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May 2024

Round 2: These Times, They Are A Busy

posted by JamieH 8:00 AM
Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Here at Round 2, it seems like I’m always playing catch-up. The only priority is the one that has a date attached. It’s a constant cycle- plan the product, get pricing, draw up the details, create the package, check the test shots, prepare for a presentation, prepare for a show. Mix it all up and start it all over for many products and selling seasons.

Things get hectic and with preparing for and working all weekend at Wonderfest then coming back to catch up on other matters. Then we get a holiday weekend but like everyone else that usually means yard work and family gatherings.

And all I want to do is create the next great Star Trek model kit… or at least figure out how to make repops even better as the new stuff is brewing. Anyway, at times like this my desk and office get to look like a toymaker’s workshop with all kinds of interesting goodies lying around. Here’s a pic that shows what state I’m in now. For the heck of it, I’m showing the shelf above my computer monitor that shows my varied taste in toys. Some other time I’ll show my shelves of Batman or Marv figures for anyone that cares.

Some things are blurred for our protection.

4 Responses to “Round 2: These Times, They Are A Busy”

  1. SmokingRobot says:

    Making re-pops better? PLEASE consider making a 1701 cutaway with parts so you can build it ‘non-cutaway’!

  2. flamingakira says:

    Still working on the Batmobile? 🙂 Round2 released re-pops of Classic and E, and those were the hardest for me to find on eBay, whether due to price or availability, so I was ecstatic there. Seeing those old Star Trek boxes on your desk, at that size, makes me nostalgic, but man I love the repack you designed.

    Try to enjoy and don’t work *too* hard.

  3. phicks says:

    Note the reference photo of the TOS Enterprise saucer in the NX-01 model box. Obviously, R2 wants to make sure they get the saucer grid lines engraved just right! (*runs*)

  4. rmays9835 says:

    It is great that the older kits are coming back out. Personally I would love to see a reissue of the Enterprise C possibly with the “refit” parts included. Keep up the good work.

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