an polar lights site all the buy now pages were unavailable. anything new on this? I was hoping to get one for my birthday in may this year……

    • JamieH says:

      Thanks for tipping us off. I’m having the problem looked into. Was there a specific kit you were interested in. I can hook you up with the links to purchase.

  49. David says:

    Jamie, I think it’s safe for me to say a lot of builders would like to see a 1/1000 scale Excelsior kit with options for an NX and NCC versions as well as an Excelsior refit, aka E-B, all in one kit. As for the E-B kit issued a couple of years ago, are you guys aware that the window decals for the right hand side are inaccurate???

    • JamieH says:

      I wasn’t aware the window decals were innacurate, but it has been years since I’ve given that kit a look.

      • David says:

        The decal in question is #25 for the right hand side of the secondary hull, in fact it’s mirror image of #24 while the filming model has a different pattern for each side. Should have clarified sooner.

  50. Richard R says:

    I for one am wishin’ and hopin’ and waitin’ and prayin’ for the E-D to be re-released in clear once more. I didn’t get enough last time it was out! Need at least 2 more. šŸ™‚ Would sales support another run of clear E-D kits? Ebay prices seem to hint that they might!

    I’m waiting with bated breath for the Romulan ship to kit shelves. What a great thing to have all three “classic” ships in scale available in plastic!

    Quick and probably dumb question: Will you ever release the 1/1000 scale Botany Bay as a standalone mini model, similar to what you’re doing with the cadet series? Or should I just buy another TOS E model with the Botany and add it to the dozen in my closet? I’m going to have to hide it from the wife…I think I’ve reached maximum tolerance levels when it comes to the amount of kits of THAT ship I already own!

  51. Rick C says:

    hey jamie,…..any plans to re-issue the cygnus and klingon bird of prey w/landing gear?

    • JamieH says:

      Cygnus… As much as we would like to, we aren’t in a position to issue that one right now. KBoP… Not immediately, but keep an eye out.

      • fortress says:

        Round 2 Models/MPC has done such a fine job re-relasing some of their classic kits it would be a shame not to include kits from Disney’s the The Black Hole, especially considering the fact that they are in the process of rebooting that franchise
        I would hope Jamie H that thoes subjects getting a second change might not be a bad idea now.

        Keep up the good work!

  52. Richard says:

    Hi Jamie, I love your guys’ kits, your guys’ site, the whole nine. I’m counting the days till the 1/1000 Romulan Bird Prey is in my hot little hands. Would you guys consider doing the DS9 Saratoga in 1/1000? Or perhaps a release of the 1/1000 TOS Enterprise in silver?

    • JamieH says:

      We don’t have plans to do the Saratoga in 1:1000 scale at the moment. Maybe some day. a TOS Entperise in silver…? Just curious why since the color we use is considered a match to the ship. introducing metallic into plastic is something we can do, but sometimes swirling becomes a concern. So the look of the surface of the ship isn’t very even.

      • Richard says:

        I certainly hope you guys do the Saratoga, It’d be a nice model to have in better detail and in styrene. I ask about the TOS Enterprise in silver because that is kinda how it looked in the remastered Trek. You guys haven’t been opposed to non-accurate color schemes for models in the past; I’m thinkinng specifically of the “Romulan Battlecruiser” (TOS Klingon Battlecruiser) in silver when in reality it wasn’t any different in color from it’s Klingon counterpart.

        Perhaps you could call it the “Remastered Star Trek” edition. Or an “I.S.S. Enterprise” edition.

      • Richard says:

        I just wanted to clarify that I love the “Space seed” edition and am glad that you guys went to the trouble of finding the correct color.

      • Tomh, Esq says:

        I don’t know about the 1/1000 TOS Enterprise in silver, but how about a version in clear? That would really aid those of us who like lighting our kits.

        Maybe you could do a limited run – say 2500 kits…

  53. Dave K. says:

    Hi Jamie,

    Not too sure how well received this would be, however, I was wondering what your thoughts of doing a 1/350 USS Grissom. It’s a small enough ship that, I believe, at 1/350 would be about 14 inches long.

    If I’m not mistaken, it’s the only hero ship from the TOS movies that hasn’t been released.

    You could also produce decals with TNG era markings with some of the alternate names this class featured in various TNG/DS9/VOY episodes.

    fingers crossed…

    • JamieH says:

      I’ve given it consideration recently in 1:1000 and 1:2500 scales, but not at 1:350. I’ll give it a big fat “maybe someday…”

      • Dave K. says:

        I have an Eaglemoss USS Grissom. I think it’s about 1:1000. Do you think it would be a stand alone kit or would you put it with one or two other ships? A Bird of Prey and the Merchantman freighter from STIII would make sense but the freighter is a very obscure ship. Maybe include it with another already existing 1:1000 ship (like you guys did with the Botany Bay). Throwing it in with a 1:1000 Excelsior would be really cool…

  54. Richard says:

    Would you guys also consider doing the K’t’inga in 1/1000 scale?

    I am really looking forward to the Romulan bird of prey.

  55. Dave K. says:

    …IF you decided to produce it, that is…

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