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July 2024

Star Trek Models: TMP Cadet Series

posted by JamieH 9:10 AM
Thursday, November 1, 2012

With the huge deal the big Enterprise has been, I don’t want to gloss over a few cool kits that might not measure up… (badumpump kish!) As mentioned back at Wonderfest, we are bringing out a new Star Trek: The Motion Picture Cadet Series set which includes a newly tooled U.S.S. Enterprise Refit, U.S.S. Reliant and Klingon K’t’inga Battle Cruiser all in 1:2500 scale. I want to take a minute to give these little kits their due.

We had Angelo Bastianelli do the computer work on these to get us started. I worked with him to noodle out all of the details to get everything just right. Those files were sent to the factory where they were adjusted for production and parted out. We received test shots a few months back and we have had a few rounds of adjustments to get all of the parts to snap perfectly. As you can see by Jim Small’s work on our buildups, the ships came out great. As usual, the kits come with all the decals you will need to get al of the paneling details on the Enterprise and Reliant. Look for the kits to hit store shelves right at the turn of the New Year and keep an eye out for a TOS Cadet set in 2013 (more details on that later).

33 Responses to “Star Trek Models: TMP Cadet Series”

  1. derric1968 says:

    That’s a handsome set, Jaime! They turned out great. I can’t tell you how thrilled I am that you’re expanding the Cadet Series. These are fun little kits. I know that the guys over on Hobbytalk are always chanting “bigger, bigger, bigger”, but not all of us have a work bench or shelf space big enough for the really big kits. They’re awesome, but just too dang big! Your 1/2500 and 1/1000 scale Trek kits are “just right” as far as I’m concerned, so I’m glad to see you haven’t forgotten about us builders with limited space. I’m looking forward to this set and the TOS set, and I’m hoping you have plans for more Cadet sets in the future.

  2. Zakuformer says:

    I am glad you guys have not only revamped and restored the 1/2500 scale models, but are expanding the series as well! I cannot wait to get my hands on several of these sets!

  3. Fraley1701 says:

    This looks really nice Jamie! I want Jim’s job by the way; he gets to play with the cool new models first! 😉

  4. justinleighty says:

    Those look great! It looks like you guys did a good job addressing some of the problems with AMT’s original 1/2500 refit. Thanks for the attention to detail, and thanks for the upcoming TOS set, too.

    Despite some of the snags you had with the email/ordering process for the 1701 Club, there are a LOT of us out here who are very pleased with the work you all are doing.

  5. spock62 says:

    Very nice. The Refit looks almost as good as the 1/1000 version. Another kit on my “must buy” list!
    Looking forward to the TOS Cadet set too. I read that the Enterprise in that set is the same mold as the previous cadet set (TOS, Refit, b). Surprised you guys didn’t do a new mold of it like you did with the Refit.

  6. fortress says:

    Look really great so far! the Reliant and the K’t’inga-class cruiser in that scale are two very welcomed additions to the
    Trek line-up looking forward to future releases in this scale.

    Also I must add that a very serious contender in the 1/350 scale
    release should be the U.S.S. Reliant it would really be a fine
    kit to be sure and would look fantastic against your 1/350 refit U.S.S. Enterprise 1701A.


  7. jaws62666 says:

    These look great Jamie. Will they be here before Xmas? Just got my big E yesterday. Even better than I expected. Its huge and heavy. Are we any close to the lighting kit. I want to start this baby ASAP.

  8. Mach7 says:

    They Look good!

    I don’t usually build stuff that small, but this one and the TOS set have me curious. Will the TOS set be a new tool also?

    Can you give us any more info on the new Galileo Shuttlecraft? Whats going to come with the new bridge kit?
    And yes I’ll ask again about the Exploration set.

    As a side, My 1/350 1701 club Enterprise will be in my hands tomorrow!

    Thanks Jamie


  9. ssquibb79 says:

    Thank you Jaime, really looking forward to these and the next 2500 set this summer…hopefully we will be getting some more new sets in the future

  10. ssquibb79 says:

    Thanks Jaime, really looking forward to these plus the other set coming next year. Hopefully we will be getting some more 2500 scale goodness down the road

  11. Bats says:

    How about some updates for the car builders? Is the Petty Charger still on course? Are there any new tools for 2013? How about a seperate blog for the car builders?

  12. Bats says:

    How about some updates for the car builders? Anything new for 2013? Is the Petty Dodge still happening?

  13. Tomh says:

    These look great!

    I’m looking forward to this and the 1/2500 TOS set.

    If the movie set does well, is there any chance we could see a #2 with an Excelsior, a Grissom, and a Klingon Bird-of-Prey?

  14. Tomh says:

    These look great!

    I’m looking forward to this and the 1/2500 TOS 3-Ship set.

    IF the movie set does well, is there any chance we could get a #2 with the Excelsior, Grissom, and Klingon Bird-of-Prey?

  15. Bats says:

    Hows about an update on the car front? Is the Richard Petty 16th scale Dodge still happening?

    Anything new for us car builders?

  16. JamieH says:

    It looks like we’ve had a gremlin bite into our blog. Hence the lack of posts and responses. We are still investigating the permanent fix.

    The Enterprise in the TOS set will use the old tool. A very specific opportunity popped up that made retooling the Refit something we could consider. We might retool the “old girl” at some point down the road, but not right now.

    I’ll be showing some pics of the new TOS buildups soon. We plan to introduce new Cadet ships and sets periodically. I’m currently determining what will comprise the next 3-ship set coming in 2014. The TMP set should be out in January and the TOS set will be out in the Spring. I just finished up all of the packaging, etc. from that set last week.

    We’ll give the first update about the Galileo at Wonderfest in May. The Exploration Set tooling still hasn’t been moved yet. so no progress to report.

    The 1:16 Petty Charger has hit a few snags dealing with the clear plastic body, but the kit has been finished up and will be out soon. I don’t know much about it. I know we don’t talk about car kits much (especially on this blog). It isn’t because we don’t want to. It is just difficult to make the time. Notice I didn’t say “find” the time. I have to squeeze my posts in between projects or write them after hours. Believe me, we would love to share more. We are just very busy making the product.

  17. Shabo451 says:

    One item I would enjoy seeing in 1:1000 or 1:2500 scale would be Regula 1 from “Wrath of Khan”, perhaps with extra pods/parts for the office complex in ST:TMP. Might seem obscure at first, but it was also used in several Next Generation episodes.

    As far as other ships for the Cadet series, I also agree with Excelsior and Grissom. Not a huge fan of the last series, but the NX=01 would also be good to round out the set

  18. ssquibb79 says:

    How much of a delay will there be with this set, with the strike at the West Coast Terminals?

  19. I do administrative work regarding the Local that was striking and it only involved Long Beach, which they finally concluded yesterday, thank God. It’s been a frustrating 8 days. :/

  20. ssquibb79 says:

    awesome!! looking forward to what else you have in store, thanks so much for your dedication to the hobby!

  21. Tomh says:

    Hey Jamie,

    Has the 1/350 TOS Enterprise passed the 1701 mark yet?



  22. CaptainDoomsday says:

    Fantastic looking set! Just bought a ton of model kits from you guys this past week! The Enterprise A, B and classic set looks awesome and so does this Motion Picture set. Also, I have a old booklet thing from one of the cadet series kits and in it, had the 2009 Enterprise from the JJ Abrams film. I am wondering if you guys are still working on plans for the JJ-prise sometime down the road? Anyway, awesome looking kit and will definitely buy it!

  23. Joshua_Vance_Art says:

    Jamie, it may have been answered before but, I’d like to complete the collection of the original AMT Trek kits. Do you envision the new Galileo shuttle using the old box art and collector tin? Additionally, The command bridge, Exploration set,and the Galileo shuttle to my knowledge are the only three kits remaining of the vintage 70’s AMT Trek kits?

    Also, does your Trek license permit you to do more individual movie themed box art and marketing? For example, you have the big three out now could you do a 1/350 Enterprise, vulcan shutle, klingon K’tinga, but in box art all celebrating Star Trek the Motion Picture? Same with Reliant and Wrath of Khan, etc

  24. Tomh says:

    Is there any chance that Round 2 would release an alternate decal set for the 1/2500 Cadet Series Enterprise-D?

    The included decals match the ship as seen in Star Trek: Generations, but the paneling on the ship during its TV was green, not blue.

  25. Mach7 says:

    Wow, I have to wait until May for an update on the Galileo?

    Guess I’m spoiled with all the great info I got in the 1701 club. 🙂

    On that subject I LOVE my big E! you guys did great with it, Thanks very much.

    I now have my lighting combo pack and I am ready to build.

    I know it’s still early, and it’s non of my business but does the big Enterprise
    look like it will be a financial success?

    Thanks again for the kit.


  26. Mach7 says:

    Thanks Jamie,

    So what your saying is this might be a good year to head to Wonderfest?

    Is there a chance that you might have a Galileo test shot?

    • JamieH says:

      A test shot is doubtful, but I’m sure I’ll have something worthwhile to show. And every year is a good year to head to Wonderfest. 🙂

  27. so since you haven’t really posted on the 1/537 k’tinga repop, what are the new additions on this kit with the exception of the base?

    • JamieH says:

      Not really unfortunately. We added a few decals to mimic some of the missing detail on the front end. We may look at a substantial retooling of some parts of it for a future release.

  28. Joshua_Vance_Art says:

    That’s actually a fantastic idea to whip that old kit into shape. Essentially to accurize it all you would need to modify and retool is the entire bridge section, and the forward and aft vertical components of the secondary hull, specifically the rear torpedo area, and where the “neck” connects to the secondary hull. Throw on the disruptor ports beneath the secondary hull as add ons and bingo, a far more accurate kit.

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